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What Monetary value Freedom? Essay, Research PaperWhat is the monetary value for FREEDOM? It & # 8217 ; s is obvious that the monetary value for freedom is non free but that it is instead big. After obtaining freedom, we look back and admiration was it worth it? Was freedom overpriced? In other words, did we give and pay excessively much to be free?In the United States & # 8217 ; history, there have been many wars that have taken topographic point. We live the manner we do today because of the many brave work forces and adult females that have sacrificed their lives. There is no uncertainty that this is a immense monetary value.

One individual & # 8217 ; s life is large plenty! Just imagine losing your male parent, female parent, sister, brother, or any other household member. Merely imagine being drafted for a war that is known to be lifelessly. You know that when you leave you have a slender opportunity at coming back. These people have made the ultimate forfeit by giving their life for the lives of other people. You can sort of relate this to the bible. God sent Jesus Christ to give his life so that others could be free and have a opportunity to populate.Yes, freedom has been paid for but there is a duty that comes with the freedom besides.

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Was all that dyeing for worth it? With so much freedom that we have in our society today, sometimes it becomes a job. All the autonomies we have such as freedom of address, freedom of faith, freedom of the imperativeness, etc & # 8230 ; could be the cause of all the struggles today. Freedom likely makes manner for political struggle the most, and as we know these struggles can forestall our authorities from rapidly reacting to domestic and foreign jobs. A free society besides allows people to show their positions how and when they want which can be troublesome. Just think of the Nazis and the Fascists. They could non hold attained power if they had non one time lived in a free state. What if we limited free address? If free address was denied to groups like racialists, so racism could be easier to extinguish.

Possibly the Oklahoma City bombardment would hold ne’er occurred if free address hadbeen denied to the leaders of extremist right reserves. It seems like we are still paying the monetary value of freedom invariably, doesn’t it?Even though freedom can convey around jobs such as these, I believe that we have to cover with these jobs because overall freedom is good for us. We have to retrieve that freedom allows us to take our waies in life that are best suited for us. Not to hanker ago, there were 75 Chinese people that were caught seeking to mouse into America illicitly. They were found jammed inside of a crate the size of a tractor-trailer. Yes, that & # 8217 ; s right, they came to the United States in a crater with a few air holes on a boat. They endured this scene for two to three hebdomads.

They had to populate in the dark and their ain waste and malodor for that sum of clip. If the boat were to crash or run into other jobs they would be in sedate danger. Each of them paid 65 thousand dollars for this trip. Wait a minute, these hard up people wouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have that much money. Apparently they planned to pay off the debt by working for low wage as apprenticed retainers for many old ages. You ask why they would make such a thing, likely because they would wish to populate freely for one time in their life. Sometimes I think we take our freedom for granted.

Freedom has likely been the most expensive point we have paid for to present twenty-four hours. Freedom does convey along some jobs, but we have to go responsible for it. Certain there will be things I won & # 8217 ; T want my [ future ] childs to listen and see, so I have to take duty for it. It & # 8217 ; s merely like being responsible for the freedom we received from God. We have to accept that he sent Jesus as our Jesus and believe in him. Freedom is great when we take duty for it. In my sentiment, I think that we should take duty and non blow the many forfeits our fellow work forces have made for us.

Even though the cost of freedom is incredibly high, I think that the monetary value and attempt put into & # 8220 ; buying & # 8221 ; it was good deserving it.


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