What Price Freedom Essay Research Paper Those

What Price Freedom Essay, Research Paper? Those who expect to harvest the approvals of freedom must, like work forces, undergo the fatigues of geting it? .

-Thomas PaineJuly 4th, 1776 was one of the most memorable yearss in the history of this state, every bit good as, in lives of its dwellers. One of the greatest paperss in the history of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, was drafted signed and sealed induing us life, autonomy and the chase of felicity. Therefore, a new state was born under this individual papers. ? With a steadfast trust on the protection of Divine Providence, we reciprocally pledge to each other our lives, our lucks, and our sacred honor. & # 8221 ; That concluding line in the Declaration illustrated the monetary value they were willing to pay for their complete freedom.

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This was a blest hr in our state? s history, one of those rare occasions in the lives of work forces when we had everything, even illustriousness, to save. All 56 work forces who signed this decree knew they were giving everything. They were wholly cognizant that old ages of hardship, destitution, and a fighting state was the best to be expected even if they won the battle. Even so, if they lost, they would confront worse, decease. Knowingly, they endorsed the edict and they did, in truth, pay the monetary value.So I ask what, in that instance, is freedom worth to? you? ? In position of that, one must be capable of unimpeachably specifying freedom before holding legitimate evidences for supporting it. Freedom is the ability to move without the induction of force ( or its menace ) being used against you.

You have a right to freedom because your life is your belongings, yours to populate as you see fit. If you are free, you have the unrestricted ability to prosecute your ain felicity, to do those picks needed for the nutriment of your ain life. Merely & # 8220 ; holding picks & # 8221 ; does non parallel or even represent the true significance of freedom ; it is, instead, one of the advantages of being free.There are really really few things that are genuinely free: Things for which there can be or is no monetary value.

Freedom! One might look upon this word and necessarily connote that it has no monetary value. Nevertheless, non even is? freedom? free ; it came with a awful monetary value. Many work forces and adult females have sacrificed their lives for the freedom that you and I enjoy today. At this twenty-four hours and age, freedom should non be taken for granted ; care for it without a uncertainty. It was something we craved for so long but could non obtain. With freedom, now within our appreciation, it will non be evaded. In malice of everything, we, at this twenty-four hours in clip, still sacrifice to procure this claim.

Yet, what monetary value freedom? I & # 8217 ; ve asked this inquiry over and over. I have inquired of my equals, every bit good as, my seniors, but somehow it seems to evade them. In all of my inquires, I have eventually found that some forfeits surely must be made.

One? s pledge to secure this desire is straight matching to the sum of forfeit, which he volitionally endures to achieve that desire. What is driving intoxicated worth to anyone in footings of forfeit? Would you be willing to decease for this right or even sacrifice any of your other unalienable rights for the cause? Do you of all time inquire what happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence? Of the fifty-six, few were long to last. They cherished their autonomy more than their ain lives. They lived up to their pledge and paid the ultimate monetary value.Ultimately, America has paid and however, still pays a high monetary value for its extreme freedom. Therefore, every bit long as American society compels itself to arrant freedom, it will ever hold to pay this high monetary value. In the celebrated words of Douglas MacArthur, ? No adult male is entitled to the approvals of freedom unless he be argus-eyed in its preservation.

? We have fought and bled for freedom. We one time lived and died for it. This is the monetary value we paid. Yesterday was our history. Tomorrow remains a enigma. So bask the gift of freedom? today? has offered because we may non cognize when it could be wrenched from our appreciation.? What so, is freedom worth to you?


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