What My Feelings for Him Are Essay

Before meeting you I have never believed in perfect love but I thank you for introducing me to one. I know that I can’t contain all my gratitude for you in words but hope that you will see more than what I have written. You have held my hand when I was alone, lent your shoulder when I have shed tears in them, has been a patient listener when I gossiped about my friends. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

You have let me realize who I truly am. I thank you, my love, for being there for me. I will never stop loving you. aby, just writing/texting/calling to let you know how much i love you, when i think back, id never thought id love you as much as do, i cant even describe how much i really do love you! its impossible to describe the feelings i have for you.

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I love the way you hold me tight, the way you play with my hair, i love your cute smile, the way you hold my face and kiss me unexpectedly. The way you love me and how happy you make me, i love everything about you. Im so lucky to have someone so special like you in my life, you mean everything to me and i honestly couldnt be without you.My feelings for you started when i first saw you. From day one I wanted you to be mine. Whenever I’m with you, my heart wont stop beating so fast. You are my FIRST love.

Because of the way you make me feel. Because no one has ever been so special to me before. Because you’ll truely never understand the way I feel about you. Because just seeing you, makes me the happiest girl alive.

Because there are so many signs that show us that were made for eachother. Because i can’t get over the fact that you’re mine. Because of your smile, personality, laugh, your eyes, your nose , you’re literally the definition of the perfect person.You make me laugh all the time when i just want to cry. You make me feel like i’m ontop of the world. I love how ur here for me, but most importantly I love the fact that you made me fall deeply inlove with you at such a young age, were not meant to no what love is or experince it yet but i have with you. You make me feel like noone even can. I love you baby.

Even though sometimes we have our little aruguments, we always talk it out and solve it. i know you tell me to be more open, but im scared and I know that I shouldn’t be, but that’s the person I am. Im trying to tell you everything and how I feel.But when im with you, you make me lose my thoughts, I forget what I want to tell you and I just want to look into your eyes and never look away.

Im sorry if I haven’t been as open. but this is basically one way I can truly tell you all my feelings. Babe, I still cant believe that im with you, I think every night, :how di I get this guy to be in my life: You changed me for the best, I would do anything for you and your family, I just want you to be happy and I treat you the best I can. Sometimes when I have a bad day, I may be down and sad, but I try to not show it, I don’t like showing my sad side with you.The times we spend together is always like a dream, when you hug me I feel this powerful connection. When you kiss me, I have an omg moment. Babe, you are the best thing that has happened to me in my 18 years..

i never knew that it was possible for me to love again.. yea sometimes I get that scared feeling of being hurt and having to start all over again but, when you tell me that you love me than those feeling just fade away. im sorry if im scared, but im working on it, babe I give you all my trust, all my love and all my care. I believe everything you say and I never doubt you. I see that you truly love me and that means a lot.

Im so proud of you, I know that you can be jealous sometimes, but honestly babe, no other guy can reach your level. Yea I do have more guy friends than I do girls, but I know for a fact that no other guy can take you place.. lol I know that this may be long but its my deepest feelings and my main feeling. There’s still more, but these feelings here were and still are to tell you in person. My other feelings I can tell you in person. But now you know how I truly feel.

And I’m trying to open up more and let down my walls more too.. Love you babe. Thank you for giving me the most precious opportunity.


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