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What are the positive and negative effects of GMOs and Organic Foods? First, let’s start off by defining what GMO stands for and what it means. GMO stands for Genetically modified organisms but it is known more as genetically modified foods or biotech foods, the meaning of gmo is when organisms have had changes to their DNA. The term ‘Organic’ refers to the way crops grow and are processed, organic crops must be grown in secure soil with no changes and it must be separate from regular products, the meaning of regular products would be pesticides, chemical fertilizers..

.etc. As for GMOs, it is when the organisms of plants or animals DNA have been changed.

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The negative effects of GMOs impacts humans, animals and the environment. To start off with humans, being exposed to herbicides can cause behavioural disorder, delays and motor dysfunction, it could lead to more allergies; higher level of herbicide residue provokes the first stages leading to cancer, it is also linked to neurological diseases, like Parkinson’s.  If an individual is always in contact with herbicides, it can lead to many health issues like headaches, birth defects and weakened immune system. As for animals, using fertilizers have affected the deterioration of large fisheries in North America and it may have unfavourable effects on soil microbial activity (earthworms). And for the environment, the extensive use of herbicides has resulted in the creation of “superweeds” that are hard to kill and it caused the erosion of soil.

There aren’t a lot of positive effects of GMOs but there are a few that individuals may not have thought that were a benefits. Some positive effects of GMOs towards the farmers would be that it’ll cost less for them in producing more food and using fewer pesticides and herbicides. A lot of individuals may think that there shouldn’t be any negative effects when it comes to organic foods, well, they’re wrong. Organic foods can increase the risks of foodborne diseases (ie. E.

coli or salmonella) because manure is sometimes used as soil and it can also cause illness due to the toxins produced by the fungi. Some general cons of organic foods are that it can’t be stored for a long time and it is expensive. As for the positive effects of organic foods, there are a lot.

Organic foods are a potential health benefit from phenols, organic crops develop as a natural defense in the absence of pesticide so phenols are known to be antioxidants that can protect people from cancer and heart disease. Micro-arthropods and earthworms are plentiful in organic crops provide nutrients and can help protect crops from diseases. Organic foods can also extend crop rotations that help conserve soil and water usage, it’ll also conserve soil, water, energy and other resources.


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