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What is a brand? Why does Unilever wantfewer of them?Abrand usually represents the first thing that comes to mind. It is what peoplefeel about a product or service provided by an organization. A brand forms an essential part in distinguishing one item andadministrations from other comparative merchandise and ventures.

Dove has successfully created an all aroundorganized image of itself which is significantly characterized by the differentbrand components consolidated into their product offerings. Components like itsname, logo, designs, shapes, hues and additionally sounds guarantee that Dove hasan all-around characteristics of a worldwide brand that is acknowledgedglobally. Unilever needed less brands keeping in mindthe end goal to accomplish a bound together worldwide character , control overits brands etc.

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At one time, they were one of the biggest CPG organizations(customer bundled merchandise organizations) on the planet, however they didnot have a unified worldwide personality. Pushing one “Masterbrand”would have permitted them to reach out to a larger audience globally, ratherthan having 1600 brands. These 1,600 brands were altogether overseen locallywith mark chiefs in every area perceiving the brand in various ways. Unileverlikewise had an absence of a sound corporate system and various low-volumemarks that were cutting the organization down. The organization likewise hadunremarkable execution in developing markets in all probability because of itsabsence of worldwide brand mindfulness and awareness. To turn things around Unilever began a fiveyear key activity called “Way to Growth” in which they intended tolimit their brands down to 400 from 1,600 and select few brands to fill in astheir “Masterbrands”. Some portion of the arrangement likewiseincluded making a worldwide brand unit around the globe for each brand andfocused on innovation of new products.


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