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Current, On The Effectiveness Of An Electromagnet When Picking Essay, Research PaperPurposeQuestion:What is the consequence of increasing the current, on the effectivity of an electromagnet when picking up steel pins? Originally the thought was to number the pins that the electromagnet picked up, but this proved excessively hard. Because of this, we decided to weigh the pins that had been attracted alternatively. PredictionsFirst of wholly, an electromagnet has to be defined. An electromagnet can besides be called a Solenoid.

An electromagnet can dwell of merely one wire, but normally an electromagnet is made up of wire coiled around a soft ferromagnetic nucleus ( a solenoid ) . This extract comes from the book & # 8216 ; The Working World of Physics & # 8217 ; , & # 8221 ; Those like Iron, Nickel and Cobalt which are easy magnetised are called Ferromagnetic. & # 8221 ; Materials that merely respond in a really strong magnetic field are called Paramagnetic. The image below shows how Magnetic Fieldss arrange themselves around wires transporting electricity.

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This image comes from Encarta 97.The above image shows why an electromagnet works ; the wires transporting electricity generate a magnetic field. We decided to utilize an Fe nail because it is likely the best stuff available to utilize for a nucleus and was truly the lone stuff available apart from steel. Materials that could besides be used as nucleuss include Steel, but these become permanent and are hence useless in an electromagnet. Harmonizing to the book, & # 8216 ; The Working World of Physics & # 8217 ; , Alnico and Ticonal, which are metals of Fe, Ni, aluminum and Co, could besides be used but we did non utilize them for two grounds: They were non available.They become lasting magnets so are hence useless to utilize more than one time without demagnetizing them.

I predict that as the current carried in the wire gets stronger, so will the magnetic field environing the electromagnet. Therefore, I predict that the sum of pins picked up will increase as the electromotive force gets higher until finally the electromagnet can & # 8217 ; t pick up any more pins ( the point of magnetic impregnation ) . EquipmentMat( to protect the surface of the bench )Clamp( to keep the Electromagnet )Clamp Stand( to keep the Clamp )Power Pack( to command the electromotive force of the current )Crocodile Clips( to take the electricity to the Electromagnet )Electromagnet: Iron Nail( to move as a nucleus )Wire( wrapped around the nucleus ) MethodTake the Iron nail and weave the wire around it, go forthing the two terminals of the wire free.

Clamp up the nail as below. Plug two crocodile cartridge holder leads into the Power battalion and attach each crocodile cartridge holder to a different terminal of the wire which is wound around the nail.Bend on the power to the needed electromotive force and so convey the box of pins up so that the pins are touching the Iron nail.If there are any pins still hanging, take them off and set them in the container.Weigh the pins in the container.The above method was repeated at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & A ; 8 Volts. This experiment was a just trial because: The same power battalion was used each clip.The same box of pins was used each clip and the pins were all approximately the same weight.

Merely one factor ( i.e. the current ) was changed.The nucleus of the electromagnet ever had the same surface country.

R / & gt ;The same equipment was used each clip.The pins were all made of the same stuff. Key Factors which could impact this experiment were: The metal that the nucleus is made of.

The truth of the sum of electricity being used.If the pins in the box are magnetised.If the nucleus stays a lasting magnet after the electricity is turned off.If all the pins were made of the same metal. When utilizing electricity, all constituents should be handled carefully. ConsequencesIt was necessary to reiterate each consequence 3 times to corroborate that each consequence was right and non anomalous. Table Because 0 pins should be attracted at 0 Vs, I added a information point for 0,0 on the graph. This makes the best fit line more accurate.

The consequences showed in bold are anomalous because they do non suit in with the form that the other consequences follow. The experiment may non hold been a wholly just trial, as we observed that the Fe nail would pull about 1-2 pins when the electricity was turned off. This meant that the nail did go somewhat magnetised but merely by a little sum.

Graph( Click on the graph to see an hypertrophied version of it. ) DecisionThe consequences did demo that my anticipations had been right. The sum of pins increased with increasing electromotive force, but the sum of pins started to halt increasing when the electromotive force was at 8 Vs.

This was likely because the electromagnet had about reached the Magnetic Saturation point ( i.e. it had about attracted all that it could ) .

The consequences besides seemed to demo a tendency in the manner they increased. Every clip the electromotive force was increased by 1 V, the sum picked up increased by approximately 2 gms. Probably the ground that some of the consequences were anomalous was because the electromotive force used wasn & # 8217 ; t exactly accurate as the dials on the Power Packs can be misread somewhat. Besides, some of the pins may hold become magnetic, or the nail may hold become a weak lasting magnet.

These grounds could besides account for the spread of informations in the other consequences. My best fit line didn & # 8217 ; t base on balls through the beginning, although it came really near. This is likely because the Fe nail which was used as a nucleus was somewhat magnetised and hence acted as a weak lasting magnet, before the electricity was turned on. Generally, my consequences are confirmed in the book & # 8216 ; Explaining Physics & # 8217 ; :On page 289 of the book & # 8216 ; Explaining Physics & # 8217 ; , it says, & # 8220 ; Experiments show that, for a solenoid of any given length, the strength of the magnetic field can be increased by increasing the current. & # 8221 ; The fact that the electromagnet gets stronger or weaker as you change the electromotive force is a utile 1. This is because in the ear-piece of a telephone, different strengths of current go through an electromagnet which moves an Fe disc. The stronger the current, the farther the disc moves.

The disc creates sound moving ridges which you hear when you listen to person on the telephone.The book & # 8216 ; Physicss for you 2 & # 8242 ; says, & # 8220 ; As the currents vary, the motion of the disc varies and makes a sound moving ridge in the ear. ImprovementsIf this experiment was used once more, I would seek to better it in the undermentioned ways: Using Iron filings or something that would give a more accurate weight.Taking more readings at different electromotive forces.Using a stuff for a nucleus which won & # 8217 ; t go a lasting magnet when the electricity is turned off.

Taking more readings at higher electromotive forces to seek and acquire to the point of magnetic impregnation. References & # 8211 ; Books


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