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What Is Marijuana? Essay, Research PaperWhat Is Marijuana? Marijuana is a drug obtained from dried and crumpled parts of the hemp works Cannabis sativa ( or Cannabis indica ) . It can be smoked by turn overing in tobacco paper or placing in a pipe. It is besides otherwise consumed worldwide by an estimated 200,000,000 individuals for pleasance, an flight from world, or relaxation.

The chief active rule of hemp is tetrahydrocannabinol.? Marijuana is non a narcotic and is non mentally or physically addicting drug. One can utilize mild cannabis readyings such as marihuanas in little sums for old ages without physical or mental impairment. Marijuana serves to decrease suppressions and Acts of the Apostless as a euphoriant.Some who smoke marihuanas experience no effects ; others feel relaxed and sociable, be given to express joy a great trade, and have a profound loss of the sense of clip. Characteristically, those under the influence of marihuana show incoordination and impaired ability to execute skilled Acts of the Apostless. Still others experience a broad scope of emotions including feelings of perceptual experience, fright, insanity, felicity, love and choler? ( Annas 19 ) .

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Although marihuana is non hooking, it may be using. The person may go psychologically instead than physically dependent on the drug. Those who urge the legalisation of marihuana maintain the drug are wholly safe. The available informations suggested, this is non so. Marijuana on occasion produces acute panic reactions or even transeunt psychoses. Furthermore, a individual driving under the influence of marihuana is a danger to themselves and others.

There is no constituted medical usage for marihuana or any other hemp readying. In the United States, its usage is a offense and the Torahs regulating marihuana are similar to those modulating diacetylmorphine. Many governments now urge that the Torahs be modified to extenuate the punishments associating to strong belief on marihuana ownership charges. The Case for Legalizing Marijuana use the United States stands apart from many states in its deep regard for the person.

The strong belief in personal freedom appears early in the state & # 8217 ; s history. The Declaration of Independence speaks of every citizen & # 8217 ; s right to & # 8220 ; life, autonomy, and the chase of happiness. & # 8221 ; The Constitution and Bill of Rights travel further, doing specific warrants. The right to privateness in recent old ages, Americans have referred to privateness as one of the basic human rights, something to be claimed by anyone, anyplace. UnitedStates citizens feel strongly about this and frequently tell other states that they must honour their people & # 8217 ; s claims to privateness and personal freedom.

The marihuana user is indulging in a minor pleasance over which that authorities should hold no legal power. It is rather clear from study informations that most people do non go physically dependent on marihuana. The bulk uses it as others use intoxicant & # 8211 ; to loosen up on occasion and to indulge a gay temper. How can a mild alcohol, taken less than one time a twenty-four hours by most users, be seen as a public menace? The jurisprudence should non punish even those who are? hooked? , or psychologically dependent upon their wont. Some people find any compulsive and unproductive behaviour disgusting.

But that is non a ground for criminalizing it.The effort to utilize the jurisprudence to state people what they may and may non devour at place is an chesty invasion of personal privateness. Protecting the drug user & # 8217 ; s physical wellness sometimes it is said that the jurisprudence must protect the drug user from himself.One of the hurts of digesting drug usage, harmonizing to this theory, is that is encourages the usage of more and different drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse & # 8217 ; s 1984 study to Congress cited no grounds to back up the thought that drug usage is aching economic productiveness. It said: & # 8220 ; The fact is, really small is known aboutthe composite relationship which doubtless exists between drug maltreatment, worker public presentation, and productiveness, or the deficiency thereof & # 8230 ; .

Simply put, the figure ofunreciprocated inquiries presently far outnumbers the available answers. & # 8221 ; Nor is at that place any strong grounds that legalising marihuana would increase usage of the drug. In fact, there is some grounds proposing that drug usage under a relaxed legal system might nonaddition at all.Many provinces have removed the punishments for marijuana ownership that were on the books in the 1950s and 1960s. The alteration occurred during a reform motion that swept the state in the mid 1970s. Yet in malice of the less rigorous Torahs, surveies show that the usage of marihuana in the affected provinces has, after an initial addition, declined.

Although marihuana became easier to utilize ( from a legal point of view ) , it besides became less popular. The admittance that the marihuana Torahs have failed will hold to come from person else- non from the constabulary.Marijuana is a common weed, easier to bring forth than the bathtub gin of the Prohibition old ages. It is non surprising that 1000s of & # 8220 ; traders & # 8221 ; have been drawn into the marihuana concern. Despite the great hazards they face, including intimidation by other traders and themenace of apprehension, they are attracted by the net incomes.

The jurisprudence can non alter the economic sciences of this market because it operates outside the jurisprudence. All the constabulary can make is to do it hazardousto acquire into the marihuana concern. This is supposed to drive out the less brave traders, cut down the sum of marihuana available, and inflate monetary values.

But even by this step, the constabulary attempt has failed. It includes non merely traders who are out for net income but a much larger group of users. Some Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana by raising the prohibition on marihuana usage and handling it like other drugs such as baccy and intoxicant, the state would derive immediate and long-run benefits.

This alteration in the jurisprudence would greatly better the quality of life for many people. ? Victims of glaucoma and those needing antinausea intervention, for illustration, would happen marijuana easy available. If the medical advantages that are claimed for marihuana were existent, many more patients would profit. Research, which has been slowed in the yesteryear by the authorities & # 8217 ; s reluctance to lookfreedoms to the marihuana Torahs would be easier to carry on? ( Gorman 20 ) . The cloud of intuition would vanish, and physicians could acquire on with look intoing marijuana & # 8217 ; s medical utilizations with out fright of contention. It might go possible to discourse the dangers of marihuana usage without acquiring caught up in a policy argument. Meanwhile, the black market would vanish overnight.

Some agreement would be made to licence the production of marihuana coffin nails. Thousands of traders would be put out of concern, and a secret portion of the economic system would come into the unfastened. It is hard tostate whether this alteration would cut down offense because felons would likely go on to sell other drugs. Last, the federal budget would profit in two ways ; Federal grosss would increase, because marihuana coffin nails would be taxed at the point of sale. The companies that make the coffin nails would besides pay income revenue enhancements, adding to the federal financess.

Seconds, there would be a decrease in the sum spent on jurisprudence enforcement attempts to grok and prosecute users and Sellerss of marihuana. The drug enforcement governments might cut down their budget petitions, or, more likely, concentrate more intensely on difficult drugs and violent offenses.Alcohol V. Marijuana& # 168 ; Over 100 thousand deceases yearly are straight linked to acute intoxicant toxic condition.& # 168 ; In 4,000 old ages of recorded history, no 1 has of all time died from a pot overdose.& # 168 ; Alcohol causes Server physical and psychology dependance.& # 168 ; Alcohol is reported to do impermanent and lasting harm to all major variety meats of the organic structure.& # 168 ; Cannabis is a much less violent arousing substance so alcohol.

* With over 60 million people utilizing hemp in the U.S. Today our Torahs and lawgivers should see it under the same visible radiation. As they do alcohol.Marijuana Status1970: 11 % of high school seniors said they were utilizing marijuana every twenty-four hours.1975: Approximately 27 % said they had used marihuana sometime in the old month.1978: The monthly users grew up to 37 % so in 1986 dropped to 23 % .

1979: 12 to 17 twelvemonth olds reported utilizing it within the last month has dropped from a high point of 17 % and in 1987 dropped to 12 % . ( Snyder 171-172 )The three public policy options that I have are legalising it merely for medical usage, legalising it wholly, and merely legalising it to people who are over 21 like intoxicant.The few medical utilizations for marihuanas are ground adequate to legalise it. I feel that if there is a individual who is excessively ill to eat and the lone manner to widen their life is by eating so allow them hold a small marihuana if it will do them hungry. I would non wish to see a individual dice because they were excessively weak to be hungry.Another alteration that can be made is merely legalising it all together. The lone job with this thought is that small childs can acquire a clasp of it easy. With the revenue enhancements additions from selling it there will be a big addition in the GNP.

With the money made from the merchandising of marihuana, possibly the national debt will diminish for the first clip in old ages.The last ground, which I feel is the best, is legalising it like intoxicant. A high revenue enhancement and stiff Torahs should take attention of the jobs associated. The effects of marihuana and intoxicant are really closely related.

Therefore the same Torahs and punishments should regulate them. There is no ground that people who enjoy utilizing should be denied the right to utilize it. Marijuana has been being used for old ages. Why stop people from utilizing it?Bibliography1. Annas, George.

? Reefer Madness & # 8212 ; The Federal Response to California & # 8217 ; s Medical-Marijuana Law? New England Medical Journal Vol. 337, No. 6 ( August 6, 1997 )P 192.

Gorman, Peter. ? The Battle for Medical Marijuana? Hightimes ( May 1999 ) P 203. Snyder, Solomon. The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs. Series 2.

Legalization: A Argument. CHELSEA HOUSE PUBLISHERS. New York, 1988


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