What influences your personality Essay

Week One Discussion Question Psychology of Personality Pearl Bentley PSY/250 Week 1 /what influences your personality? These are some factors that influence my personality, hereditary, value, environmental, self development, and life situations. One personality can be influenced by genes and certain your environment plays a big role of personality, your family, friends and co workers can all exert influence on the way your personality are development. The place where you were raised, your culture, and values can significant influences on the individual personality. Self development and life situation is an important factor to one personality. Your personality is your identity it is the total of one inherent and acquired characteristics. My family is one of my biggest influences on my personality.

Our family provides the single most important environmental influences on our personality development.The word personality has many meaning in general use. Even in scientific field of study like psychology or sociology is regardless as a pattern of complex behavior including action, emotions and thought processes. Frequently personality of a person is described in terms of personality traits or characteristic components of such behavior patterns. Personality is the characteristic of a person that make us unique. Another way of saying it is like a puzzle, it is made with different pieces. It is natural to have many different kinds of emotions on subjects which influence one personality.

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For the rest of our life our personality will change as we get older. When we get older we usually have a base personality either you are loved or hated. Know yourself concept learn yourself reach out to others be positive no matter what you should improve yourself esteem and personality.


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