What Dreams May Come Is There A Essay

What Dreams May Come, Is There A Life After Death? Essay, Research PaperWhat Dreams May Come, is there a life after decease? The film What Dreams May Come gives a instead positive position on the hereafter. I think most of the thoughts and positions shown in the movie are related to many of society & # 8217 ; s chief beliefs refering to decease and the hereafter, but the positions are left wide plenty so they can associate to any specific faith. Personally, I have no concrete belief refering the hereafter, or whether or non if there even is life after decease, but I can see why many people would hold with many of the movies positions. The film is shown through Robin Williams & # 8217 ; s character, Chris Nielson who & # 8217 ; s first personal brush with decease is when his two kids, Marie and Ian both die in a auto accident. Four old ages subsequently he dies himself after being hit by a auto. After the accident, he sees himself on the land from an outside position. The following thing he knows, he is able to see himself lying in a infirmary bed, and at the same clip there is a really soft voice speaking to him inquiring him if he understands the things go oning to him, but at this point Chris is still really baffled.

In an blink of an eye, Chris is at his ain funeral where he begins to see his physical organic structure looking around him. Harmonizing to the voice means he is eventually understanding that he has passed on. He so wanders his house, and is loath to go forth his overwrought married woman Annie. Next, a blurry figure appears, talking with the same soft voice. The figure comforts him and tells him it is clip to go forth and fundamentally helps him hold on his decease and travel to the following universe.

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Afterwards, Chris is willing to go forth, and he all of a sudden finds himself running down a dark tunnel towards a visible radiation, and so he appears in a colourful universe resembling one of his married woman & # 8217 ; s pictures of where their dream house is supposed to be. Here, he is reunited with his Canis familiaris who had died earlier in the film. Besides, the blurry figure becomes clear and turns out to be his old physician friend Albert, who subsequently turns out to be Chris & # 8217 ; s boy Ian merely dissembling himself in the physical organic structure of Albert. This signifier is chosen by his boy because the physician was one of the lone people Chris had of all time listened to while he was alive. Albert ( Ian ) fundamentally helps him understand that he is dead and that people have a psyche or an individuality that lives on after the physical organic structure has passed. He learns that there is a God, and he learns of this new kingdom, and how everything within it is left to his power of imaginativeness. He is told that where they are is supposed to be Chris & # 8217 ; s version of Eden. He besides learns that after decease, you can take to be reborn.

Chris subsequently meets his girl, who has taken the physical signifier of an Asiatic miss Chris had found attractive when they were alive, and the girl is populating in a topographic point that is supposed to be her version of Eden. The turning point in the film is when Chris learns that his married woman Annie, who he learns is his soulmate, has committed suicide. He is told that in this universe, all those that kill themselves do non travel where he is, but alternatively to more or less a snake pit. Albert ( Ian ) and Chris acquire a tracker, who is the existent Albert, to travel and happen Annie. It turns out that Annie is populating in her ain ego denial, she believes she is at mistake for her two kids & # 8217 ; s deceases, and she is cursed for infinity to believe this and to ne’er cognize or understand that she herself is dead. Chris manages to salvage her by being willing to pass an infinity with her in snake pit. In the terminal the whole household is reunited and so Chris and Annie make up one’s mind to be reincarnated. I do non cognize what happens when we die.

In this, I mean I have had no experience such as a close decease experience, or have any physical cogent evidence that there is or non an hereafter. It is possible for me to grok the possibility of an hereafter, and understand in some facets why many people both believe there is and is non an hereafter. Most of the film is likely accepted by many viewing audiences because the bulk of America & # 8217 ; s population believes there is a God. I & # 8217 ; m besides certain that many of these people likely liked the thoughts in the film because of the thought that Eden is what you make of it. I am besides reasonably certain that many of the same people believe that the true hereafter is non as shown in the film. For me if there is any portion of the film I could perchance believe, it would hold to be the first half of the film, but I question the remainder of the movie.

The beginning of What Dreams May Come is really credible because of the similarities many documented near decease experiences ( NDE ) . Raymond Moody negotiations about these near decease experiences in his book Life After Life. Harmonizing to Moody many of the NDE & # 8217 ; s follow a similar form. After the individual is clinically dead, they normally hear a loud sound, frequently a pealing. They all of a sudden travel through a dark tunnel towards a visible radiation. Then they see themselv es from an outside view. Afterwards they are met by a deceased friend, relative or being of light that helps to calm and guide them.

The being will asked them questions that make them reflect on their life. They then travel down a tunnel toward a light and feel peace and love throughout the time this experience is occurring. In the film after the car hits Chris, he is able to see himself lying on the ground, then the hospital bed. Much like a part of Moody’s description of NDE, “…he suddenly finds himself outside of his own physical body, but still in the immediate physical environment, and he sees his own body from a distance, as though he is a spectator.”(Moody p.

21-22). Chris also hears Albert’s voice when he is looking at himself in the hospital bed asking him questions about if he understands what is happening. He eventually sees Albert(Ian) who has come to guide him to the afterworld and help him understand everything. This goes along with Moody’s description also, “…others come to meet and help him. He glimpses the spirits of relatives and friends who have already died, and a loving warm spirit of a kind he has never encountered before- a being of light-appears before him. This being asks him a question, nonverbally, to make him evaluate his life…”( Moody p.

22). In the film, there was no being of light, but Albert(Ian), who was an old friend of Chris’s, did come to help guide him and he did in fact ask a few questions. Chris eventually travels up a dark tunnel towards a light, which also occurs in many NDE’s, but usually in the beginning opposed to the end of their experience. The last believable idea to me in this movie is that people who commit suicide go to hell (or at least some place worse than heaven). I believe this not only because killing yourself is bad in nearly every religion, but also according to Moody, a man who tried to commit suicide from a gunshot wound (after his wife died) stated, “I didn’t go where [my wife] was. I went to an awful place….

I immediately saw the mistake I had made….I thought, “I wish I hadn’t done it.”(Moody p.143).

And in other NDE suicides, people have said that when they were dead they felt like they were in the wrong place, and that they were going to be there forever. Everything that occurs after William’s character travels to heaven is questionable to me as I am not sure what the author based them upon(unlike the beginning of the movie, which could have at least been based on a NDE). The rest I am guessing the author based on his interpretation of the bible or any religion with God, but I still see many questions the movie left unanswered.

One question I have is how are suicides decided? What if the person pays someone else to kill them? In Annie’s case, what if she went insane and then killed herself, would she still go to hell? Also, after she is saved from hell by Chris, is the author saying anyone can be saved from hell if they have a loved one willing to sacrifice their souls, What is this based on? One of my big questions was if heaven is based on your perception and imagination, then what if your idea of heaven is being with a certain person? Then would that person be a fake or a copy? Showing that there is an afterlife, shows that we have souls, so can there be copies of souls? All this could mean, maybe you don’t get everything you imagine in heaven. Another big question I was thinking of while watching the movie was that since the afterlife is based on personal experiences in the physical life, what happens if you die as a baby or while still in the womb? What experiences would your afterlife be based on if you have no idea of what heaven would be? Who would guide you there? This idea of an afterlife being based on many of your significant life experiences is constantly detectable throughout the entire film. Mainly after Chris goes to his version of heaven, and also when he sees his daughter and she has her heaven based on a toy model she had in her physical life. Another example is when she tells him her new physical appearance is based on what he had said when they were both alive. Overall, I thought this movie was pretty entertaining, especially with all the special effects. I even think the ideas about the afterlife are pretty idealistic, but I see no solid reason to believe any of it.

Any part of this movie could be possible, because I(like everyone else) do not know for sure what happens after we die. However, if there is one part I can find believable, it is the first half. The part when Robin Williams first dies up to when he travels through the tunnel, because it relates to so many peoples’ near death experiences. I still think this movie left too many questions, but I would like the afterlife to be like what the movie portrayed, because I don’t plan on killing myself anytime soon, and it would be nice to know that I am going to still exist after I die and be reunited with my family.


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