What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Essay

“What do you want to be when you grow up? ” was the big question I heard for the first five school years of my life, to which I never really had an answer to. Once I hit junior high, I then realized that I really needed to start thinking about what I wanted to do as a career for the rest of my life.

My puzzled mind unleashed some ideas which consumed of what I possibly might like as my career. Becoming a veterinarian, dance choreographer, computer tech, pilot, officer in the U. S Air Force, have all crossed my mind with some interest.After brainstorming many of my options and researching, I finally came to a decision for my career, a pediatric nurse. Ever since my mother was just a little girl, she always dreamed of becoming a nurse. She has a warming heart, and a loving soul to help others. My mother always tells me the story of playing doctor with her sister and cousins. “We would use your grandma’s old lamp table as the resources desk, with a made up sign-in sheet.

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My cousin Luis was the doctor, and your aunt and I were the nurses. We would treat the dollies with Band-Aid’s and pretend to give them medicine.Until we would run out of Band-Aid’s and your grandma would get mad, so we would have to stop playing. ” This story amused me many times and thought maybe I’d like to do the same.

My mom has always encouraged me to make the right decisions in life, but when it came time to finishing high school she changed her advice to choose wisely and smart, because whatever I decided to choose as my major was going to stick with me for my whole life. After she graduated high school she married my dad, and I came into the picture. My mother never really had the time to go back to school and get a degree in nursing as she had hoped.My mother insists on creating a better future for me, to have more opportunities than she ever did. My older sister obviously did not get that memo, I’m guessing. She graduated high school in 2004, and waited a whole year to go to college.

She eventually started school at Career Point Institute for a career as a medical assistant. She then got pregnant with my first nephew, but continued to go to school until she graduated. That’s where she ended, she was hopeless in finding a job with her training and the school did not help her.

My sister went on with her life, not looking back.Now she has a good stable job at not as intended, with a fiance and three children who are always by her side and support her all the way. As of today she still plans to go back to school to finish what she started years ago in continuing her training for medical assistant.

Ever since my niece and nephews came into this world, they have opened my heart to love and care for children. They just seem to always brighten up my day, whenever they’re around. Even when I just see kids at the store with smiles on their little faces, it just warms my heart.

When I see a child in pain or in need of attention, it breaks my heart and I would do anything to the best of my ability to attend to them. “It all starts with just your smile, to make a child confident in you. ” Is what I like to believe when it comes to making a child happy.

I looked back to my mother’s dream career and my older sister’s training experience. They both wanted careers in the medical field, but for some explanation, didn’t fulfill their career goals. My choice of career on the other hand, was chosen by the influences of my mother and sister.I thought to myself, “My mother never had the opportunity to continue her education after she graduated from high school, and my sister didn’t further her training to pursue her career. So I thought I could be the one to start college and finish with a degree in nursing to pursue a career as a pediatric nurse.

” I now have a definite answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up? ” I proudly respond a pediatric nurse, because my mother wanted to be a nurse, but couldn’t further her education, and my sister didn’t further her training.So I want to go further than they did and continue my education to fulfill my choice of career as a pediatric nurse. I am currently continuing my education at Northwest Vista College and will graduate with an Associate of Science in Pre-Nursing degree, then transfer to Texas State University and graduate from there with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. I also plan to work at the Methodist Children’s Hospital where I will better a child’s health and provide them with happiness to a brighter future.


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