WHAT a treatment planExplain treatment options and

WHAT DO THEY DONaturopathic doctors/physicians use natural remedies to treat patients.Duties include They assist and care for their patientsThey record and document everything that they do and hearThey develop treatment plans based on the patients concerns, history, illness, and comfortThey have to think creatively so that the patient can get the best treatment suited to themCommunicate with patients, whether it be in person, over the phone, or through an email exchangeAnalyze the data and information they’ve been given for a treatment planExplain treatment options and plans and interpret what they mean and what will happenTalk to patients about how treatments are going and revise them if need beDevelop goals and strategies with patientsUse natural remedies to cure a patient of whatever is ailing them (MCIS)Colleges for Naturopathic Medicine in North AmericaNational University of Natural MedicineTuition and fees is about $35,698Located in Portland, ORCanadian College of Naturopathic MedicineTuition and fees is about $18,646Located in Ontario, CanadaBastyr UniversityTuition and fees is about $41,174Located in Kenmore, WASouthwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health SciencesTuition and fees is about $36,355Located in Tempe, AZNational University of Health SciencesTuition and Fees is about $22,336Located in Lombard, ILHOW IS NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE DIFFERENT FROM REGULAR MEDICINEThe American Association of Naturopathic Physicians states the definition of naturopathic medicine as, “a distinct primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process. The practice of naturopathic medicine includes modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods.

” To sum it up, naturopathic medicine is a different way to go about treating illnesses, mainly using the body’s own healing system and natural remedies to cure a patient. Regular medicine, practiced by those with an M.D., focuses on remedies like pharmaceutical drugs that they believe will help the patient. Doctor listen to the basics and then do a few tests so they can continue with the treatment they had planned. The curriculum in school is also somewhat different. Doctors spend a lot of time around each branch, for example, an M.

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D. student could spend 6 weeks working with surgery where an N.D. would spend those 6 weeks learning about botanical medicine and homeopathy.

 Of course, like it was stated above, M.D. students and N.D. students learn different things. During about the first two years a medical school they learn almost the same things, but later on is when they get to be different. N.D.

students will study natural remedies, learning about herbology and how that can come into play with medicine. They also learn different therapeutic techniques, like acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, to ease the pain that people have.  (Naturopathic Medicine)(Ratté, Paul)BASIC INFORMATIONRequired Education: 4 years at an accredited naturopathic medicine college/course. Gain a doctorate in naturopathic medicine.Recommended Education: Many students gain a bachelor’s degree in science or another field around that study. It isn’t required but it is a very common practice.

Residency isn’t very common for N.D.’s but there is a few places that allow someone to do a N.

D. residency, which will put a person ahead of the competition.Certification: In 19 states it is required that a naturopathic physician be licensed, examples of some is Minnesota, Hawaii, California, and Colorado. Naturopathic physicians must complete 25 hours of continuing education annually.

Average Salary: $75,050Job Outlook: Naturopathic medicine is a small field with an estimated 7.9% growth within the next 10 years  (MCIS)What It’s Like To Visit A Naturopathic PhysicianThe first appointment with a naturopathic physician normally takes longer than a regular doctor’s appointment, it could take around 2 hours. When you go there, your physician will talk to you about your lifestyle, things like your drinking and smoking habits, your diet, health history, and to talk about why you decided to go there.

The doctor could possibly order tests or perform an examination on you to determine their diagnosis and treatment. When you go there later, appointments last only about 30-60 minutes. It could always take longer, due to the fact that your physician may need to order follow up tests and may need to do another examination. Your physician will need to see how your treatment plan is working out so that could also extend the duration of your appointment. Your physician will tailor your treatment plan to you and your needs and how well you’re reacting to the treatments. (Naturopathic Medicine)IS IT WORTH ITPros: Help peopleUse natural remediesWork closely with other peopleUse creative reasoning to diagnose different problems and treat themYou could potentially change someone’s lifeNaturopathic medicine minimizes the risk of harm to the patientCons:Schooling is expensiveYou have to continue your schooling throughout your careerThey don’t make a large amount of moneyThere’s a small amount of openings for the job, and the growth of it is slow tooGOALS TO GET THEREGoal #1:For next year, instead of taking “senior slide” classes, I could take helpful classes like Human Anatomy, Child Development, and some Computer Application classes. This way, I can get a heads start on the classes that I might have to take during college and medical school.

Goal #2:I can take more study halls and work more on my grades so that I get a scholarship to the medical school or to regular college so then I won’t have so much debt. This would be good for me because then I would be able to work less during school and overall have less stress because of the monetary burden I would have.Goal #3:To get myself ahead of the competition I could go to a cheap community college and take the basics so I can get through medical school with better grades and with less stress.


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