Westside Story and Romeo and Juliet Essay

There are some plays that remind the audience about the past movie they have seen that related in the same general ideas. After learning about “Romeo and Juliet” and watch “Westside Story” play. Both plays show the audience their point of view of how the plays create in their own unique way but share the same themes and moral lessons. So, they bring up a lot of differences and similarities that can compare together throughout the whole stories. There are several commons between the two movies “Romeo and Juliet” and “Westside Story” that make both of them are alike.The first one are the two rival households of Romeo and Juliet which are Montague and Capulet just like the two gangs on “Westside Story”- the American’s gangs, and the Hispanic’s gangs. They both dislike each other and become hatred. Also, there’s a person called “peacemaker,” which is the officer for Westside Story and the prince for the two families.

At the party, Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria were looking for their future love and they end up seeing each other for the first time. The first sight had makes both of them fall in love and have the first kiss right at the ball.However, the love was between members of rival. The role that actor/actress play are really alike too, such as: Romeo as Tony, Maria as Juliet, and Bernardo as Tybalt. In the play “Romeo and Juliet” is set in Verona, Italy in 1500-1600. The language of this play is the Shakespeare’s language. The play is about how love can be so passionate that Romeo and Juliet fall in love at the first sight at the ball.

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Being force by Capulet’s parents, Juliet had no choice but came up with the fake dead scene which is fail. In addition, the messenger not successfully sends the message to Romeo that the plan turn up side down.Now, Romeo and Juliet both end up dying and buried with an obsessive love.

In Westside Story, the musical is set in New York, U. S. A- 1960.

The two gangs came up with the plan that whether they neither victory or lose between both of them. The weapons that both gangs use are guns and knife. This movie has spoken in modern language.

After the dead of Barnardo, Maria sends Barnardo’s girlfriend to give the message to Tony, but the gangs hated the people whom on other side, so they were messing around with her. Also, they were about to raped her but uckily the old man came and tell them to stopped.At the end, Tony was being killed by Chino, and Maria didn’t die with her love Tony. In conclusion, West Side Story concerns itself more with culture and prejudice, while in Romeo and Juliet, the hatred between the two households are more about political power than culture. All the action being evidently seen painfully in both stories.

However, there are the three out of the four who can’t control themselves and think toward about their action and end up with death. The only one that left was Maria who insist to continue to live.


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