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well well scientists have finally solvedthe mystery of the Yeti there was once aman who is hiking in the Himalayas wherehe was suddenly snatched up by a whitehairy monster that left only a largefootprint behind it’s not a bad campfirestory right we’ve all heard of the Yetibut only a few people in the world claimto have seen one what is this human-likemonster is it dangerous to us and forthat matter does it even exist at allwell Brightside has summed up resultsfrom the latest research on the natureof the Yeti are you ready for the truthto be unveiled right before your eyes ofcourse you areMusicfor thousands of years people have beensearching for the Yeti for any proof ofits existence and for the origins ofthis creature if you’re a Yeti fanyourself you’re not going to love whatwe have to tell you but don’t take itpersonal it’s just science a recentreport published in the Journal of theProceedings of the Royal Society be notto be confused with the Society a showsthe research results reached by aninternational team of scientists thesebright minds from Norway France PakistanSingapore and the USA have done someserious DNA analysis they gathered 24priceless specimens of supposed Yetiorigin from museum collections aroundthe world air-bone skin and fecalsamples hmm Yeti poo taken from theTibetan Plateauwe’re studied using cutting-edgescientific technologies and why thisvery region surrounded by the harshclimate of the Himalayan mountains thisisolated region is the highest point inthe world not to mention it’s where thefabled Yeti is believed to come from andwander wild and free it sure does soundlike a perfectly inaccessible place fora monster to hide the internationalteams research has found that thelegendary Yeti or as some call theabominable snowman is in fact a bearmore precisely it’s been mistaken forthree different extremely rare bearspecies the asian black the tibetanbrown and the himalayan brown yes isYeti lakhs and the three bears one pawkept at a monastery as a prized piece ofthe Yeti turned out to belong to a blackbear a revered snow monster bone camefrom a simple Tibetan brown bear andfinally what was supposed to be a Yetitooth actually came from an animal inthe dog familyoops now this wasn’t the first time inthe history of sciencewhen Yeti traces were found out to befrom bears this time though the researchwas much more credible because of theimpressive amount of genetic materialand the innovative methods used to studyit according to the lead scientistcharlotte lin vestthe research team managed to reconstructthe mitochondrial genomes of eachspecimen mitochondrial whatta well toput it simply mitochondrial genomes area special type of DNA transmittedmaternally that can tell a lot about ananimal’s heritage as the researcherswere trying to study the origins of theYeti they also managed to make someimportant discoveries about the brownbears evolution they found that thereare in fact two separate brown bearpopulations from this region of theworld a period of glaciation 650,000years ago forced them to split andformed the Tibetan Plateau bear and theHimalayan bear the latter of which isconsidered critically endangered andlooks vastly different from its Tibetancousin lin vez explained that her teamreally didn’t intend to debunk the yetimyth it’s impossible to completely ruleout that they do live she added goodnews for Yeti chasers hey we all love ahead scratching mystery don’t we forthose who still believe this Himalayancreature is real we’ve put together yetanother list of Yeti facts who wouldhave thought you can get a Yeti huntinglicense counting down from number seventhe name the name Yeti comes from theTibetan yay meaning little man-likeanimal another name of Tibetan origin isMichi which means man bear in 1921journalist Henry Newman goofed up thetranslation giving birth to theabominable snowman nickname Yeti goes bybat a–to tin Vietnam yaoiin Australia illness in Mongolia and ofcourse Bigfoot in North Americawell in Saskatchewan Canada he’s justbig furry stinky guy a number six thelegend the legend of the Yeti isthousands of years oldthe Himalayan people used to believethat these hairy snow monsters werethere to serve as the guardians of themountains they carried out their watchat night whistling and growling to scareoff people trying to climb up to themountain tops in order to see the godsyetis could easily kill those curiousuninvited guests with a single swoop oftheir paw number five sightings back in326 BC during his conquest of the IndusValley region Alexander the Great heardsome locals talking about the abominablesnowman when he asked them to show himthis beast they quickly explained thatthey couldn’t bring him a Yeti becausethey would simply die in the warm Valleyclimate the first ever recorded side ofa Yeti dates back to the 1st century ADplenty the elder a famous Romannaturalist mention his work in naturalhistory that on one of his expeditionshe met a satyr an animal ofextraordinary swiftness apparently thecreature was so fast that it wasimpossible to catch the first publishedreport on a Yeti came out in 1925 thisdetailed account was written by aphotographer who was taking part in aBritish expedition to the Himalayashowever he failed to get photo evidencesince according to him the Yetidisappeared too fast hey stand there andpose babe the first photographs of aYeti were printed in newspapers all overthe world in 1951 they were taken bymountaineer eric shipton who found widemysterious 12 to 13 inch long footprintson a glacier in the himalayas after thatnumerous expeditions set off to theregion in search of yetis probably themost famous of them was that of SirEdmund Hillwho claimed he had found Yeti hair ontop of Mount Everest the search for theYeti continues and a group of Japaneseadventurers took some pictures of Yetifootprints in 2008 some enthusiasts arepositive that Yeti brothers and sisterslive in China and Siberia as well numberfourYeti memo the belief in the Yeti was sostrong in the middle of the 20th centurythat even the US State Department joinedthe craze in 1959 they issued ForeignService dispatch 75 a memo withregulations on how to deal with a Yetiupon encountering one hears we’re toldto take pictures of it and capture itbut not kill itthey were also supposed to pay a fee andget an official permit to be out in Yetiterritory although it looks like theseregulations weren’t strictly enforcedbecause tons of people still got a holdof numerous Yeti bits and pieces whichbecame parts of museum university andprivate collections around the worldnumber three hunting license would youlike to go hunting for some yetisapparently if you have 550 bucks you canofficially call yourself a Yeti hunterthe Government of Nepal sells licensesallowing people to wander through thewoodlands and desolate areas of thecountry in search of the Yeti thisstarted back in the 1950s the time of aglobal fascination with the snowdwelling monster so far no one has beenlucky enough to have captured one butthe Nepalese government has definitelybeen lucky enough to make a killing outof people’s attempts Hey look there’sElvis riding on a Yetinumber two a profitable business theyetee business is a huge moneymaker inthe Himalayan region in addition tothose hunting permits there’s an arrayof Yeti themed hotels the most popularof which is the five-star hotel yak andYeti kind of sounds more like a talkshowthere’s even a Yeti Airlines that fliesfrom Kathmandu to the mountains and aWildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan whoseprimary mission is the conservation ofthe Yeti no wonder they’re so happy inBhutan finally there are Yeti adventureparks throughout the world we and numberone the Yeti in pop culture it’s reallyhard to find a person who has never everseen a Yeti we’re talking about thecartoon and movie versions of it youprobably remember bumble the abominablesnowman from the classic Rudolph thered-nosed reindeer once his toothachewas no longer a problem he instantlybecame a pretty nice guysorry monster helping Santa to decoratehis Christmas treewe all loved or hated it really dependsthe Yetiin monsters Inc the nine-foot monstersprotecting the entrance to shangri-lascared the bejeebers out of us in themummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor thelist of Yeti TV and movie appearancesgoes on and on we all love him for onereason or another even though he’ssupposed to be scarythe Yeti even made an appearance ingrand theft auto san andreas and grandtheft auto 5 try to find him in thesnows next time you play finally allYeti fans are sure to have a Legofigurine of their favorite big-footedmonster he even appeared in the legomovie hey is anybody collectingroyalties for this and of course Yetilocks and the three beardo you still believe that the Yetiexists or do you think the scientistsare right and it’s actually a kind ofbear feel free to share your opinion inthe comment section below if you likethis video let us know by clicking onthe thumbs up button if this video gets300,000 likes we’ll share more storiesof mysterious creatures inhabiting ourplanet like the Californians by the wayif you like mysteries you’ll also loveour video about mysteries hidden infamous paintings here’s the link to itsubscribe to our channel to be the firstto see our fun updates always look onthe bright side of life


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