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Welcome to the City of FloreOur Goals    In the city of Flore we have many great expectations because we hope that our community will be great. We would like our city to be known as a family friendly, sustainable city, with people that are welcoming. While doing all of this, we would also like to keep a low carbon footprint.Bylaws                   All cities need important bylaws, so we selected nine necessary bylaws;In our city there is an area of marsh that is very ecologically sensitive.

An ecologically sensitive area is a designated region of agriculture that needs special protection because of its landscape, wildlife or historical value.  Because our city contains an ecologically sensitive area, we will enforce strict rules regarding how the land is used, and we will also create a fence surrounding the area. One of our city goals is to reduce our carbon footprint. To help do this our downtown area is going to be a no automobile area. There will still be roads, however they will only be open to pedestrians and transportation vehicles that do not pollute the environment.We are privileged to have a very efficient garbage system.

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We ask that all citizens follow the garbage system rules to continue with a productive system.Every homeowner in our city is asked to have solar panels as their main energy source. This is made mandatory because we believe that as a community we can reduce our carbon footprint with the use of solar panels.When any building is in planning for construction it is mandatory that you go to the city council and get it approved.

This is because we want to make sure our land is used wisely as we have so little of it.  Any business owner wishing to change their business from one use to another, modify an existing building or build a new building must get building permit.    Economic Concerns/SolutionTo be able to run our snowplows, buses, garbage trucks, have police, firefighters, health care and education we are going to put property taxes to provide these services for the residents of the city so the kids are able to school, you are covered by healthcare, and so our city stays safe. (To help pay for the basic needs of the city (ie; health care, education, garbage system excetra,) we have added an additional property tax to the residents of the city to ensure a stable society.)Environmental Concerns/SolutionsCars, Motorcycles and other automobiles release pollution into our environment which can damage plants, wildlife, and even the health of people in our city.

To fix this problem the city of Flore would like you to try to reduce the amount of transportation on your day to day basis. Some suggestions to help this are; carpooling or using public transit  to reduce the number of cars, walking or riding your bike when you can and using electric or hybrid cars if possible.  Hybrid and electric vehicles help to lower the amount of greenhouse gases in our community.As mayors of our city we want to be certain that our city stays clean and trash free. We would like this because it will help reduce our ecological footprint, and help ensure the safety of animals.  If animals do try to eat the garbage we have not properly thrown out, the damage could be fatal.

That’s why there will be trash cans throughout the city. So, do you part to keep the city clean and throw out you trash. In our city there is a landfill. The city will provide each homeowner with separate bins for your recycling, compost and garbage.

Each Thursday garbage trucks will come around collecting your garbage from the appropriate bins. The recyclable garbage will be stored and reused, the garbage will be sent to the Super City to be disposed of, and our compost will be brought to our landfill to decompose. If we are to do this simple thing it will reduce our ecological footprint by a lot as all the garbage will be separate instead of it all being together as one.

Underneath the land our city was built on there are natural springs that we have been given access to pump water from for all our uses so, we have a source of water. When our city goes under construction a water treatment plant and a sewage treatment plan will be built. Your sewage will flow downpipes by gravity to the sewage treatment plan for the water to have the waste removed then cleaned. After that it will be sent to a water treatment plant were its cleaned again and then put back into the rivers and lakes. Why this is a concern is because we are going to need to keep the water around so we can reuse it.

Social Concerns/Solutions In all our schools from grades 7-8 there will be a mandatory in school program where we will teach our kids about alcoholism and drug abuse so, they are aware of why they are an issue and how we should deal with it if we are approached by someone and that offers our children  some so they have an understanding of what they can do to your body. Spatial Organization of City Land Use/Concerns/SituationsIn our city we are very constrained when it comes to the amount of land we have. Due to this most of our housing is going to be high density or medium density so we are able to expand our population and fit everyone into our city. 


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