Week 6 You Decide Essay

After much research and seeking the advice of all of my colleagues I have come up with what I believe will be the best direction for the President to go in regarding this matter. First thing is first, it would not be a wise decision to raise taxes. The reason this will not be a good decision is solely because decisions need to be made that will not only benefit the government but the country and all of its residents as a whole.Although some of our people are able to pay more in taxes, not all of our residents in fact there are more individuals who are not able to do so and for that reason we must consider them. Raising interest rates is not a bad idea. The reason is because individuals do not have to get a line of credit. This is choice that is made on a personal level and although everyone is not approved for a line of credit those who are can decide whether or not that is an offer that they would like to move forward with.Higher interest rates may also assist people in proper use.

Individuals who are greatly concerned about their credit will spend wisely and will want to ensure that they pay their bill on time and in full to avoid high interest rates. In conclusion, the bottom line is to make decisions that will be best for not just the government but the inhabitants of the country as well. It is very important to ensure that the people who make up the country are happy with the country in which they live and all that it stands for.

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