Web Quest Essay

Context clues Directions: Answer each question for the politician Huey Long.

Use the internet and your favorite search engine to answer each of the questions. Each complete response for each author is worth 5 points 1. What was happening politically during the time this author was writing? During his time, there was poverty and homelessness due to the Great Depression.

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2. Where was the author located? What nationality is the author? He was located in Louisiana and his nationality was the US 3. When was the author born? And, when did he die? August 30, 1893 – September 10, 1935 . What kinds of social problems would the author have observed? Name and explain three. It also extends to the ends his strategies and schemes for dealing with the social problems he identified by redistributing wealth. He didn’t like the rich, and he expanded the freeway system.. redistributing wealth 5.

What novels, short stories or articles did the author write which reflected those problems? List a minimum of two. Every Man A King and My First Days in the White House 6. What were the author’s political beliefs and how might they have shaped his writing?He was highly liberal and very anti-Standard Oil. He pushed high taxes and wealth redistribution. 7.

Did the author earn his living through writing alone or did he earn an additional income doing something else? What was the alternative employment if any? Huey Long earned money in many jobs. He won a debating scholarship, he spent four years as a traveling salesman, selling books, canned goods and patent medicines, as well as working as an auctioneer. In 1915, he passed the state bar exam in Louisiana and began private practice.


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