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We are all insignificantIntroductionMy purpose of making this book analysis is finding a bigger contrast of hidden messages that this book named Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy consists of. Where it all starts with a very confused man or even more specific an earthling Arthur Dent.

In the book, you can follow the story of an unlucky man that in the nick of time; escapes earth’s destruction by hitchhiking onto the vogons spaceship. This with the help of his Alien friend Ford Prefect. After a while they are inevitably being thrown out of the spaceship into the dark void of space, they wind up on a stolen spaceship hijacked by the President of the Galaxy Zaphod. On the spaceship, they find themselves among different individuals and a depressed bionic person.

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In the book, you get to follow the crew among different adventures in freaky distinct galaxies that may crack you up for a laugh or two.Main bodyIn the book, Douglas Adams makes it clear that you are literally nothing in this insignificantly small “unregarded star”. Even aliens marking the human existence on a minus scale. Which might give humans the perception that we have achieved nothing, in this utterly big world. Even Douglas Adams makes it immensely evident with his ”Infinite Improbability Drive” that humans barely know anything in this world we are living in. A machine that is capable of moving through interstellar space in just seconds. But the catch is that there is an infinite improbability that you will end up in the desired universe.

You do not know where you are gonna end up or even what type of species you will be. Although Adams makes an amazing job always giving the reader a bigger contrast of what the universe might just consist of; he does an even better job giving the reader a pat on the shoulder reminding to always stay calm, even though we live in this immensely big universe. As a big motto of that the book teaches is “Don’t panic” in very friendly letters on the front of Hitchhiker’s guideThe notorious number “42”. Ever since Douglas Adams wrote “The answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything are 42”; this has caused an obsession by philosophers giving all their efforts trying to attribute into finding the answer of the number “42”. This has left a lot of theories unproven and a lot of people left wondering what Adams actually meant.

Here are some examples that are related to the number 42 written by Paul Bignell, “42: The answer to life, the universe and everything”, 2011-02-06, 2018-01-25, link “Elvis Presley died at age 42. A single big mac contains 42 percent of the recommended daily intake of salt. Cricket has 42 laws”.RecapIn the book Adams makes an amazing job pointing out how little the human species has achieved compared to other living organisms. Constantly teasing our technological progress on earth and always making it seem like we are as unregarded in this universe as you could possibly be. Inform of hidden messages it seems like Adams is always bombarding the bookworms with a lot of philosophical questions that certainly gets your mind flowing with different speculations and reflections.

Making this the perfect book for anyone that enjoys having more of a philosophical mindset or enjoys www.independent.com, Paul Bignell, fetched 2018-01-24 from http://www.independent.



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