We is what I wrote in Nov

We are all in such hurry to grow up and be better that we don’t stop. We make plans, we set goals and we talk about somedays but what we fail to see is today. We forget to look around, take it all in and just live. Everyday we find people or opportunities around us to learn something new or to unlearn something and get a new perspective but most of the time we don’t see it.Through all these years I’ve grown to become the age of twenty that I am now, I’ve always had the freedom to make my own choices. So instead of Someday, Today I made a choice. I chose to take out time for something I loved for a real long time now and chance upon the forgotten magic in it before its long gone.

Photographing everything that makes me, me. Holding a memory in your hand that is lost forever is not just taking a picture but making it. When I look back at what I clicked I feel a swirl through the memories. Its this one story that I fail to put into words. I know I still hold my breath before I release the shutter.

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Its like I’ve found my Pensieve.https://shotandtold.wordpress.com/2016/11/24/somedaytoday/That is what I wrote in Nov 2016 during one of my literature classes in college. I’ve loved clicking pictures ever since I was in 10 and started my own blog and a feed called Shot and Told.

Blog – https://shotandtold.wordpress.comFeed – https://www.instagram.com/shotandtold/But this summer I sat with my Uncle who is a director and saw him develop a story and  something about that felt like magic. A good cinema will make you forget you are sitting in a theater and who wouldn’t want to escape into a magic world and  be a part of Hogwarts or learn to live the wild from Alexander Supertramp or fly with Tony Stark or fight alongside Amarendra Baahubali. I’ve always been a big fan of movies but it’s when I realised this the power the medium has and the impact it left on me I’ve only been trying to learn more about films and better myself in something that I am that passionate about.

Since then I tried to film whatever I found around me and just started sharing them on a YouTube channel that goes by Shot and Told as well which now has  a travel film ( https://youtu.be/nSeD5PMmsbM)  a wedding video ( https://youtu.be/ToDU_x6QrB8) and an Art workshop film (  https://youtu.

be/ZIfjDQT3oIE)  It’s not much but it’s a start to telling a story that’s around me. The only way I see the stories I’ve written coming to life is to learn this full time and that’s exactly what AISFM would do for me. I’m still not sure about what I love most in the process. If it’s directing or filming or developing it and this degree will actually give me the basic idea of all the three which will later help me ?select specialisation.

I’ve tried everything from Painting to Illustration to Business and nothing gave me more happiness than holding a camera and telling a stort. Earlier I’ve not had the courage to walk that less travelled road, but now when I’ve seen the other path I know I’m making the right choice this time and I know that because thankfully I could travel both. And from that I know Life keeps showing how beautiful it can be and it just keeps throwing more opportunities at you. All we can really to do is to learn from the fallen future and take the road to there.

We can’t go back and start new, but we can start now and make a new ending and make it a happy ending and this will be my start. 


I'm Ruth!

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