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Weall grew up knowing famous movie killers like Jason from “Friday The 13th”,Michael Myers from “Halloween” and Hannibal Lecter from “Hannibal.” They andmany more are characters that kill others and are presented to us like violentand heartless beings. But are they really heartless? Is a killer is made orborn? That is a very complex question. Today for the majority of people akiller is automatically a crazy person, but science makes us question is thatis really true. Many studies in serial killers minds and personalities has beenmade.

Every time discovering things that makes the answer of that question moredifficult to understand. Also, all those discoveries takes us to wonder ifclassifying a killer, or understanding his/her motive is more complicated thanit looks. Aperson can kill for many reasons. Some of the most basic reasons are because ofrobbery, vengeance and jealously. The question about if there is a specificreason that drives someone to kill have a lot of answers.

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Some of them wealready mention them, but there is another question behind all of it. Thequestion is: “Is more of a physical or mental thing that leads someone tokill?” A Dr. named Cesare Lombroso, which has been named “the father of moderncriminology”, studied serial killer in Turin in 1870.

He was convincing thatkillers were one step below the evolution. After years of study he came to theconclusion that a killer can be identify by his physiognomy. All Dr.

Lombrosostudies took him to conclude that: “Criminal ears are often large. The nose isfrequently upturned or flattened in the thieves. In killers it is usuallyaquiline like the break of a bird of prey.” This was the beginning of aninvestigation that has continued for more than a century to see if killers havedifferent brains than the rest of the people. Unfortunately, detectingpotential killers did not result as simple as Dr. Lombroso expected and hisscientifically findings were soon discredited.Evenso, the brains of killers had continued to been studied for many year to reallysee is someone can be born bad. A study made by Dr.

Helen Morrison, a Chicago-based forensic psychiatrist, showed that serial killers had shockingsimilarities. First, she interviewed 135 serial killers, and then Morrison cameto believe that a chromosome abnormally is likely the trigger of killing. Shethought that this trigger was especially in men who display their homicidaltendencies. Also, brain scans showed that these types of men never developed asense of attachment and belonging to the world. Therefore, this makes us wonderif we could identify a killer just by meeting him or by observing hispersonality.

Forinstance, many tragedies, like school shootings, are mainly realized by youngmembers of the school. In most cases, is the weird kid in school that does notthat talk because he do not want to or because is difficult for him tocommunicate with others. This brings another question. Does the boy would stillplan a school shooting if the case was different and he was not the lonely boyof the school? What if the boy never had to experience being lonely, beingbullied by others or being rejected? This makes us wonder if we all havedarkness inside. If a killer instinct is inside all of us, very hidden, and itjust takes some one, a big desire or a terrible experience to woke that killerinstinct.

Is a very scary thought. How would we react if we are in a room witha person that has killed many people but never had done anything to us, andbeing locked in a room with you mothers murder? Maybe this situation is thetrigger of a loving and peaceful person to let out its killer instinct, ormaybe not. This is a thing of individual human reaction. However,there are also other experiences that can be considered like an instinct killertrigger, childhood experiences. A child is a very sensitive thing; it can bemanipulated very easily.

The way they understand the world and what is right orwrong is very unclear at some ages. Now days violence is teach in children,some of it indirectly. For example, buying a children toy guns or knives forthem to play violent games and buying videos games where a kid murder people. Thenis the direct one, by child abuse.

There can be the possibilities about arelationship between child abuse and serial killers. Child abuse is a factorwhich has received much attention in the media and academic circles in recentyears, fuelled by the claims of many serial murders that suffered child abuseat the hands of a parent or guardian.Astudy by Mitchell and Aamodt from the Radford University in Virginia in 2005aimed to explore the rate of childhood abuse in a large sample of convictedserial murders and compare this against the rate of childhood abuse in generalpopulation.

The research was to see if there is indeed a relationship betweenchildhood abuse and serial murder. The results suggest that childhood abuseamong the serial killer population is higher that the general population acrossall types of abuse. In results, 36% suffered physical abuse, 26%sexual abuse, 50% psychological abuse, 18% neglect and 2% having no reportedabuse at all. The prevalence of child abuse amongst serial killers is not a newtopic and its has been thought to be a contributing factor for many years.Researchers who study serial killers have noticed that a large percentage havesuffered childhood abuse leading to the suggestion that this could havecontributed to their murderous behavior in later live. Inconclusion, the answer about if a killer is made or born is still inconclusive.Some are going to say killers are and some are going to say they are made. Is amatter of opinion because there are so many things that can drive someone tocommit a murder that is difficult to certainly say a killer is made or born.

First,some may say that the incentive that drives a serial killer to the act ofmurder does not originate at birth, but rather is cultivated from theenvironment by which and individual is raised and the experiences that shapehis/ her development and character. This means that even if a serial killer issupposedly born with a predisposition to violence, they will not act on outunless they are given the reason to, like a bad childhood. On the other hand,other may say is a matter or birth because of his/her genes or something wehave not been able to understand o discover yet. A murder mind is more complexthat we think. In conclusion, years and years of studies and we cannot know forsure how the brain of a murder works, why this people are they way they are.


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