We different rule. Everything is written down

We live in a society with so many rules.

Saying  “what we can or cannot do.” In every country, state, city, etc, there is a different rule. Everything is written down and we have to enforce them. Imagine living in a society without rules. No one can tell you what to do and what not to do.

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Can rules really help you as a person grow?  Some people believe that a society is best with many rules. However, a society with fewer rules encourages creativity and creates a stress-free society with more personal responsibilities of citizens.The first reason why living in a society with fewer rules is better because it encourages creativity. This can help teachers get creative with their teaching methods. All teachers have to follow the same curriculum every year. Some students don’t understand the teaching methods. This is not reaching to all of the students.

Also, this is failing the students in life or some teachers just push them ahead. Without rules, teachers can find new ways to a teacher to their student’s needs. Every student is different and has a different way of learning. The second reason how living in a society with fewer rules is better because it creates a stress free society with more personal responsibilities. Personal responsibilities are You are always expected to do something in a society. If you don’t then there’s always consequences following you.

This allows individuals to rely on their own values which would increase personal responsibilities. With more personal responsibilities this allow you to have more acceptance towards others. A stress-free society will help you create morals for yourself and will influence others. Some people believe the a society is best with many rules, because it protects the freedom/rights of a society. In different parts of the world they have  many rules that protect their people.

In America, we have the different amendment, laws and acts. The bill of rights (first ten amendments) gives American citizens their basic rights/freedoms. This was based off of John Locke and other enlightenment philosophers ideas of how to run a government.    In conclusion, a society is best with fewer’s rules because it helps people become more creative and creates a stress-free society with more responsibilities. A society with rules protect a people’s)freedom/rights of a society. But others believe that a society with rules is better because it protects individuals rights/ freedom.

People can be creative with their teaching methods, Allows acceptance and individual protection in a society. A society without rules is better because helps people grow more than a society without rules.


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