We and talent refers to the natural

 We supposed to know if personality or talentaffects a person to become a good leader ; to describe the performance,effectiveness, and styles used by the leader to achive the objectives . We willbe analysed and defined leadership.

I think that to be a good leader , having astrong leadership personality is much important than just having a talentbecause personality means people skills and talent refers to the naturalability of a person to get an achievements.  As stated by Ali Esshaq (2017) thatpersonality is much important in being a good leader , “Talent is worth nothingwithout a good personality” why ? , because the defining quality of greatleaders is their ability to build a winning team , major achievements arealways the result of team rather than individual efforts. The person who hasmany talents but has no good personality does not do anything good to be a rolemodel to those who will follow him as a leader , In the first place , who elsewants to follow a person without a good personality?  No one wants to follow a person who does nothave a good personality because every great leaders must have  honesty, self confidence , creativity,positive attitude , commitment at work , strong communication to people.

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Thatwill lead them to a successful leadership .” If someone has a strong leadershippersonality, I consider that person to have remarkable empathy. Which iscritical quality for a leader. The ability to forge connections andsuccessfully reinforce positive behaviors is our main responsibility asleaders. A leader who is still developing talent can surround herself withhighly talented people and still lead effectively. People will flock to astrong personality because they trust her and believe she’ll help them grow. Asupreme talented leader maybe able to lead through example and demand excellence.

But without , an empathetic personality , he’ll struggle to continuallymotivate his team. He also may not be able to build sufficient connections tobring in a supporting circle and add the necessary depth. So personality trumpstalent . As a leader , our main legacy should be the people that we’vedeveloped as opposed to the projects that we’ve completed. ”   ( JakeWilder ; 2017, Jan. 17 ) .

” Personality is something that we say “doesn’tchange” . We blame our personalities for our short comings and we praise it forour strengths. Talent is learned- so even if a potential leader doesn’t havethe highest amount of talent, they may still be the best fit, because they cangrow. The most important thing in choosing a good leader is their character.Within character, you are looking for integrity, honesty, passion, consistencyand much more.

” (Heather Kenny; 2017, April 9) “I’ll assume that personalitymeans people skills and talent refers to ability to get the job done. You musthave the talent to be able to see where to lead people and the personality tohave them follow” (Paul Sacco; 2017, Jan.19) ”  ” If you are choosing, you areactually looking for an authority holder, a designation, a hierarchy. If thatis the case, who would you like to be your boss? Someone who knows more thanyou or someone who is very good at heart but knows less than you.

In myopinion, for authority , talent is must. Personality is great to have, butwithout talent it is of not much to use. Leadership is different. It emerges.You don’t choose a leader.

You just admire the leader and start following.”(Madhukar Kumar; 2017, Jan. 17) . People who have task – oriented personalitytypes tend to have considerable focus on details. They are not comfortableinitiating an action-plan until they are satisfied they have all the necessaryfacts.

On the other hand, people who have relations-oriented personality typestend to considerable focus on the result and are comfortable initiating anaction plan when they have just the essential facts ( Blake & Mounton,1982)  . For our study, we defined high–potential talent as an employee who is assessed as having the ability,organizational commitment, and motivato to rise to and succeed in more seniorpositions in the organization. Different organizations will have their owndefinitions of high –potential talent, but the essence remains the same. Moreimportant than the exact definition of high-potential talent is understandinghow talent experiences being a high potential in their organization. (Campbell, M. & Smith R., 2014)  . Theincreasing war for talent across borders suggests that national companies willneed to do more to attract and retain the most promising talent for theirexisting operations, much less prepare for eventual expansion abroad with allthe multicultural capabilities that such a strategy will require.

(Soo, J ;2012, Jan. 17)  Each of theserelationships is subtly different and has implifications for identifying,recruiting, developing and retaining talent. It is important for senior leadersto be aware of this, as they often recruit talent on the assumption that thecurrent generation will be attracted by the same benefits that attracted them.( Massie, S.

, 2015) . In choosing a good leader , I look for what I call 4Cs .They are as follows : Commitment.

We need a leader that is totally committed toserving the people and achieving the worthwhile dream. Without commitment , itwill be hard to build an effective and efficient team. Character. The leadershould be able to command admiration and respect. He need to be able to unitethe people and help to harness their energy to build a better future.Competence. The leader should have the knowledge , attitude , skills and habitsto be able to direct, organize, manage and control the people. Compassion.

Theleader should have a heart for the people and be responsive in meeting in theirneeds and helping to improve their lives. ( Patrick Liew ; 2017, Jan. 18 ) As I conclude into thefactors that contribute to a leaders success, I found that to succeed a goodleader is to combined the two practices the personality and talent to be able agood and highly effective leadership.


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