Ways to prevent commercial crime in Malaysia Essay

IntroductionIn tandem with the rapid industrialisation of Malaysia, many mills and commercial Centres are being opened and coupled with the addition in people’s buying power that contributes to the mushrooming of shopping promenades, the demand for security guards has besides increased enormously. With the frequent job of managing guards and the advantage of sharing security cost, the outsourcing of security guards is a common pattern by many.The figure of Registered Private Security Agency ( PSA ) offering outsource security guards has addition manifold over the decennaries.

Among the reported statistics are as follows:

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Year Registered Private Security Agency ( PSA )
1980 60
1990’s 350
October 2013 751
October 2014 772

Geting a security contract with an constitution is really moneymaking as it is a service. These PSA will hold to vie with the other PSAs to obtain and keep the security contract. Errant PSA are turning to illegal guards as a manner to remain low cost. First, is engaging aliens ( excepting former Nepalese soldiers ) irrespective of illegal or legal whom they can demand long hours and pay less. Second, is by using locals who are non qualified due to age, wellness status and unhealthy records.Security Services Association of Malaysia President Datuk Shaheen Mirza Habib told the Sun ( as reported on 5th November 2013 ) there are some 30,000 illegal security guards working in the state.

REQUIREMENT OF THE GOVERNMENTThe Private Security Agency Industry of Malaysia is governed by the Private Agencies Act 1971. As a follow up to so 1971 Act, 10 Surat Pekeliling ( Circular ) have been issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs from 2006 to 2010 refering to Security Guards issues ( Appendix One ) .In Circular No.

1 in 2006, it states merely Malaysians under the age of 60 and former Nepalese soldiers that can be hired as security guards. A peruse of some of the handbills states that the Home Affairs Ministry is really concern with the dreamy attitude of some PSA by intentionally seeking to overreach the system. All handbills have really covered many issues such as preparation, demand, unvarying and others.Having seen the above scenario, they current quandary by the Government is that, there is a demand for security guards. Second the PSA are either holding trouble to engage locals and Nepali guards or merely seeking to cut cost by using foreign labors or unqualified locals as security guards.There is a fright that if in a individual blow the authorities eradicates all illegal guards, some authorities and private owned assets ( e.

g. hard currency in theodolite ) will be at hazard which in bend does non bode good for the economic system. The authorities must take some intermediary and long term action to work towards eliminating illegal guards.Therefore, I believe the manner frontward in this security guard issues in Malaysia are:

  1. Finding others ways to forestall offense and cut down dependence on many guards
  2. Delegating the Security Services Association with more self- regulation powers to blacklist errant PSA
  3. Comprehensive reappraisal of the function and irresistible impulse of Auxiliary Police
  4. Certified Integrity Officers appointed in private constitutions

WAYS TO PREVENT CRIMEToday, offense is among the chief concern of the state. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has made it a precedence to guarantee that the citizens and the streets are safe under the National Key Results Area ( NKRA ) – Reducing Crime enterprise.

There are other ways to cut down offense but the presences of security guards are still needed.Increase Investment in Technological AidsToday engineering plays an increasing importance in our lives. For security engineering, the chief arrears are supervising, CCTV capablenesss, detectors and invasion observing appliances. Today all these arrears can be done remotely through manus phone or a laptop. The authorities must promote concerns to put in these equipment. Basically it is to set the burden of personal and concern security to the owner in an attempt to jointly increase attempts to cut down offense.

Technology equipment helps to increase the effectivity of security guards as it helps them. Second it can besides assist to cut down the figure of guards employed. On 15ThursdayApril 2013, the Inland Revenue Board had come out with revenue enhancement inducement that gives good revenue enhancement interruptions for the purchase of 10 classs of point classified as Security Control Equipment and Monitoring Equipment.Cashless societyThe authorities is presently traveling towards doing the society cashless. Among the stairss employed is promoting internet interbank transportation at RM0.

10. Secondly is the 350 percent addition of card terminuss into the market in the following five old ages. Among the ground for this way is to cut down the disbursals of managing hard currency and indirectly to cut down street offense.The Star on 14ThursdayFebruary reported that “Collectively, Bankss are expected to salvage RM1.8bil a twelvemonth by migrating to cashless dealing. The cost of managing hard currency includes transporting the physical notes every bit good assecurity services.

”I feel that this is a right move to cut down offense. However, this might so do another offense ; recognition card fraud to lift. However, the opportunities to nab a recognition fraudster is faster as the dealing can be traced. Unlike a bit instance, where there is no hint unless an apprehensiveness is made.

When it comes to security guards issues, the move towards a cashless society may do the demand for security guards less.Tackle Root Causes of Street and belongings CrimesThe demand for security guards is driven by demand to cut down and discourage street and belongings offense. A figure of offenses are committed by illegal immigrants, former captives and drug inmates and economic displaced people who non able to travel back into societyIf the foreign immigrant workers coming into the state are all legal, employed and are traceable, so they will non travel into unhealthy activities.

Today the nation’s boundary lines are so porous that many illegals are come ining Malaysia without proper certification.Second is to assist former captives, drug inmates and economic displaced people to happen nice occupations and supply aid ( preparation and concern chances ) to assist them to acquire back into society and to deter them from condemnable activities.Crime bar through environmental design ( CPTED )Crime bar through environmental design ( CPTED ) is a multi- disciplinary attack to discouraging condemnable behaviour through environmental design and has been used since the 1970’s. It is merely deriving popularity a decennary ago in Malaysia. This is a good construct to implement to assist cut down offense in a vicinity and possibly cut down the dependence on many guards.The authorities must guarantee that current lodging developers introduce some characteristics in CPTED in new lodging estates. For illustration:

  1. guaranting merely one entry and one issue, and many lanes ( for occupants and visitants )
  2. holding a monsoon drain in some arrears of the estate margin ( besides for drainage intents )
  3. constructing a security station with wiring for future installing of entree card and appliances

FORTIFY THE ROLE OF SECURITY SERVICES ASSOCIATION ( SSA )If the sense of safe security is non omnipresent, that itself may stunt economic activities and hamper growing. In Malaya we have Security Services Association ( SSA ) or Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kawalan Keselamatan Malaysia.

I suggest that through SSA that the authorities can clamp down on illegal foreign guards and errant PSA.First, SSA must be upgraded to go a well-thought-of Institution or Council with self- modulating powers to size up the participants and modulate the industry. The same is how the Malaysian Institute of Accountants ( a private organic structure ) is formed under the Accountants Act 1967 to modulate the Accounting Profession. This was besides suggested by Datuk Shaheen Mirza the President of SSA in December 2013.The SSA must hold a proper by- Torahs and province what is expected of her members. This is where PSA member will hold to demo the list of security guards they employ to the Association on a regular footing. The PSA employed guards must besides be of a certain demand ( Malaysians or former Nepali soldiers ) . The company must besides hold a certain paid up capital to guarantee that this industry is non for little timers but instead for medium size endeavors.

Failure to make so means they will be penalized and blacklisted.If need be let amalgamations and acquisition take topographic point during this interim period to allow the industry participants to defy the daze that will take topographic point when rigorous enforcement is done. There must besides be a freezing of licences issued to let the industry to happen the right demand and supply state of affairs.

This freeze of licences is kindred to authorities stop deading licences of new medical schools in the state for five old ages since May 2011.

  • The Role of PSA

It should be made compulsory that all companies that want to outsource security guards from a PSA guarantee that they are a registered member of the Security Services Association ( SSA ) . This is similar to the compulsory demand that merely a Public Accountants who will be qualified to attest audited histories for Sdn Bhds and listed companies. Therefore it is the burden of the PSA to supply legal security guards.The guards employed by the PSA excessively must hold been checked for condemnable records, bankruptcy and a compulsory urine trial ( done sporadically without notice ) . Security Guards must besides possess some signifier of preparation record ( SSA does form a one hebdomad class in 6 zones at Pusat Latihan Polis across Malaysia on a monthly footing ) . If should illegal guards and unqualified guards ( due to the above record failures ) be found during foraies conducted by jurisprudence enforcement bureaus, so the PSA will be fined and blacklisted by the SSA. Being blacklisted agencies there are no more members of the SSA and automatically they can non supply security guards services any longer.

The PSA can besides traverse cheque with the SSA to guarantee that the guards they employ had a bad record with old PSA.Since it is a jurisprudence that merely retired senior officer of the certain Government section that can use for security licence, so it is easy to hale the managers excessively. The Legal Enforcement Agency must besides be originative to bear down the foreign security guards as misdemeanors of occupation industry and possibly being undocumented. The proprietors excessively must be held every bit responsible. This is really a manner to make a rhythm of cheque and balance.

  • Mechanism of Check and Balance

The regulations have been there for many old ages.

However it is non implemented really purely. The regulations and mechanism should be fortified. A sudden clamping down of illegal guards will give serious articulatio genus dork reverberations. Therefore, Private Security Agencies must be given clip to look into their staffing, support and capableness before a comprehensive but systematic clamping down could be carried out.Following is the issue of handiness of people willing to make the occupation.

With the aid of the authorities to authorities diplomatic negotiations, the Nepali authorities can assist to guarantee that the people coming to Malaysia are of the demands we need- former soldiers. All other states will besides non grant permission to their locals to work as security guards in Malaysia.COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW OF THE ROLE OF AUXILIARY POLICEAuxiliary Police Association of MalaysiaThere is a Persatuan Polis Bantuan Malaysia or Association of Police Auxiliary Malaysia ( APAM ) , but what stature do they hold.

Therefore the first measure it to do them excessively a focal point or a spouse for security issues and attempts to battle offense. Second is to do them a party that can fit draw a bead oning Auxiliary Policemen and corporations that can use them. Third to given support to them to carry on internal classs and finally supply short and medium- term classs.Education in Auxiliary Police FieldThere are many corporations that deploy Auxiliary Police. However, the consumption and the footings and status of the employment is up to the corporation to order. Currently, the employer ( that has an Auxiliary Police Department ) will direct Auxiliary Policemen for a nine month class in a Police Training Centre and the course of study in under the preparation Division of the Royal Malaysian Police.

The authorities should present a class on security and policing. The possible campaigners are those who are unsuccessful at the constabulary constable interview, retired naval forces or ground forces officers and interested school departer. Those who qualify in it can be given an chance to be in a supervisory function in the Security Department or potentially be a full fledge Auxiliary Police.

With this paper making, the Royal Malaysian Police can see them as upper manus campaigners for interviews as they do come with some basic Policing cognition.The Star reported in May 2013, that Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak launched a joint police- military programme in 2010. The programme was such that police officers underwent preparation in military cantonments as a move to combat offense and cut down authorities outgo and maximise the usage of resources. Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department manager Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani was quoted to hold said on 23rd February 2015, that the Royal Malaysian Police has received one million applications for 12,000 vacant station in the constabulary.This pattern is similar to the signifier of vocational and skilled preparation given to pupils who fail to do the class, retiring junior rank officers from the naval forces or the ground forces and re-skilling classs under the Human Resources Ministry during the economic crisis.

The authorities can besides see giving some monthly allowance while they are prosecuting the class as a signifier of inducement.Compulsion of Auxiliary PoliceFirst do it compulsory that all companies that are involve in banking, casinos, public edifices ( subject Parkss, promenades ) and belongingss ; holding many subdivisions and above a certain paid- up capital to hold an Auxiliary Police Unit in their companies. The private sector will so inquire for endowments. Once the preparation for Auxiliary Police is instituted, so the endowments will come in. Bing an Auxiliary Policeman in a listed company is good employment.It can non be denied that some Bankss in Malaysia do hold Auxiliary Police. But to what extent do these Bankss employ them in subdivisions.

A instance in point would be an Indonesian armed security guard hiting a bank officer in the bank subdivision itself on 23 October 2013. This security guard was non an Auxiliary Police neither qualified to be a security guard, leave entirely he was armed.To touch an earlier point, Bankss will be able to cut down cost because the way of the society is said to be traveling cashless. Banks so will hold some resources to use better security guards, by traveling for locals instead than aliens ( excepting former Nepalese soldiers ) and set uping or beef uping the Auxiliary Police Unit.Second, some establishment may necessitate both proprietary and contract guards. Should an administration have an set up security section or subsidiary constabularies, so the burden is on the administration to guarantee that outsource guards are Malaysians or former Nepali soldiers.

If should a non- compliant individual be found to make the security guard occupation, so the whole establishment is at hazard of brawny mulct. This is quiet similar to the rigorous Occupational Health and Safety demands imposed on fabrication industries set by the authorities.Huge corporations can non presume that merely with corporate revenue enhancements they pay and Corporate Social Responsibility work they do is adequate for the authorities to eliminate offense. They have to be told that security can non be via media or merely outsourced to a company who does non hold their security as their figure one precedence.Private SECTOR INVOLVEMENT- Certified Integrity Officer ( CIO )A offense is a offense irrespective of when, where and who committed it. Crime besides includes white neckband offense. If the Auxiliary Police and Security guards are to look after the belongingss of the organisation, who ensures that executives of the organisation does non perpetrate offense?An illustration would be that the store supervisor himself was a party to the offense committed by the two Nepali guards that carted RM200,000 worth of goods in November 2013 located at Sunway PyramidThe Malayan Anti- Corruption Commission has embarked on a CIO class.

This is where executive officers from private sector administrations will go to this class. Among the arrears covered in the class are:

  1. how to increase the unity of the staff and the organisation as a whole
  2. basic runing affairs in condemnable breaches ( e.g. assemblage of groundss )
  3. presenting unity hotline as a discreet channel of communicating for describing any misconduct.
  4. Managing whistle blower: confidentiality and possible reverberations

This is how the private sector can assist to observe, cut down and work towards eliminating commercial offenses in their several organisation. Among the organisations that have appointed CIO’s are PETRONAS, FELDA, TM and Boustead Holdings Berhad.DecisionSome PSA and security guards do non to the full understand the duty each of them are transporting what effects can go on if a delinquency of responsibility has happened.

Their importance is tantamount to the medical profession as the safety and security of lives and assets are entrusted to them. If PSA and the people they employ understand the importance of the security profession and industry, the job of illegal guards will ne’er happen.The subject and dedication demanded from security guards is of great importance that so much so the outlook of the Government can be best guess with this statement.-“ matlamat di sebalik penubuhan agensi persendirian ini sebagai3rd linekepada barisan pertahanan negara, malahan dalam keadaan tertentu khidmat agensi persendirian boleh digunakan oleh Kerajaan ” –Beginning: Kementerian Dalam Negeri, 6ThursdayJanuary 2010, Pekeliling Agensi Persendirian Bilangan 1 Tahun 2010 – Note 7, ( online ) ; Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.moha.gov.my/images/maklumat_perkhidmatan/pekeliling_agensi_persendirian/pekeliling_bil1_tahun_2010.pdf ; ( Accessed on 24th February 2015 )


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