Water for Elephant Theme Essay

Love is a wonderful thing in life. It gives us hope and courage to live on. Love connects humans together and that is what makes the human race strong and dominate (should be “dominant”). In Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen, the protagonist, Jacob, shows that love is not bounded to difficult circumstance, age and biological status. Jacob’s love cannot be restricted even when his crush, Marlena, is married. Right after Marlena tells Jacob about her past, she drops in tears (should just be “cries”) and her love for Jacob and difficulty also reveal as she says, “I just can’t.I’m married. I made my bed, and now I have to lie in it” (Gruen 222).

Marlena loves Jacob at this point; however she cannot be together with him, yet. She needs a significant reason to leave her husband, August, so she can be together with Jacob. God bless these two lovers to be together since the reason soon arrives. When August is in his mean self, he hits Marlena, and this is when Marlena. Later (“After”) that incident, Marlena comes to Jacob’s train cart and Jacob claims that he would kill August if he hits Marlena again.

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Then, Marlena makes her decision, “I’m leaving him” (252). Marlena has found a significant reason to leave her abusive husband and be together with her true love, Jacob. Jacob persists until she can be with him. He never gives up on Marlena and always wants to protect Marlena even when she is married with someone else. The true love between Jacob and Marlena overcomes the difficulty circumstance that they have. Another instance of love being unlimited is when Jacob still shows his affection for his late wife, Marlena, even when he is already ninety or ninety-three years old.The old Jacob stays at the nursing home due to his hip injury.

At one moment, he recalls of his wife: “Sometimes, when I’m in bed, I close my eyes and remember the look – and especially the feel – of a woman’s naked body. Usually it’s my wife’s, but not always. I was completely faithful to her. Not once in more than sixty years did I stray, except in my imagination, and I have a feeling she wouldn’t have minded that.

She was a woman of extraordinary understanding” (108).Old aged Jacob reveals his love in a quiet expression. To be “completely faithful” to someone for more than sixty years is a huge commitment. Odds are there’s a lot of love there after sixty years. And to say that your wife had “extraordinary understanding” is pretty high praise.

Although, the old Jacob’s body has been weakened by time and age, his love is still cannot be bounded to age. Jacob’s love is not limited to biological status. When Marlena is pregnant, it could be August’s child.

The old Jacob remembers of Marlena has finished giving labor, “When Marlena pulled the blanket back from his hair and I saw that it was red, I thought I might actually faint from joy. I never really doubted – not really, and I would have loved and raised him, anyway – but still. I damn near dropped over when I saw that red hair” (321). The couple is going to have someone into the family.

Jacob is open-minded and would love a child with August’s, someone he hates, DNA.It would be extremely difficult for someone to love an enemy’s child and Jacob states that he would because he loves Marlena, so therefore he would love the child as well even if the child is not his. But luckily the child has “red hair”, which shows that he is Jacob’s. The biological status is no match for Jacob’s love. Love cannot be bounded regardless of age, difficult situation, or a child’s different DNA.

True love is a living energy line that connects human to human. It is the source of harmony in the world and it is hard to miss. Once you feel love, you are stuck with love for life.


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