Walt Disney Concert Halls Frank Gehry Essay

                                   “ Walt Disney Concert Halls”                               frank GehryThe sweet smelling  gourmet at  Patina café makesStomach full. And the fresh air that soothes beneathYour skin, you can remember the old house at mountain hills, you should know, Walt DisneyConcert Hall Has it all. Design by architect FrankGhery Walt Disney Concert Hall,  A  new home ofLos Angeles Philharmonic, will be one of the mostAcoustically sophisticated concert halls in the worldProviding both visual and aural intimacy for an unaparelleted musical experience.In 1987, the late Lilian Disney made an initial gift of&50 million to build a world class performance venue as a gift to people of Los Angeles and a tributeWalt Disney’s devotion to the arts.

Since then other gifts and accumulated interest bring the Disney family’s  total contribution to over & 100 million. The country of Los Angeles agreed to provide the land and significant additional funding to finance Walt Disney’s Concert Halls six level subterranean parking garage.Tours offered daily hour varyTo all the visitors who like to visit on this place Walt Disney there’ll have  visiting hour  reservations needed for concerts or the guided tour but you can take the self guided audio tour, without them no admission free to walk in and look around free charged for tours,.Many kids influenced their mind to visit Walt Disney Hall. All over the world, the investors  want to investTheir goods in Walt Disney, Since it is the core ofMany business men here. And also how to market their business but pretty sure all qoods have a  high class quality. 

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