Voting and Mobile Phones Essay

Here in the Philippines, people vote through traditional way, particularly writing by hand the names of their chosen candidates in an ordinary piece of paper.

It has always been a burden to the public school teachers who serve as poll watchers to do the counting of votes which took for days to be done manually. In the other hand, various ways of voting system collide. Such as Universities and Colleges who are conducting their search and beauty pageants. They are using their mobile phones to gather and tabulate votes. Given that technology is rapidly advancing, almost everything can be automated so as the election here in our country.Because of this, the researchers had come up of an idea to innovate the traditional way of manual voting by making it technically advanced.

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Earlier, the communication was limited to a small group of people, but now, due to the advances in mobile technology, communication has been spread throughout the world. One of the strongest media of this communication is the world of SMS in mobile technology. Mobile devices are more popular among the users due to its exciting built-in applications, simplicity and low cost. That is why no mobile companies providing their service to the users have stopped their support.This shows how SMS is popular and important in mobile communications.

Due to impact and influence of information on society and education, the Filipinos are to maintain the democratic mooring through automated voting. With this motion, the voting system via Short Messages Service (SMS) has the potential to produce voting result with much greater accuracy than traditional paper-based voting system. it also has the potential to stimulate higher voter turnout by allowing electors to vote from their homes to anywhere with their mobile phones instead of channeling all voter participation through public polling sites.The voting system via “SMS” entails transparency since the voting process can be independently audited in order to ensure that all procedures are followed faithfully and as advised.

GENERAL PROBLEM: The aim of this project is to develop an interactive voting system with which users can participate using their mobile phones. SPECIFIC PROBLEMS: The main goal of SMS voting system is to propagate the voters and the accuracy of their choice. Specifically, the study will answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the respondent?2. What is the assessment of the respondents to the proposed system in terms of accuracy? 3. What is the assessment of the respondents to the proposed system in terms of usability? 4. What is the assessment of the respondents to the proposed system in terms of reliability? 5. What is the assessment of the respondents to the propose system in terms of security? HYPHOTESIS OF THE STUDY: The proposed system provides a mechanism in counting user responses accurately.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: * To provide an automated system, real time and accurate result of survey. To provide a reliable survey results. * To give faster and more secure survey result. IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY: The use of electronic voting system has the potential to reduce or remove unwanted human errors.

In addition to its reliability, SMS can handle multiple modalities and provide better scalability for large elections. SMS voting system is also an excellent mechanism that does not require geographical proximity of the voters. The aim of this study is to develop an interactive voting system with which users can participate using their mobile phones.SCOPE AND DELIMITATION: The concept of this study is to provide users easy and fast access to vote via SMS as an alternative. Users can register anytime, anywhere, as long as there is a network signal. The I.

D number will serve as activation code. Registered voters are given only five votes per day. The system automatically disregards a secondary registration once it has been done by the same I. D number. In addition, the system automatically updates reports. It also gives an efficient and reliable result.

The system was implemented using Visual Basic 6. as processing tool and operated under Windows 7 environment. Automatic replies, which may contain various parameters, can be sent as responses to received messages. During survey process, received messages are classifies according to the list of predefined user responses. Survey results may be automatically exported to external data source, allow using external applications for further processing.

This involves demand to the devices that are going to be used in the project, determining what they are capable of, and developing simple applications to pass messages between devices.


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