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Voice recognition is the ability of a program to receive and tounderstand the commands given to the program. In computer,this needs a conversion of signal form analogto digital. It is also necessary for a computer to have a digitaldatabar i.e.

 vocabulary of words, and a fats means of comparing this datawith single.We can make voice recognition program faster many time if thewhole vocabulary is added to RAM. External conversion or any loud noise can produce wrong input. We can avoid this only by using the system in claimplace. The user should provide with good pronunciation skill. At present the voice recognition system is spreading with very fastly input processor all android phones, tablets, pcare usually provided with this features.

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Voice recognition is easilyinstallable and widely used in light weight laptop and other electronic devices.For those person who avoid to texting with hand this will makehim hand free user more function is also adding to voice recognitionsoftware to make more effective voice recognition.  Software developer tell the 595 of all searchers willby 2020.The latest advanced richest company also used thislatest technology .This feature also provides a platform for digitalassistant.

An app named Google Voice Search this is also best way todeterminate in android mobiles phone. Using this app is very simple ,Google Voice advise user to speak what he/she wants to search and when user stopsaying something it is being stopped automatically and receives anarray of strings and finally gives the desired the output. The execution of voice recognition system is mainly calculated in terms of correctness and speed. Correctness is thebasic condition for this feature every user firstly wants thatwhatever he speaks it takes correct input as far as possible and maintainingaccuracy also.

 This feature driven by large volumes of instruction data,Google voice app shows a phenomenal acheivements on the correctness levelof preceding speech recognition automation. Google invent on thisto come out with elements of objectification into it’s voice seachresults and give desired output.We have depleted hundreds of years teaching machines to completethe entire journey that takes the average person just a few years .Starting with the phoneme and making up to individual words, then tophrases and finally sentences ,machines are now able to recognizes speechwith a close to 100% correctness rate.  APPLICATIONOne of the major benefit of speech recognition system is that itlets user do other works simultaneously.

The user can concentrate on observation and manual operation and still control the machinery by voiceinput commands. Another major application of speech processing is in militaryoperation .Voice control of weapons is an examples.

With reliablespeech recognition equipment, pilots can give commands and informationto the computer by simply speaking to their microphone – they don’thave to use their hands for this purpose. Another good example is that voice recognition could alsobe used on computers for making airline and hotel reservations. Auser requires simply stating his needs, to make reservation, cancela reservation, or making enquiries about schedule. PRESENT USE    By using this voice recognition feature we can achievemany uses .This technology helps physically challenged skilled persons .

Thesepeople can do their works by using this technology without pushing anybuttons. This ASR technology is also used I military weapons and inresearch centres .Now a day this technology was also used by CIDofficers. They use this to trap the criminal activities.


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