Vivisection, an Unnecessary and Immoral Practice Essay

Vivisection is the experimentation on live animals. This is a very controversial topic nowadays due to moral reasons. It is a dreadful and torturous act, where innocent animals are distressed physically and/or psychologically worldwide by scientists, doctors, and students in the name of science.

These animals include hamsters, guinea pigs, pigs, rabbits, sheep, mice, cats, dogs, and monkeys. Vivisection supporters believe scientific advances are far more important than the life of the creatures they are experimenting on.Many anti-vivisectionists prefer that no scientific advances take place as long as animals do not suffer.

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Some may also support alternative ways to make these experiments, which besides them being more humane; these methods are also proved to be less expensive and more effective. Vivisection is a pitiless, preventable, and heartbreaking act that should be illegalized worldwide. Supporters of this practice defend their ideals by saying that animals are anesthetized when vivisections are done.

But the Animal Aid has proved that only two thirds of the animals are actually anesthetized. Animals are cut, burned, electrocuted, drugged, poisoned and psychologically tested during these torturous experiments. They are also obligated to drink alcohol, inhale tobacco smoke, and are prohibited from consuming food.

Sometimes all this suffering is unnecessary, because the experiments sometimes present inaccurate results, due to the fact that the environment change is too drastic and the animal’s behavior is unusual, or because of the difference in species.One example of vivisection presenting erroneous outcomes is in Germany in the 1960’s. After three years of continuous vivisections scientists confirmed that a sedator called “Contercan” was safe for the ingestion of pregnant women.

The German sedator was sold worldwide. It caused congenital abnormalities in thousands of children were born without genitals, lungs, eyes, and other body parts. Many were born dead. Vivisection is a cruel and unnecessary act, and there are other methodologies hat are more cost-effective and precise. Some of these alternate methodologies are Corrositex, which is also called “synthetic skin”, computer modeling, improved statistical design, and The Murine Local Lymph Node Assay (LLNA). “Of medical research are no longer dependent upon the suffering of innocent animals. With modern technology, there are alternatives to the use of animals which are cheaper as well as more humane, such as the use of cell cultures and computer models (Cowley, 1988).

”If there are alternative ways to make these experiments, it is completely unnecessary to keep allowing scientists to torture animals in the name of science. Animals are living beings just as we are, they feel pain just as we do, and they deserve the right to be happy just as we think we do. Vivisection is a pitiless, preventable, and heartbreaking act that should be illegalized worldwide.

It is unnecessary to allow people to make these experimentations making numerous animals suffer and die when technology has provided us with other alternatives to test products.


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