Virtues Essay Research Paper In the past

Virtues Essay, Research PaperIn the past few hebdomads I chose 5 things that I wanted to alter about myself and my relationship with others. These five things were really of import for me to seek to better. The five virtuousnesss included ; prep wonts, silence ( non to be stubborn ) , Tranquility ( non so much emphasis or believing excessively much ) , industry ( maintaining myself occupied ) , and declaration ( maintaining a positive attitude ) . Out of the five virtuousnesss I wanted to better I chose the three that were most of import to resolution repose, silence, and me.

I chose to better myself in these ways for many grounds. I chose Tranquility because I find myself believing excessively much, and ever emphasizing about junior-grade things. I chose Silence because I frequently portion my sentiment weather it? s a needed or non, and it ever ends up seize with teething me. Finally I chose declaration because I frequently can acquire huffy and have it remain with me the whole twenty-four hours doing me believe negatively, doing me to move negatively in which bites me once more.

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In the hebdomad that I filled out my chart, I think Resolution was likely the hardest thing I had to command. Because I held my sentiments back from my friends and household, I felt really bottled up making a negative attitude towards others. To unclutter this up I tried my hardest to laugh and hold a good clip with my friends, and disregarding any state of affairss I caught myself acquiring n problem with earlier.

And most of the clip that saved me from holding to tag a subtraction on my chart.The 2nd hardest one to command had to be Tranquility. I think a batch about people and things and sometimes I think excessively much and dazzle off while people are speaking to me, non intending to make it but holding it merely go on cause I? m believing about o many things. To many junior-grade things. This was a difficult wont to seek to interrupt because it? s what I do. In repairing this job I found myself concentrating harder than of all time on what my friends and household had to state to me, and holding that emphasis me out more than non listening.

So alternatively of merely listening to people and nodding my caput, I tried to speak back and set a nice sentiment in, happening that helped me acquire more into what they were stating.And last but non least, my 3rd virtue silence, non needfully the easiest, I found that I did outdo on commanding that, I got the least bad Markss and didn? Ts have to truly believe about it excessively much. When I think I? m right about something, ( it could be anything ) I know I? m right in my caput, and no 1 can state me otherwise or they will pay with an statement. To command this what I did was listened to the points of positions that my friends and household had and tried to understand where they were coming from, seting my pess into their places. In making that I found out that it is so much better to make it that manner that to hold to waist my clip negatively reasoning about junior-grade things.In making this assignment for 1 hebdomad I have discovered more things to alter about myself than of all time.

But I know that I am merely 1 individual and that I am non perfect nor will of all time be. It helped me to stipulate which things in my life I could alter to do it more positive and gratifying. I may non make moral flawlessness, but one twenty-four hours I hope to be reasonably close


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