Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Virtual child 0 months to 11 years Essay

Virtual child 0 months to 11 years Essay

VIRTUAL CHILD #1There lived a couple in New York City, they had a daughter named Amira was on September 2nd 2003. My child is a gift from god.

Her Cognitive and Physical development along with her socioemotional activities have been massive over the past ten years. Her cognitive and physical development have been from the playground to going to first grade where she plays soccer every Saturday for an hour which according to Paget’s theory it’s the preoperational stage derived from Paiget’s theory from 2-7 years old. (Berk 178) In this time Amira is six years old and she uses her thinking skills, and solving problems, of course we are learning at the same time. I would pick make-believe sessions with her mostly on weekends. In her room one area is full of different arts and pictures, secondly a make believe kitchen with fake pots and pans with an oven and a fake pizza dough and chef costume is set in the basement and lastly I have a tea party table for four with the fake tea cups and fake puppets.Time outs were the most time Amira displayed her emotions like Amira has had a couple of small accidents (e.g., climbing up on a chair and falling over on the carpet, falling off a swing onto the sand) and you are worried about her safety( Virtual Child) I knew at the end of the day I would either put her on time out for two minutes which she cried and squabbled and sometimes I monitor her more closely but let her learn by trial and error, as long as she is not in serious danger.

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I cherished moments like trips to the zoo and museums, family vacations which really enhanced her language capabilities. Amira wants to be a doctor which she expressed to me t eight years old, following in her mother’s footstep. Paget’s Theory is very displayed in my pattern of raising Amira and now I am the proud mom of another baby girl which was a surprise in my virtual child.Virtual Child #2My child is growing up in an American setting.

This setting is vastly different from the setting I grew up, in my culture as a child you only speak when you are spoken to and you don’t say no to your elders, unlike Amira in an American setting the first word she learnt pretty well after mama was “NO”. The freedom was limited and being independent was not something your mother encouraged because at ten years old children are still given baths by their nannies. The environment was structured you start school when you are two years old and you get dropped off by the nannie and picked up from school. To me it felt like school was the only place to have all the fun, so when it was time to go home bot was I a disappointed kindergartener.

Here in the American setting the freedom given to Amira can be positive and come with some negative effects because a regular three year old compared to a three year old in my culture is as follows: Amira is more outspoken and very verbal with her languages unlike the other three year old shy and withdrawn not barley saying a word unless her mom speaks to her. Amira will ask questions and her egocentrism will be see throughout the day which might be not sharing her toys or her bike.Also when put on time out there is a rack of emotions displayed in a Amira been in an American setting she tries to get out of it or tries to argue her way out of it either with smiles or battering her eyelashes. With the other three year old in my culture once you put her on time out with the environment she’s in, no arguing back, she will be quiet till the parent releases her from time out. For example “Amira please stand in the corner for three minutes, you should not have pushed the glass, and Amira then says “ok mommy but it’s for three minutes “with a questionable face. As I am raising Amira in this current setting I try to mix my culture in with the American setting.

I take Amira to the museum and other places around the city so her cognitive development is brightened but at the same time I reinforce respect for others and their property and greeting all adults or elderly in the morning. Being that said a boy or girl that respects and listens to her elders is wise beyond their years.Finally to touch on social ethics in the American setting with that am still deciding if I will let Amira date because in this setting kids go to the movies with the opposite sex between 12-18 years old well I will find out as I getting there. The system of my culture is till you are in college, then you can date.Reference:Berke, Laura.

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