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Virginity Essay, Research PaperPhoenix FrazierLiterature ReviewComm. 44902-12-01Virginity: An Issue That Affects Peoples of All Ages, for Different ReasonsOne of the most of import stairss that a individual takes in their life can go forth both negative and positive memories, hurting and pleasance, and pride and shame. The topic of one & # 8217 ; s virginity is something that can be influenced by many paradigms of life. One research worker suggests, & # 8220 ; Symbolic interaction theory suggests that prevenient socialisation is of import in the passage from one developmental phase to another & # 8221 ; ( Herold and Goodwin 109 ) . By this he meant that in sexual cases, when people socialize about the pleasantness of sex, this might actuate an person to seek those pleasances hence, doing that individual anticipate those results. Keeping one & # 8217 ; s virginity may besides be influenced by faith, equal force per unit area, equal milieus, and sense of pride. Contrary to the belief that merely adolescent misss are conflicted with their pick of celibacy, more and more big work forces and adult females are every bit good.

A batch of people are seting off sex, and non because they can & # 8217 ; t acquire a day of the month. They & # 8217 ; ve decided to wait, and they & # 8217 ; re proud of their celibacy, non embarrassed by it. Suddenly, virgin geek is giving manner to virgin smart ( Newsweek, October 17, 1994, p.59 ) Research workers have accumulated an extended aggregation of articles based on the gender of striplings, but yet hold failed to truly make extended research on the grounds for these sexual picks of immature grownups. Because of this ground, I believe that the survey the causes for virginity between people of all ages would non merely be interesting, but significant every bit good.In reexamining many articles about virgins of all different contexts, there were consistent findings demoing that gender differences were an of import factor in maintaining one & # 8217 ; s virginity. Womans are more likely than work forces to experience less pressured into giving up their virginity. Besides, even though adult females & # 8217 ; s grounds for non holding sex were more passionate ( i.

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e. ; waiting for love, committedness ) the figure one ground for maintaining virginity amongst male and females, was & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; m waiting for the right one & # 8221 ; . This indicates that many people are merely waiting for the alleged & # 8220 ; perfect individual & # 8221 ; to brush them off their pess.Sprecher and Regan found that seemingly, both work forces and adult females in their sample desired sex, but abstained from it because they required an & # 8220 ; appropriate & # 8221 ; ground to go sexually active ( e.g. , the & # 8220 ; right & # 8221 ; individual ) ; sought to avoid some existent, potentially negative effects of sexual intercourse ( e.g.

, unplanned gestation, disease ) ; and were trying to move in service of their personal beliefs ( & # 8220 ; College Virgins & # 8221 ; 11 ) . Overall, the evaluations of these grounds were really similar for work forces and adult females. However, they did happen that gender differences were given to many of these grounds. The virgin adult females participants were more concerned than their male opposite numbers with interpersonal grounds for their virginity ( i.e. , non plenty love or non holding met the right individual ) ( Sprecher and Regan 12 ) . They believe that the ground for this is stemmed in the adolescence upbringing of these persons.

They believe that during adolescence, misss are more likely than male childs to hold discussed the issue of abstention and other sexual subjects with their parents, puting the foundation for a general cognition of credence of virginity.Finally, college virgins do non abstain from sex because of deficiency of sexual desire. This determination doesn & # 8217 ; t back up the stereotype of a & # 8220 ; cold virgin & # 8221 ; . The figure one ground for abstaining amongst work forces and adult females had to make with the meeting of the & # 8220 ; right individual & # 8221 ; . In a survey by Herold and Goodwin, they besides found this to be true.Another survey that examined the first sexual experience amongst college young person, besides gave support to similar findings of Sprecher and Regan. Both females and males were more likely to see their first intercourse experience with a steady dating spouse. However, this was more frequently the instance for females than males ( Darling et.

Al. 104 ) . Even though the focal point of this survey was on non- virgins and their first sexual experience, they still found that adult females participated with person whom they felt was the right 1. Whether it was a steady spouse, lover, or fianc? vitamin E, the adult females had the sense of intimacy, love, and stableness.

These findings truly back up the gender differences associated with losing or maintaining one & # 8217 ; s virginity. The aspECT of communicating was besides mentioned in these findings. The acquisition of good communicating accomplishments is critical, so that spouses can break pass on their demands, desires, and feelings sing intimate relationships ( Darling et al. 116 ) .

Another survey conducted between two research workers, analyzed the factors environing the virginity of admant virgins, possible nonvirgins, and nonvirgins. Using research analysis, it was found that equal experience with prenuptial intercourse was the most of import forecaster of virginity position, followed in importance by dating committedness and religionism ( Herold & A ; Goodwin 97 ) . In other words, they found that a individual & # 8217 ; s equals are the most influential factors in their determinations about sex. Friends and associates, who have already experienced sex and state their virgin friends of their findings, are apparently luring the chaste to desire to research for themselves. This is an illustration of prevenient socialisation.Herold and Goodwin besides found that admant virgins ( virgins who didn & # 8217 ; t program on holding sex until matrimony ) , had more moral and spiritual grounds as to why they were waiting for matrimony. However, possible nonvirgins gave the response of waiting to run into the right individual, as their figure one ground for keeping out.

These findings suggest that you can sort virgins into groups based on their possible to hold sex before or after matrimony.One survey suggests that the ground why more and more adolescent young person are salvaging their virginity is in portion due to onanism. Few high school-aged virgins engaged in vaginal intercourse rapidly, but many engaged in other venereal sexual activities ( Schuster et al. 1570 ) . Virgins are calculating that if they participate in sexual activities such as fellatio, cunnilinctus, and anal intercourse, they can have merely every bit much pleasance from these, as they would in vaginal intercourse.

Furthermore, these sexual activities when utilizing protection, can forestall the spread of HIV, but transmit other STD & # 8217 ; s.Another determination from Schuster et Al. supports findings made before by Sprecher and Regan.

They found that virginity was more prevailing among those whose parents had higher instruction degrees and who had higher educational outlooks themselves ( Schuster et al. 1573 ) . These findings target the upbringing of a individual, and their parent & # 8217 ; s possible influence. However, the correlativity between degree of instruction, and sexual position is really grey.Another possible ground why more people are keeping their virginity is a stronger in their religion. Moral or spiritual beliefs were given by 50 % of the admant virgins and merely 2 % of the possible nonvirgins ( Herold & A ; Goodwin 108 ) .

Besides, the virgins who have a higher degree of religionism, are more likely to adhere to conservative parental norms ( & # 8220 ; Virginity Status & # 8221 ; 110 ) . The ground that Herold and Goodwin give for their findings is that when a individual is truly active in their faith, they tend to follow the regulations or Torahs, which the faith gives. Almost all faiths say that sex is for after matrimony.After reexamining these assorted articles, I feel that old research on virgins has covered a great trade of information.

However, I still think that there are a twosome of countries that could be examined a small farther. Research workers examined the ender differences between male and female virgins, but they failed to really travel in deepness about the male virgins. Yes, the research workers found that among adolescent virgins heterosexual onanism was used to discourage them from prosecuting in sexual intercourse, but they failed to analyze how long this lasted ; and besides if this worked for older virgins.

Since different facets of virginity have non profoundly studied, and truly merely in female adolescents and striplings, I feel that it would be a value to all research workers to analyze the facets of virginity among male grownups. Does onanism work for discouraging males from intercourse? What are male virgins waiting for to give up their virginity? Further research on this subject could perchance take to more males salvaging their virginity for matrimony, or that particular individual. A long-run affect from this could perchance be a lessening in STDs among people, and longer, committed relationships for grownups. In shutting, I pose this hypothesis: If male striplings save their virginity for that particular individual, so the presence of fidelity in a relationship will be stringer.

Therefore, doing the foundation for stronger, loving, enduring relationships between them and their spouses.


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