Violent Criminal Children Essay

3 November 8, 2012 Which would concern you more should you be caught shoplifting: receiving legal punishment or having to face the reactions of your friends and family? Would the reactions of your friends be different than the reactions of your family and in what way? I believe if I was caught shoplifting, what would bother me the most is the legal punishment.

The reason being is because I would not know if I have to pay extra money for obligations and expenses. I would have to either facing probation or jail time.Then; if facing jail time I would be in a confided area and limited area which would be something that I would not be used to family. As far as friends that would not be a concern, due to the fact that it would be embarrassed but not meaningful as spending time dealing with legal punishment and the consequences that come along with it. I believe that my family would be more of a critic than my friends if I got caught shoplifting. My family would be angry and disappointed and thinking why would I would of made the choices to do this.My friends on the other hand would feel guilt and when I say that like guilty for even dealing with someone that would shoplift in a time that we are living in our society that we are living in.

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Regardless the fact my family would be important to me that my friends, family is always going to be here, friends ; I respect and love them as the same but if they become critical as my family and turn their backs, I would realize that they weren’t real friends in the first place.A friend is to be t here through thick and/ or thin and no matter what it comes down to it family is everything. Conclusively, when it comes to a person committing a crime ; they should not worry about whether they are being embarrassed by their family, friends, or the legal punishment it should not be done period. (Price, S 2012)


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