Violence And Corruption In A Clockwork Orange Essay

Violence And Corruption In A Clockwork Orange Essay, Research PaperViolence and Corruption in A Clockwork OrangeAlex, the 15 twelvemonth old storyteller of Anthony Burgess? s novel, A Clockwork Orange, lives in a society where force reigns. This novel has a really direct nature, and is frequently blunt to the point of discourtesy, but this makes it more powerful and helps to foster its point. This point is that everyone is out for themselves, whether they be the constabulary, authorities or citizens of this society.In this book, the constabulary can be merely every bit violent as Alex and his droogs, or pack. In fact, by the terminal of the novel, his droogs have themselves become the constabulary.

The constabulary have no scruples about crushing people about to the point of decease as they do with Alex both at the beginning, ? & # 8230 ; they all had a bend, resiling me from one to the other like some really weak bloody ball & # 8230 ; and fisting me in the yarbles and the [ oral cavity ] and the belly and covering out boots & # 8230 ; I [ was ] sick & # 8230 ; on the floor & # 8230 ; ? ( 70 ) and at the terminal of the book for no other ground than they feel like it. ? & # 8230 ; It was all heaving and thumping against this similar background of whizzing farm engines & # 8230 ; ? ( 150 ) There seems to be no difference between the people being beaten by streets punks such as Alex and the constabulary, who are supposed to protect them. The fresh Begins with the constabulary making small to protect the citizens, for how else could a 15 twelvemonth old child and three of his friends rule the streets? They besides seem to enjoy whipping Alex for the ground that they wear? t get to make it frequently.

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However, by the 3rd portion of this book, offense is about non-existent, but the constabulary are far more barbarous. Neither of these scenarios is the better of the two. In fact the bulls are non out to assist the people, they merely want to function themselves. Alex, during his first whipping, confesses and hands his droogs to the constabulary, but the constabulary do nil to capture them. The ground the people are so afraid? & # 8230 ; so a bolt drawn, so the door open an inch or so & # 8230 ; ? ( 19-20 ) is that they have to be, since no 1 else seems to care about their well being.The authorities is non much better. These corrupted persons are merely out for themselves. They are in power, like it, and want to remain at that place every bit long as possible.

To accomplish this terminal they will both state the people what they want and so make it for them. One illustration of this trades with offense. The citizens of this society are fed up with it so the authorities gets rid of it utilizing barbarous corrupt bulls. ? The manner that had been cleaned up, there being no longer any dirty, ballooning slovos & # 8230 ; ? ( 132 ) Since the Peoplvitamin Es are non seeing the offenses of the constabulary, they believe that the authorities is protecting them and so are appeased. Another illustration of this trade more straight with Alex.

The citizens want everyone to be good and peaceable. The authorities to demo this take away a individual? s free will to be bad. Thus the people believe the felons have been reformed when in truth they have merely been forced to make good, as they did with Alex.

Then when the people realize they prefer free will, the authorities gives this dorsum to Alex. The authorities is at the top and they like it there so they will make anything to remain at that place.Thought the authorities and the constabulary are both really cruel to the people this does non intend that the people themselves are good. This is shown in many ways. One such manner is that the constabulary were one time common citizens themselves so it follows that their behaviour is that of the people. Another illustration of this involves one of Alex? s former victims.

At the beginning of the book, Alex and his droogs attack an old adult male transporting books. When Alex is released, this same old adult male beats him in retaliation. ? & # 8230 ; get downing to cover me malenky weak [ hits in my tummy ] & # 8230 ; ? ( 144 ) The quarry becomes the marauder. This shows that given a opportunity, even those who are supposed to be? good? will crouch to the degree of the street hood. Another illustration of this is shown with the people who finally seek to assist Alex. F. Alexander, the author of the book A Clockwork Orange from whence the novel is named, does assist Alex merely for his ain terminals, and even injuries Alex? & # 8230 ; I could [ hear ] music coming out of the wall, existent gromky, and it had dragged me out of my spot of slumber & # 8230 ; ? ( 166-167 ) if he thinks that will assist his cause more.

These are merely a few illustrations of how the people are merely every bit corrupt as the authorities.Everyone in this novel is violent, from the bulls to the authorities to the old work forces who spend their yearss in the library. However, Alex? s and other felons, such as Pete, one of Alex? s former droogs, are in many ways better than the other members of this society because they? turn up.

? They grow tired of the force and make up one’s mind to settle down and get down households. This is something the citizens, constabularies and authorities ne’er learn. A immature adult female defends herself by crushing Alex at the beginning of the novel, and an old adult male beats him at the terminal. The authorities alteration him one manner at the beginning, and still non satisfied, change him once more at the terminal.

The constabulary beat him at the beginning and the terminal. Even Alex? s societal worker tongues on him. However, possibly we see hope for the hereafter with the true alteration in Alex at the terminal of the novel.


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