Video to addict when repeated.Secondly, Violent video

Video games and ViolenceAttention! Attention! Did you hear that? Do you know that video games do not always provide great pass-time activities for kids? Did you know that there is an effect of violence by video games? Let’s fall into video games and violence!First, people need to know about the effects of Internet video games on the aggression of individuals playing Internet game play. People think video games are good for spending time with kids. Video games are so addictive that they can spend time playing games when they are not in control. Video games can be beneficial or bad for your children in life. For example, children who learn to play chess at young age usually have a high level of intelligence. However, it does not apply to violent video games.

“Gentile & Anderson says that playing violent video games can increase aggressive behavior because violent behavior continues to be repeated throughout the video game. This iterative method has long been considered an effective teaching method for reinforcing learning patterns.” (2014).

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Everything is easy to addict when repeated.Secondly, Violent video games have as many effects as the number of games. One common effect with all of them is addiction. This is going to be horrible because it may not be productive at home anytime. In other words, he may not study at home or do homework / assignment. Thus, his performance at school will definitely get worse. In addition, a child can sacrifice his or her talent by attending a music class for the purpose of playing violent games. In addition, another negative effect of video games is that teens spend too much time playing games than playing outdoors.

“Video games are making teenagers socially isolated. Youth who play too many video games are less likely to be less addicted to extracurricular activities such as reading, writing, and sports participation.” (2017). And they will soon have difficulty in social life. ┬áThird, another effect that has caused ripples on parents and society in general can be the violent behavior of children playing such games. Several studies have been conducted to investigate the relationship between these games and violent behavior of children. For example, “We have started a consistent relationship with the use of violent video games and increased aggressive behavior, increased aggressive cognition and aggressive behavior, reduced pro-social behavior, emotional attachment to the attack and reduced susceptibility.” (2015).

Violence against video games is in murder on gravel.There are also observations on these games and their players where children who act naturally aggressively prefer to play this kind of game to others. This observation reduces the likelihood that violent games will lead to violent behavior by children. When interviewing, some children who play this type of game say they do not negatively affect the game. This is certainly supported by nonviolent action. It has also been observed that violence on television, such as in action movies and news, is more likely to lead to child violence because it is a violent game. However, keep in mind that children are likely to experience physiological effects when playing violent games.

This effect increases both heart rate and brain activity.In conclusion, when many people think of video games, they think of them as social stupidity. Scientifically, that argument is not often notice up.

Many studies show that games can have a positive impact on the health of adult athletes. But for children, the results are mixed. So, what is the real story about video games? Are they good or bad? A recent study by the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne suggests that children’s use of TV and video games can cause emotional and behavioral problems between the ages of 8 and 9. The use of video games among boys was associated with greater conduct and emotional problems.

A boy playing an average of 2 hours per day per week is at 2.6-times greater odds of having conduct and emotional problems. (2017). It is not bad that young children play video games.

However, people need to know that if kids play games only, it will not have a good effect for growing kids up well.


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