V) i) Students improve their English vocabulary

V) Empirical Evidence from researcher (Wáng zhéf?-Masterof National Taipei University of Education Department of English Education 2012/ 01 / 01) One of the empirical evidence from internet prove thatstudents learn with multiple intelligence theory achieve better. This evidenceis from a National Taipei University of Education Department of EnglishEducation (Master). The targets of this research are five students who are inprimary six, they both come from low-income family and under a bad learningsituation. Their family are not able to help and provide them a suitableassistance and this make them a downcast academic result.In this research, the researcher applied the MI theoryinto the process of English teaching, execute the experimental teaching casefor a period of fourteen weeks.

Before that, through ‘students’ multipleintelligences checklist’ and ‘kids’ multiple intelligences test’ and understandthe theory, and design a teaching plan that meets the needs of individualEnglish and intelligence. During this process, researchers do the observationfrom classroom video and case learning record, interview, Student documents andso on to analyze the particular case to discuss whether those students ‘learningachievements and attitudes towards English are improved or not.The researcher analysis in two parts?English learning achievementi) Students improve their English vocabulary skillsthrough body movementsii) Students deepen their impression of vocabulary throughdrawing and space activitiesiii) Students improve learning outcomes in peerinteractioniv) Students in the natural observation activities in theuse of specific knowledge and feelings expressedv) Students in the logic, classification, calculation andreasoning activities to promote the use of English expression thinkingabilityvi) Students improve their language reading and memoryskills in music-smart activitiesvii) Students use multiple intelligences to learn Englishin situational teaching of role playingviii) After the implementation of the course, the studentpaper pen test results continue to improve  English learning attitudei) Multiple Intelligences English teaching can enhancestudents’ study confidence and interest in learningii) Multiple Intelligences English Teaching can improvestudents’ anxiety over English learning and English assessmentiii) Multiple Intelligences English Teaching can Improvethe Practical Value of English in Students’ Heartsiv) Multiple Intelligences English teaching allowsstudents to focus on learning, reduce distractions and interfere with classactivitiesv) Students will be able to take part in “CourseContent”, “Self-Learning,” “English Homework, “”motivation to learn English, “and other areas to express a positiveattitude to learning. The results show that Multivariate Intelligence Englishteaching has a positive impact on English learning achievements and learningattitudes among students in the same class. Finally, the researchers makerecommendations based on the results of this study as a reference foreducational applications and future research.  V) ConclusionsA series of education reform measures are in full swing,which affects the changes of school education methods. Although educationalauthorities continuously introduce various educational reform initiatives, thebasic elements of education: the content of courses and teaching methods cannotbe ignored. Therefore, from the perspective of multiple intelligences, it isconsidered that educators must understand that each student may have eightfields of intelligence.

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Students must be individually disciplined, designed forthe students’ curriculum and adopted appropriate teaching methods for them ofdifferent intelligence types. In terms of curriculum development, this paperfocus on the ways of curriculum development such as multi-disciplinaryintelligence system integration, multidisciplinary multi-intelligence systemintegration, special studies. In teaching, teachers should coordinate theirlearning with different teaching methods, and in the teaching process to expandand praise the advantages of students’ intelligence.

In education, we proposedthe main educational ideal of “teaching students according to their abilities.”In the twenty-first century, the theory of multiple intelligences has provideda theoretical basis for the concepts of individualistic teaching, and has alsoaroused people’s attention to the “all things in their being are goodfor something.” Wehope that our educational situation will be more respectful and understandingof students and provide adaptability Teaching, making the quality of educationmore perfect.   


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