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Utopia Essay, Research Paper


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Utopias are by and large said to be societies in which the political,

societal and economic problems haltering its dwellers has been done off with.

Alternatively the province is at that place to function the people and guarantee the peaceableness and

felicity of everyone. The word Utopia, which means & # 8220 ; no topographic point & # 8221 ; in Greek, was

foremost used to intend a perfect society in 1516 in the publication of Saint Thomas

More & # 8217 ; s narrative & # 8220 ; Utopia & # 8221 ; . The narrative pictured life as it was with its people and

societal establishments on an fanciful island. More & # 8217 ; s Utopia gained critical

acclamation and a broad audience. The term was later used by all outstanding

societal minds and visionaries to specify other constructs of this sort.

During the nineteenth century many efforts were made to really set up

communities which followed the beliefs of a Utopian society. Most were

experiments in Utopian socialism. Although they differed well in their

specific positions, most of them agreed that ideal societies could be created

without much trouble. They felt all that was needed was to hold the

formation of a few little, concerted communities made up of their followings.

The Comte de Saint-Simon regarded technological advancement and big graduated table

economic organisation as being the most of import keys to the constitution of

these communities. It was felt that industrial growing was the key to happiness

for people in the hereafter.

Another visionary, Fourier, was rather the antonym of Saint-Simon. He

Spoke strongly against the usage of industry. His sentiment was that agricultural

communities would be better suited for this state of affairs. He favored these

communities as he saw them as little, self-sufficing and more significantly, free

from the restraints that were being imposed by civilisation.

Experimental societies based on the theories of the Utopians were besides

set up in Europe and the Unites States. They included Robert Owen & # 8217 ; s cooperative

communities in New Harmony, lnd. , and New Lanark, Scotland. Most of these did

non survive long. One of the longer lasting of these communities was the Oneida

Community. It lasted from 1848 to 1881. By the center of the nineteenth century the

Utopian socialists were get downing to be eclipsed by more hawkish extremist

motions. These included anarchism and Marxism.

In more modern times, Utopianism has more often been used to

propose a naif and impractical attack to world. Most comes by manner of

literature with narratives such as a manner to expose modern societies societal ailments.

Some outstanding illustrations of this type of composing include George Orwell & # 8217 ; s 1984 and

Aldous Huxley & # 8217 ; s Brave New World & # 8221 ; .

The topographic points mentioned in those narratives were all fanciful. Such a topographic point

does non be in the universe as we know it today. Therefore the word complex number

comes into drama. I have heard of topographic points that have experimented with the construct

of a Utopian environment but none have genuinely succeeded. One illustration is the

community in Chicago which George Pullman attempted to command. He attempted to

make a community in which every individual was taken attention for, all had adequate

lodging, medical attending and so forth. In return everyone would work for

Pullman & # 8217 ; s company. The better he provided for his workers, the better he

expected their attitude towards working for him would be. Not everything turned

out as planned though. A terror in 1893 lead to Pullman take downing the employees

rewards, he did non nevertheless lower the employees rent and other charges in the

company town. This lead to what was called the Pullman work stoppage. The awaited

Utopia had turned into a dystopia. ( A dystopia would be the exact antonym of a

utopia. ) Federal military personnels arrived on July 4th to seek to command the unrest.

Rioting broke out and several strikers were killed. It wasn & # 8217 ; t until July 10th

that the military personnels were able to command the state of affairs.

The word utopia nevertheless does non needfully hold to be used to specify a

society. A Utopia can besides be used to specify a certain state of affairs as it is

perceived by an person. A individual who feels that their life at the particular

point in clip is perfect or a individual who is involved with a certain group or

organisation can really good experience that they are populating in a utopic manner.

Regardless of what others may experience, These people feel content that their picks

are the right 1s.

These picks are non ever the right 1s nevertheless. Let & # 8217 ; s take the

illustration of the Koresh commune in Waco, Texas. The people who migrated to this

topographic point did so by their ain pick. It was their belief that the thoughts on how to

unrecorded shared by David Koresh were the right 1s. They felt that this was the

manner that they wanted to populate their lives. The dwellers disagreed with the

ways of society and take to populate in a manner wholly shut off from the remainder of

the universe. Meanwhile, to the outside universe was good cognizant that what was traveling

on in the commune was non right. There were studies of kid maltreatment, and sexual

misconduct. This lead to a base off between the followings of Koresh and the

military. Unfortunately that state of affairs got out of manus and there were ensuing

casualties. This goes to demo how difficult one would contend and how much one would

shot to be able to accomplish that perfect life which is dreamt about by so many.

They went every bit far as to give their lives.

Another illustration of persons endeavoring for what they consider to be a

utopic society for themselves is the formation of different social-political and

at times hawkish groups of different sorts. These sort of things have been

looking throughout history. Some were successful to a certain grade in their

ain right, while others have been complete failures. Let me state before I

continue that I am non backing the beliefs of any peculiar group nor

reprobating others. I will simply seek to give a brief over position of what they


tood for.

One illustration of these cabals was the Black Panther Party. This was a

group of African-Americans that formed in order to seek to decide some of the

issues of civil rights for their people. They felt it was merely right that they

as people had the freedom that was given to others. They wanted the power to

find the fate of the black community. They besides felt that it was up to

the authorities to supply employment or a guaranteed income for all of the

people. The jaguars besides sought damages for the bondage of their ascendants.

These are a few of the demands that were put away by the Black Panthers.

Although many Americans at that clip considered these demands to be inordinate,

the Black Panthers saw them as merely. One could state that a society in which

their demands were met could be considered a utopia. At least in the eyes of

the Black Panthers.

Another illustration that I can believe of is the formation of the Nazis in

Germany. The Nazis lead by Adolph Hitler besides sought to acquire what they felt

would be the right thing for their people. Few would reason though that their

positions were misguided though. They felt that the Aryan People were superior to

the others. And with that in head, they embarked on what they hoped would be a

program towards universe domination. During World War II, the Nazis appeared to be

indestructible. They conquered many districts and with that brought a panic

to many people of Europe. Possibly the most ill-famed consequence of these actions

was the attempted race murder of the Judaic People. Nazis saw them as inferior

people and hence considered them expendable. The Nazis saw their actions as

a manner to continue the type of universe they felt was the right 1. A Utopia is

non ever what the bulk sees as perfect, at times it is simply the beliefs

shared by a certain group or single. They sought their Utopia, and 1000000s

of Judaic people were killed as a consequence.

Everyday life can besides reflect one & # 8217 ; s ain chase of the perfect life.

We see it everyday in a assortment of ways. Yet we don & # 8217 ; t needfully believe of

these events, occurrences and life determinations in these footings. It can be from the

most life altering determination we make, to the most everyday happenings. The

battles of worlds throughout the universe reflect this.

A individual working at a mill, at an office or anyplace for that affair

plants hard because they want to gain as much money as they perchance can. They

cognize that this money can be used for a assortment of intents that they hope will

do their lives easier, happier and overall better. Maybe they & # 8217 ; ll be able to

direct their kids to college. Possibly a new auto or a trade name new closet will

do them experience complete. Possibly they will get a certain prestigiousness they desire

either from their economic or societal position. Peoples in general fundamentally do

everything they do to make a end in life. It is viewed as the concluding halt in a

series of stairss that lead to the terminal. The terminal being the topographic point where one wins.

About like a lifesize game of chutes and ladders. They seek their ain

private Utopia. This holds true for households all over the United States and

throughout the universe.

Even as I think about this, I & # 8217 ; m populating my life seeking to make a point

where I may be happy. There are things in my wildest phantasies that would do

my life perfect in my eyes.

For starting motors, I & # 8217 ; m composing this paper. Hopefully this will acquire me a

nice class. If I besides get good classs on all my other categories this semester

and for the remainder of the clip that I attend Roosevelt University I should have

my grade. With a grade in manus I & # 8217 ; ll travel out into the occupation market in hunt of a

topographic point to work. If and when I settle down with a company I intend to get down to

salvage some money.

With this money I hope to make a figure of things. I want to pay off all

debt that I & # 8217 ; ve acquired for educational intents. I would wish to handle myself

to a semi-new car. Doesn & # 8217 ; Ts have to be the most epicurean auto in the

universe, but one that isn & # 8217 ; t in changeless demand of fix as is my current one is. I

would wish to salvage a small package on the side to be used as a down payment for

a place. White lookout fencing, kennel for rusty, the whole kit and bunch.

I & # 8217 ; ve ever dreamt of holding a house that I could name my ain. No 1 to state

me how I have to maintain the topographic point.

By so I think it may be clip to settle down. Possibly I & # 8217 ; d inquire the

adult female of my dreams ( if non, my current girlfriend will make. ) to be my legitimately

wedded married woman. And in these disruptive times, possibly the matrimony would even be a

happy one. And if the Lord allows, I might even beget a few small childs.

In my house, I & # 8217 ; d love to hold a big screen t.v. and a optical maser phonograph record

participant as I am a film overzealous. A great large leather lazyboy in forepart of the t.v.

would besides be required. Electronic doodad of all forms and sizes would

surround me.

Then as my kids grew older, I & # 8217 ; d trust to be able to supply them with

the chance to have a college instruction, as this is cardinal to success. To

see them travel on to make good for themselves would do me really proud.

By so I would get down to contemplate retirement. I & # 8217 ; d hope to hold a

nice small nest egg stashed off so that I may populate comfortably for the remainder of

my life. I hope to turn old peacefully, and every bit ghastly as this may sound, I

hope that when my clip does come, I die in my slumber. Never droping a thing.

I know that many of the things I merely mentioned may ne’er go on. Many

of my wants are merely that, desirous thought. It is merely a construct of a type of

life I would wish to populate. Real or non. But after all, its MY private Utopia.

Plus we must retrieve that utopias in these times in their most proficient

definition do non be. They are simply ideas and constructs of the universe as adult male

would wish it were. Bing a adult male in this universe of ours, I have my wants excessively.


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