Using Word Processing Tools Essay

Microsoft Office Word can do so many things, and I have Microsoft Office Word Plus 2010.

It must be able to do more things, when I bought it from the Student store, there was no manual provided, but I know I can get one from the website, and download it. I’m going to do that and see what all can be done with this version. I did not know that it could do so many things, I can use it now and in the future, I will mention just a few things. 1. Track changes that are made to a document, view the comments made about the document contents or combine several documents into one.

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This will be a big plus in my field of work. 2. The toggle switches, which causes the computer to switch from one setting to another. 3. The Show Hide feature, when I click on it in the paragraph group on the home tab reveals where the formatting marks, such as spaces, tabs, and the hard returns are in a document. 4. The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), which can add or remove from the document window, I can customize word in many different ways. The word options menu that is available had no idea that is there.

5. Create Sections was really hard for me until I took a workshop and it covered some of this, but not this far into it. I tried to do this on my own, until I learned about the Riverpoint Writer, and this is what I use all the time now. I still have to add the different features that I want to put in my assignments. 6 I have never tried to so a watermark, therefore something else new to me. 7. Displaying a document and in different views.

8. Finalizing a Document and Saving it for other times, or other papers is going to be a huge help for me.Preparing a document for distribution, what a great feature to have. Almost all of this is new to me, so I can say I was now aware of all of the things I can do with this Microsoft Office Plus software. Going into the field of human Resources, I will need to so a lot of this, so I’m glad that I have this class, this is a big plus once again for me, and I’m excited to learn.

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