Using example, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and

 Using social networkingsites is among the most widely recognized movement of the present youngstersand youths. In the present universe of innovation and technology, internetplays main part in student’s life. Teenagers utilize the internet for variouspurposes i.e., communication, learning and entertainment. From internet we canget good and bad both, it is on us that how we utilize it.

Thisresearch is about influence of social media on teenagers. This paper will showthat how and why teenagers are affected by social media. At the end of theresearch I will also suggest parents and teenagers some precautions for usingsocial media sites. Key words:                        Social media, Teenagers. Introduction: Social media has assumeda solid part in molding the advanced correspondence, and Pakistani appears onsuch sites frequently. The aggregate number of Pakistani social media accountscrossed the 44 million check, as per the insights discharged by web-basedsocial networking organizations.

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As indicated by a current survey, 22% of youngpeople sign on to their most loved social media website more than 10 times eachday, and the greater part of adolescents sign on to a social networking webpagemore than once every day. Seventy-five percent of youngsters now havesmartphones, and 25% utilize them for online networking, 54% utilize them formessaging, and 24% utilize them for texting. Thus, a vast piece of such socialand passionate improvement is happening the internet and on the phones.Utilizing social networking sites is among the most widely recognized movementof the present teenagers and youth. Any site that permits social association isviewed as a social networking website, for example, Facebook, Instagram andTwitter and gaming sites and virtual worlds, for example, Second Life, and videosites, for example, YouTube and vlog sites.

Such destinations offer the presentyouth a stage for stimulation and correspondence and have developedexponentially in recent years. Moreover, these sites are becoming so popular inthe status quo because it continuously attract many people especially Teenagerssince their interests are being catered by these websites. Social networkingsites brought a great impact to the youth especially teenagers. Thus, thisimpact could be advantageous and disadvantageous. This paper will feature a feweffects of social networking sites both good and bad on teenagers andprecautions will be given to the guardians and teenagers.

Communication on suchsites causes digital harassing, fraud and damages persons especially teenager’screativity and mental health. Cyber bullying, personal fraud and effect onteenagers creative ability of thinking, would lead them to several problemsthat includes: depression, isolation, invasion of privacy and mental damage, soexcessive use of social media should not be allowed to teenagers. Literature Review:                                    Social media is a platform nowadayswhich has a huge impact on almost everyone living in this world. Every personis attached to social sites and has a strong relationship or attachment withsocial sites.

  Valkenburg, P., &Piotrowski, J. (2017), focus on the relationship between youth and social mediaand explains that In the course of recent decades, there have been a fewthousand examinations about the impacts of media on youth. But then, to somedegree incomprehensibly, regardless we have much to learn. To some extent, theholes in our insight are because of sensational changes in teenager’s usage ofsocial media. In the 1990s, kids and adolescents spent almost four hours perday with media; these evaluations have now soar to a normal of six (for kids)and nine hours every day (for teens).As a self-evident certainty, the presentyoungsters and teenagers invest more energy with social media than they do atschool.

Furthermore, in reality, a few of us are less worried about what youthare realizing in school than about what they are getting from their numeroushours with every one of those screens. Alongside the noteworthy development inmedia utilize, the holes in our insight are caused by the broad and quickchanges in the social media scene. Everything is changing and everythingdeveloping in this era of innovation and technology. New media and advancementsare creating and supplanting each other at an emotional pace. Web-based socialnetworking sites or apparatuses that we examined not very far in the past nowappear as old as Methuselah. Virtually all teens had Facebook accounts, yeteven a juggernaut like Facebook has to continually do its best to stay ahead ofthe competition and not lose its users to newer, more attractive interfacessuch as Snap-chat, Tap talk, and so forth.

Without a doubt, reality of theepigraph from Through the Mirror is convincing: in the new media scene, weshould keep running as quick as possible, just to remain set up and just remainstay in place, up to date.   Social media is now essential for everyone tomove with everyone else in this world and to stay updated but this excessiveuse and a strong relationship mostly destroy the life of teenagers. The extrause and the illegal use of social media causes disorders and makes teenagerslazy and aimless in life.             Further moving on Valkenburg, P., & Piotrowski, J. (2017)explain in another chapter that, there are two time periods of teenage. Theexpansive time of puberty can be isolated into two age gatherings, early (ages13– 15) and late (ages 16– 19) youthfulness. In this the writer explains thatboth two age gatherings have different effect on them by social media.

Onlinenetworking offer youthful teens to communicate and get in touch with differentpeople on such sites and that interaction with such people is harmful. Online socialnetworking sites give early young people especially teenagers the chance tofind and approve their personality, including their sexual character          and they interact and attract withdifferent people.   The author explains theeffect of social media in 2 groups of age which are early and late groups, andsocial media affect them in different ways.As the online networkingimpacts in a wide range of ways, the attention to cybercrimes and the securityand protection arrangements ought to be given to young people and especially toteenagers who are usually the major victim of frauds and such crimes on socialmedia and internet, as Khalid H (2017) clarify that web-based social networkingis an idea in view of a stage or platform for the general population around theglobe to talk about their issues and feelings and trade data and communicate. Furthermore,such social networking sites communication destinations are fundamentally thoseapparatuses that enables the general population to trade data, thoughts,pictures, recordings and significantly more through a particular system, writeradditionally centered around that “online networking ought to be educatedas a subject or at a workshop/class for the attention to cybercrimes and thestrategies (security and protection both)”.

Such workshops or classes areso critical to be held to spare the adolescent’s from huge misfortune and tosave teens and their families from loss. Online social  networking sites are a decent stage tointeract and know some new individuals and stay up-to-date  what’s going on around the globe, however itis all the more awful for youngsters which don’t have familiarity withextortion on such sites, As indicated by O’Keeffe GS and Clarke-Pearson K(2011), Taking part in different types of web-based social networking is astandard movement that exploration has appeared to profit kids and youths byupgrading correspondence, social association, and even specialized aptitudes,yet web-based social networking affected more in negative side. It incorporatesgetting to see such substance without understanding the security strategieswhich are bad or illegal or unethical. They describes that after thepresentation of web-based social networking sites, there is more onlinecyberbullying and digital harassing and frauds. They additionally clarified thewellbeing and mental issues as a result of online social networking sites. Itis essential that guardians should now the intensions of their children’s andthe destination of the site, to make sure that the site is suitable for thatyoungster teen’s age and there is no issue of fraud or mishap.

 Online networking tellsabout the patterns, mentality and behavior to adopt which is terrible for youngteenagers in such a way that youngster’s dependably need to appear as somethingelse and interesting, So in finding that novel character they made ungainlystrides and that means are awful for them, as van Oosten, J.M.F.

, Diminish, J.and Boot, I (2015) clarifies that teenagers informal community site utilize isidentified with their sexual advancement. In any case, the relationship betweenyoung people’s introduction to attractive self-introductions of others oninformal community destinations and their sexual mentalities and experiencehave not yet been experimentally upheld.

This examination explored proportionallongitudinal connections between teenagers’ introduction to others’ attractiveself-introductions on interpersonal organization locales and their sexualstates of mind (i.e., sexual harassment of young ladies and instrumentaldemeanors towards sex) and sexual experience. We additionally tried whetherthese affiliations relied upon teenager’s age and sexual orientation.

Discovered introduction of young people to interpersonal organizationdestinations propelled to sexual mentalities and conduct, particularly amongadolescents.  Online networkingconnections impacts young people especially teenagers and infrequently leadthem to extortion and cyberbullying. Miller, D.

(2016) portrays that informalorganizations are total toxic substance to connections. They simply don’t helpin any circumstance; individuals get included and compose frightful things.From this viewpoint web-based social networking isn’t a continuation of thepast web, yet nearly it’s inverse. Where the prior web encouraged discreteintrigue gatherings, Facebook has combined gatherings that would already havebeen isolated out into family, companions, work partners, shared specialists etcetera. Where the prior web made worries about the outcomes of secrecy, we nowhave the contrary issue of stressing over the absence of protection. Privacy and security are the main concern ofany social media network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.teenagers should now the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Kumari, S,Singh, S. (2015) describes various methods for securing the data with somethreats and solution. And further writer tells that privacy and security arethe main concern of any social media network sites such as Facebook, Twitteretc. Thebasic role of these destinations is to enable individuals to share interests,exercises, genuine associations.

Lack of attention to privacy and security onsocial media does seem to be odds with the belief as individual responsibility.Network virtualization, media independence etc., are the technologies which areused for protecting the user information over the internet. And at the endauthor, concludes with a few suggestions and explains that teenagers shouldknow the privacy policy of such social media sites to not getting caught byfrauds and cyberbullyin   Methodology:                        My primaryresearch was based on an interview and a survey. I interviewed some parents ofteenagers and in interview I questioned some parents that how social media isaffecting their children’s especially teenager children’s.

I conducted a surveyat the Forman Christian College University campus from teenagers and myquestioner was based on “Is social media affects you and why you use socialmedia?”.  My secondary research wasfrom academic journals from J.stor, HEC Digital Library etc.

I picked articlesrelated to topic and my research question and used them in my own wording as anevidence to research.  Results:             In interviews Almost all of the parents of teenagerchildren’s answered in a same way and gave the same answer as, excessive use ofsocial media and such activates on internet makes their children’s lazy andthey are more attracted towards social sites rather than their studies. Some ofthem also gave their suggestion as, social media sites should not be banned butthe excessive use should be banned and there should be some hours given to usesocial media sites and get entertained. Regarding the survey I got15 respondents and from that 15 teenagers, 74% answers were claiming thatsomehow social media effects them and 26% of the teenage respondents weredisagreeing the statement that somehow in a life time social media affectedthem. 93% of the teenager respondents claimed that social media is used forentertainment and only 7% chose the option other than entertainment anddisagreed to the statement that social media is used for entertainment purpose. Discussion of Results:                                    Asindicated by the reaction of my essential research specified over, myexamination is approved on my research issue or question that social mediaeffects teenagers.

Social media effects teenagers at least one time in theirlifetime and that effect can be massive in some cases. Teenagers use socialmedia sites to entertain themselves and that usage damages them in many cases.Physically and mentally.  Conclusion:                         From this research we can see that Socialmedia Sites do effect the teenagers and teenagers know this. Social media siteshave advantages and disadvantage in teenagers life they cannot leave it but thecan learn how to be safe on such sites. It is clear that use of social mediasites can be harmful to teenagers but can be helpful in development ofdifferent skills like visual intelligence, social life, academic life,creativity and many more like staying up to date with world from the socialtrends.

by social media sites teens become friends with both good and badpeople. They gain lots of knowledge but they can also see sexual contentaccidently or intentionally on internet and can get caught by some kind ofharassment or fraud on such sites. All in all computer and internet is part ofthis generation and it’s up to parents and teachers that they guide teenagershow to use computer and internet for good purposes only and how to be in safeboundary on social media sites. They should also guide them that they must dosome physical activity like exercise or sport, so that they do not becomeunhealthy and have a proper check and balance on their social mediaactivates.                              Limitations:                        Myresearch is limited at the teenagers using social media sites and students whoare currently studying.

Social Media do effects the teenagers but still it’simportant and part of our lives now a days and no teenager will leave using it.


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