Use Of Diversion Programs Among Dually Diagnosed Offenders Criminology Essay

Evidence is mounting that recreation plans appear effectual in cut downing recidivism rates, substance usage, and treatable mental unwellnesss of dually diagnosed wrongdoers. These schemes are besides advantageous in rehabilitation and cost efficiency. There is no individual recreation.

Programs vary from site to site and the extent to which single plans are to the full implemented is non good documented. On the other manus, the extent to which recreation methods present services to mentally unstable substance maltreaters than to comparable persons non take parting in the plan has been studied. This paper presents an explorative analysis of the advantages that recreation plans have toward dually diagnosed persons who participate in them opposed to dually diagnosed persons who are sentenced to gaol clip without intervention.Since Regan ‘s declaration on “ the war on drugs ” , society ‘s generalised point of view in covering with drug-involved wrongdoers has been highly punitory, to state the least. Compulsory condemning for drug offenses no longer allows Judgess to utilize their discretion in directing wrongdoers to intervention instead than gaol.

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It is estimated that every twelvemonth, at least 560,000 wrongdoers enter correctional installations each twelvemonth with a combination of substance maltreatment and mental unwellness of symptoms that range from major depression, passion, to psychotic upsets. This status is known as double diagnosing.For 70 per centum of gaol and prison population being dually diagnosed, it is amazing that really few representatives of the condemnable justness system understand that directing persons who misuse drugs and intoxicant straight to gaol does non extinguish their jobs of substance maltreatment and mental upsets. In fact, The Bureau of Justice completed a survey of recidivism rates among dually diagnosed wrongdoers. The consequences show that 67 per centum of those persons are rearrested within a twelvemonth after they are released from their gaol term ( Benda, Toombs, & A ; Whiteside, 2004 ) . Sentencing these people to imprison can be compared to binding a lesion alternatively of handling the infection.

The advantages of gaol and prison recreation plans for persons who commit offenses are of all time increasing. Using this attack will supply options to collaring and condemning procedures therefore turn outing to be a more cost effectual option to the condemnable justness system. Other advantages, among others, include heightening productiveness among wrongdoers within the community, and cut down recidivism rate.There is a turning demand for a comprehensive substance maltreatment and mental wellness intervention attack. Such a plan should be targeted toward this inmate population. A successful recreation attack would incorporate substance maltreatment and mental wellness interventions along with societal, behavioural, and vocational preparation. Harmonizing to Glassmire, Clevenger & A ; Welch ( 2007 ) , because of the “ high carbon monoxide morbidity rates between substance maltreatment and psychiatric upsets ; substance maltreatment guidance has been demonstrated to be an of import and effectual intercession for this population ” .

Therefore more resources should be expended toward making these effectual intercessions for mental unwellness and substance maltreatment.Diversion plans provide an option to collar, prosecution, or strong belief ( Cowell, Broner, & A ; Dupont, 2004 ) . This, in the long tally, saves the non merely the authorities at province and federal degrees, but besides the taxpayers by avoiding tribunal costs ; hence, turn outing to be perceptibly cost efficient.

The current method of keeping for wrongdoers with co-occurring diseases has failed the justness system every bit good as those who invest in it. With millions of dollars invested in the “ war on drugs ” one would surmise that merely the best recreation methods would be afforded.Deviating wrongdoers to substance maltreatment and mental wellness intervention may look to be dearly-won at first due to obtaining reputable and certified clinicians, advisers, and staff who specialize in such services ; however, research shows that it is more cost efficient than running correctional installation operations. California, for illustration, has a job with overcrowding of the gaol and prison systems. As a consequence, they need to construct more establishments to suit the flood of more than 200,000 inmates.

As of late, nevertheless, California can no longer afford to construct extra lodging installations for wrongdoers due to their budget crisis. The cost analysis of California ‘s rectification system is that it takes over $ 11.4 million per twenty-four hours to run ( Prendergast and Wexler, 2004 ) . Possibly, a important factor related to California ‘s overcrowding quandary could be attributed to the malposition of mentally sick substance maltreaters who commit no violent offenses. Sing that federal tribunals are demanding California to cut down its inmate population, it would merely be sensible for the Department of Corrections to thoroughly measure its inmates to find if they would do better in a recreation plan.Surveies suggest that recreation plans can ensue in positive results for persons, systems, and communities in that the recidivism rate, that is, the return to offense rate, is reduced and provides practical services to assist with reentry into the community. For illustration, a recent rating of the success of recreation plans published in 2007 found that alumnuss of recreation plans are less likely to be rearrested than a comparing group of those who do non graduate from the plan ( Heubner & A ; Cobbina, 2007 ) .

Effective recreation schemes besides provide an chance for self-development through enterprises such as vocational, behavioural, and societal preparations that encourage wrongdoers ‘ abilities to work fruitfully and independently within the community. Through these preparations, these persons are given the necessary tools that will enable them to seek out, obtain, and keep a stable beginning of income to prolong a safe environment for life. As a consequence of this sense of authorization, the demand for intoxicant and drug usage is weakened because the persons are now productive citizens amongst their community members.The aforesaid surveies are supportive of one of the ends of the correctional system.

Rehabilitation is a “ programmed attempt to change the attitudes and behaviours of inmates and better their likeliness of going law- abiding citizens ” ( Seiter, 2008 p32 ) . It is apparent that the justness system has shifted its focal point from rehabilitation to punishment in that persons who, while under the influence and mentally helpless, commit offenses, are sentenced to gaol without given the chance to seek rehabilitative aid that is needed. As such, legislative assembly should seek resources to lucubrate on the many advantages that recreation plans have to offer to wrongdoers who are dually diagnosed.Finally, as mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of recreation plans is the decrease of wrongdoers ‘ recidivism rate.

For illustration, in Thompson et. al rating of California ‘s Board of Corrections ‘ recreation plan known as the Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction Grant ( MIOCRG ) plan, one of their surveies found that those who participated “ were booked less frequently, convicted less frequently, and convicted of less serious offensesaˆ¦fewer participants served clip in gaol, and when they did function clip, they were in gaol for fewer yearss than those who were non in an recreation plan ” ( 2003, p 49 ) . Correspondingly, there are other surveies that support the really thought that the more trim the plan is in run intoing the demands to these persons, the better success there is in take downing recidivism among them. For illustration, a research survey conducted by psychologist Steven Martin highlighted the effectivity of handling dually diagnosed persons. His survey found that “ after one twelvemonth, a significantly higher per centum of inmates who had participated in any facet of the plan were drug free and arrest free than those assigned to the usual gaol sentence for drug discourtesies ” ( Martin, 2008 p311-12 ) .To reason, dually diagnosed wrongdoers are better off finishing recreation plans, as opposed to being sentenced straight to gaol.

Consequences from the surveies examined should promote condemnable justness decision makers to impart, non curtail, resources to set up more recreation plans, or streamline current plans, as subsidiary agencies of rehabilitation.Further research should be continued to find if recreation plans are more cost effectual than pretrial, test, and station test procedures. Resources for these rehabilitative services are being reduced, if non, eliminated at the minute when they may be most needed.

Diversion plans are besides non being utilized to their fullest potencies. This is apparent in the recidivism rate of wrongdoers who are fighting with substance maltreatment and some signifier of mental unwellness. With the growing in society ‘s diligence, it is clip for the “ nil plants ” outlook of Martinson displacement toward rehabilitation. The condemnable justness system and the community hold unrealistic outlooks toward recidivism among the persons.

It is the common thought that puting these individuals in gaol, without handling their job, should be plenty. The demands of these persons are multi-faceted, so the demands of recreation intervention should be besides.


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