USA Patriot Act Paper Essay

September 11. 2001 America was changed everlastingly. The United Stated felt the effects of terrorist act and realized merely how vulnerable we are as a state. Having experienced such a hideous event forced our authorities to look at things more closely which brought about the USA Patriot Act. This allowed federal agents the ability to confine non-citizens while besides supervising such devices as electronic mail and cyberspace and an addition in supervising pupil visas.

Many argue the USA Patriot Act and state it is a misdemeanor our certain rights. They feel as though the authorities is occupying their privateness and civil autonomies. This paper will turn to the advantages and disadvantages to the USA Patriot Act.

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IntroductionThe USA Patriot Act was established to increase protection for the United States citizens. It was non devised to conflict upon people’s rights or to go intrusive into their private lives. It was simply meant as a agency to protect our state and those of us populating here. On the other manus there are many United States citizens who view this much otherwise they feel as though the authorities is utilizing the 9/11 calamity as a agency to derive more control. I wonder if we all thought we were unachievable as a state before the 9/11 onslaughts? We rapidly realized that twenty-four hours merely how vulnerable we truly are and still are today about 12 old ages subsequently. This paper will speak about the advantages and the disadvantages of the USA Patriot Act.DisadvantagesThere are many protagonists and there are many who do non back up the USA Patriot Act.

Those who do non back up the act feel as though civil autonomies and rights will be and are compromised as a consequence. When a awful act of force occurs the authorities and its functionaries go into high cogwheel to gripe up security. With the USA Patriot Act griping up security means the dismantlement of civil autonomies ( Point ) . Those who oppose the Patriot Act says that instead than guiltless until proven guilty they are guilty by association hence implementing exile if they are non US citizens. They can make this without a hearing or screening or turn outing that they may present a menace to the United Stated and those of us shacking here.

They are deemed terrorists in a sense. There are many who feel that the execution of the USA Patriot Act has made life about impossible for Muslims and people from the Middle Eastern descent that are still shacking here in America.They feel as though American has taken far excessively many stairss to turn up and prosecute those who caused injury on September 11. 2001 and in the aftermath of this hunt they have pointed fingers and thrown out accusals on persons shacking here in the United States that are Muslim or of Middle Eastern descent. This has caused a great trade of grief and misgiving for non lone members of our authorities.

but besides military. and jurisprudence enforcement functionaries. Some of these persons had their places raided and searched while others faced ridicule and accusals and mistreatment.

During the Bush Administration there was a great trade of communicating along with intelligence coverage to heighten the support of the state after the onslaughts took topographic point in hopes of the credence of the execution of the USA Patriot Act.The one thing to see is that although this was an utmost onslaught on our state it should non be treated as an stray incident and that we should understand merely how vulnerable we are. As Thurgood Marshall stated: “History Teachs that grace menaces to liberty frequently come in times of urgency.

when constitutional rights seem excessively excessive to endure… when we allow cardinal freedoms to be sacrificed in the name of existent or sensed exigency. we constantly come to repent it. ” ( World Wide Web. ccclr. org ) . Many besides view the USA Patriot act as a misdemeanor to our First.

Fourth. and Fifth Constitutional Amendments. The “gag” bid is an illustration of the first amendment being in misdemeanor. This is where bureaus can bespeak records of an person without informing them ( ACLU. 2003 ) .The Fourth Amendment is mentioning to hunt and ictus where many position this as the worst misdemeanor of all. This is when the authorities or jurisprudence enforcement can take a expression into your life and personal properties without holding to demo likely cause ( ACLU. 2003 ) .

Then eventually there is the Fifth Amendment and this is where we as US citizens have a right to due procedure. The Fourth Amendment misdemeanor in bend is a direct misdemeanor the Fifth Amendment. Those who disagree with the USA Patriot Act feel as though this is non in fact an act to entirely protect US dirt but it has turned out to be an onslaught on Americans and our rights. There has been a deficiency of answerability for some of these Acts of the Apostless hence seting the credibleness of those implementing and using the Patriot Act in inquiry. It is more like a freedom of resignation.AdvantagesThe intent for the USA Patriot Act was to protect American’s against foreign and domestic terrorist act. The act allows federal. governmental.

and province bureaus the ability to pass on between bureaus to streamline information sing terrorist activities ( Doyle. 2002 ) . If a terrorist is caught perpetrating terrorist Acts of the Apostless will confront tougher federal punishments which mean that the terrorist will stay behind bars. The act besides provides more support for the victims of terrorist onslaughts every bit good as their households.DecisionThe USA Patriot Act was thought of and enforced after the September 11. 2001 onslaughts on the United States. When it was evident it was clearly a terrorist onslaught on the United States the authorities knew they needed to implement security for those of us populating in America.

The Patriot Act gives more authorization to jurisprudence enforcement and intelligence bureaus in order to garner grounds against terrorist act ( Doyle. 2002 ) . The in-migration Torahs are much stricter than they one time were along with other security steps that evidently America was in demand of.

With the Patriot Act there are obvious forfeits that we Americans have had to do in an attempt to guarantee safety from terrorist act. There will ever be give and takes when it comes to protection and with all security steps foreign and domestic there will be persons that feel violated. The USA Patriot Act was designed to guarantee security for Americans while leting answerability for those who want to do injury.MentionsAmerican Civil Liberties Union ( A. C.

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