US Politics – groups I could never support Essay

One of three parties that I would never belong to would be the commonwealth party. I think the common wealth party is absurd and is a “secret” way for the government to take the money of hard working Americans and the Americans that don’t make much at all and spend it on other debt issues.

We have nothing to show for the taxes that we pay. We are left with bogus healthcare, Medicaid, FEMA, and TSA. The commonwealth party comes from voting democrat or republic.The United States does not have many party options that make it to the ballot, thus leaving the obvious two parties: democratic and republic. These two parties are the pick of the litter for the government because the commonwealth party is the effect of having one of these two types of government.

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My two biggest reasons for never wanting to join the commonwealth party is due to the outrageous healthcare taxes and the education cuts. Our healthcare plan is overrated and not helpful to those who cannot afford it.The government puts mandatory “rules” on health insurance policies. For example if someone was a war veteran and had post dramatic stress syndrome and it led to further mental health issues that called for further help; (going into a hospital, rehab center, etc.

) that person would have to be able to meet the deductible before their health insurance would begin to cover them. The increase in health care costs are making it so less and less are able to afford the proper insurance and treatment they sometimes need. Then there is the ongoing issue with Medicaid.

Medicaid is paid through the government and takes care of illegal citizens and is unfair to the people that work hard to pay for others healthcare. There is a major imbalance of supply and demand. The government has to make visits to the hospital high in order to make up for money lost in other areas. We are taxed for Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA. This agency is our so-called “savior” when it comes to uncontrolled disasters. Where was FEMA when hurricane Katrina hit? Thousands of people were left homeless in Orleans and most of them were poor and black.They lacked transportation to get out of the city so they were stuck. FEMA failed to protect the people and officers failed to do their duties.

The commonwealth party is portrayed to have all of these “benefits” but its more of a government scheme. The next organizational group I would also never belong to the white pride world wide party. Whoever created the organization is out of their mind. It is 2009 and our president is black. The fourteenth amendment protects people of every skin color and is based on treating everyone with equality.I would not stand for only supporting “white power. ” Human beings should not be judged or only respected because of their skin color.

The United States of America is a melting pot filled with many different ethnicities and cultures. Racial Segregation is when racial groups are separated in the things they do in their everyday lives. Nobody should be told that they have to eat in a certain place, go to a certain line, or drink out of a different water fountain because of the color of their skin.

Segregation was banned in the 60’s and it should remain that way.It is ignorant to not support other cultures and understand other ethnicities. People will have hard times going out into the real world and working with other races if they only like white people.

There isn’t really a “white” race. White people are from countries like Ireland, Germany, Italy, and other European countries. Blacks fought for their rights for a long time and they deserve it because who is to say that they do not work as hard as white people? Belonging to a white pride world wide party is not only secluding African Americans though.The WPWWP would also be against Asians, Hispanics, etc. Last group that I would not be apart of would be the Pro life alliance. I don’t agree with the national pro life alliance group. I think woman should be able to decide if they want an abortion or not.

There are certain situations that are beyond our control, such as, getting raped, or the chance that giving birth could kill you. Those are the certain occasions that I feel are acceptable to getting an abortion. It should be the woman’s decision to decide whether she is capable of having a child or not.Although I can see how some people would think it is taking a life of a child, there are people out there already with numerous kids, living off welfare, and another child on the way. Hard working citizens of America pay for their welfare.

Another reason I don’t agree with this is because you have woman getting pregnant while on drugs and they have crack babies that end up living hard lives. Those are just three of the many organizational groups in the United States of America that I think are ridiculous.


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