United We Stand Essay

Although people say, “every picture tells a story,” a picture cannot exemplify every detail about the event involved in that event. The attack on September, 11 2001 was a turning point in American history. There are many visual representations and written testimonies that lead us to have different feelings about the attack on September 11, 2001; more specifically, the reason behind these different emotions is because there is a vast difference in a testimony of the event, and simply a photo of the attack.It does not matter whether you were involved in the terrifying act or if you simply heard about it on the television; this attack changed everyone’s life. “It affected us, it affects all of us, even if you don’t realize it. I just want everyone to remember that although it’s been 10 years, we still remember it like it was yesterday, and we shouldn’t forget. ” (2011) One of the most famous pictures (2001) from 9/11, photo of three firemen raising the American flag at the site of the World Trade Center attacks.

After seeing the image of three firefighters hanging the American flag only eight hours after the tragic attack we were able to see the true patriotism of our country. Many people may have believed that this was a representation that the tragedy was over, but it was only just beginning. This flag was raised to give citizens proof that through all that was going to come; our flag would still be there. The image of the three firefighters came to symbolize America’s ability to amend back to normal after being under attack. “The highlight of the year was the trio’s visit to the White House in March for the unveiling of a U.S.

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postage stamp bearing their likeness. ” (2011) This is the only time in the history of the U. S. Postal Service that the agency has issued a commemorative stamp featuring the images of still-living Americans.

Bruce Julian, my neighbor of 15 years, is a fine example of how the media can bring deception about what is truly going on. On September 11, 2001 he got a telephone call that said, “turn on the TV. ” He immediately assumed that some sort of natural disaster, possibly a bad one from the sound of the voice in the telephone, was occurring in the area. He turned on the TV to see what was going on.What he saw was black smoke from upper floors of one of the World Trade Center towers. It did not seem to be much more than a fire, and the reports were saying the fire was under control. While trying to figure out why every TV network had its main news anchor covering an office fire, TV cameras began showing an airplane hitting the South Tower. It was then that he learned that both towers had been hit by airliners.

(2012). This personal interview shows us that one cannot believe what he sees right off because media may not give you the full story of what is truly happening at that moment.Although visual representations often differ from written examples, they can have similar customs as well. A picture from New York Times displays to us vividly what was going on the morning of September 11, 2001. American Flight 11 from Boston had already crashed into the North Tower at the World Trade Center before this picture was captured. Not even 20 minutes after the first crash, we can see in the picture United Airlines Flight 175 coming from Boston right before crashing into the South Tower at the World Trade Center.This picture is well known because it shows the viewer everything that was happening at that given moment, before the towers collapsed.

After reading multiple testimonies from the survivors of the attack it is observed that this picture would have been the best representation of all that was going on. (2001) While everyone had full understanding that the buildings had obviously been hit; there was confusion as to how these planes got off course, and what was going on in the cabins of those planes. These facts were nothing that people could grasp at that moment, but were later released to public knowledge.American Flight 11 stopped communicating its transponder signal, and veered northward. The plane departed dramatically from the westward heading of its planned route.

The controllers established that the plane had most likely been hijacked. American Flight 11 from Boston crashes into the North Tower at the World Trade Center. It was confirmed that the plane had been hijacked by Muslims. United Airlines Flight 175 set out from Boston for Los Angeles, carrying 56 passengers, two pilots, and seven flight attendants. The Boeing 767 is hijacked shortly following takeoff and sidetracked to New York.American Flight 77’s pilot’s last radio communication was made from the pilots to ground control, “twenty right American eleven.

” American Airlines Flight 77 was flown into the Pentagon and exploded at 9:37:45 AM. (2011) While watching the movie, The World Trade Center, things seem to become clearer to me, as I am sure that they did to most people. There was a conversation between two men that made me understand the tremendous pains of what they were going through. “Will: This guy. He’s gonna die if you don’t get him out soon. And the only thing in the way is my leg.I want you to cut it off.

Just cut if off. I can live without a leg. Scott: I’m not cutting your leg off. I can’t. You’re coming out in one piece, you hear me? Will: You gotta…

Look it’s my leg. Just juice me up and cut it off. If he dies, I die. That’s just the way it is. ” (2006) These words alone had more impact on me than any documented resources. It had the impact it did because I was no longer listening to the legalistic of the situation; I was understanding what someone who was dying was going through while trapped in the collapsing towers.Whenever I heard these quotes I could feel the pain and suffering that those men were enduring. I believe that in this scene alone it completely captures the essence of what the workers, pedestrians, and local firefighters involved had to endure.

This is a prime example of the media producing a good quality of what the people went through. This is not normally the case with media, but I believe, from hearing other testimonies, that they did their job well this time. Hence, I have provided many reasons how written accounts and visual representations compare and contrast to each other.In every historical event we need both visual and written forms to have a full understanding of what happened in that circumstance. To grasp the entire tragedy on September 11, 2001 we need a mixture of visual and written forms. With only having one of the two resources it would be hard to ever depict what was true and false in either representation. Combining these two will allow you to recognize what is the truth. “9/11 showed us what human beings are capable of.

The evil, yeah, sure. But it also brought out the goodness we forgot could exist. People taking care of each other for no other reason than it was the right thing to do. ” (2006)


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