Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary United States Federal Government Essay

United States Federal Government Essay

Voting Information: Name (your name here)

County: Marion   Twp.: Pike                 Ward: 4   Precinct: 9
Polling Address: 5665 Lafayette Rd. Indianapolis                 Zip Code:  46235

United States Federal Government

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President:        Name: George Walker Bush

Political party:  Republican
Former Occupation:  (private sector) senior partner or chief executive officer of several ventures, such as Arbusto EnergyHYPERLINK  l “_note-16″[20], Spectrum 7, and, later, Harken Energy when it acquired Spectrum [1]

Elected Since: 2001

Vice-President:           Name:  Richard Bruce Cheney

Political party: Republican

Former Occupation:  (private sector) Chief Executive Officer of Halliburton Energy Services [2]

Elected Since:  2001

US Senator:      Name:  Richard Green “Dick” Lugar

Political party: Republican________________________________________

Former Occupation :  Lugar manages his family’s 604-acre (2.4 km²) Marion County corn, soybean and tree farm. Before entering public life, he helped his

brother Tom manage the family’s food machinery manufacturing business in Indianapolis. [3]

Elected Since: January 4, 1977

US Senator:   Name:   Birch Evans “Evan” Bayh III

Political party:  Democrat_________________________________________

Former Occupation:   He clerked for a federal court judge and entered a private law practice in Indianapolis [4]

Elected Since: January 6, 1999

Congress (yours) Dist #: 5

Name:  Julia Carson

Political party:  Democrat_________________________________________

Former Occupation   In 1965, while working as a Secretary at UAW Local 550, she was hired away by newly elected congressman Andy Jacobs to do casework in his Indianapolis office. When his own electoral prospects looked dim in 1972, he encouraged Carson to run for the state House, which she did [6]

Elected Since:_ January 7, 1997____________________________________

Congress (other) Dist #: 7_________________________________________

 Name:  Danny “Dan” Lee Burton

Political party: Republican

Former Occupation:  served in the United States Army. [5]

Elected Since: January 3, 1983

State of Indiana Government

Governor:       Name:  Mitchell Elias “Mitch” Daniels, Jr.

Political party:_ Republican

Former Occupation  In 1987, Daniels returned to Indiana as chief executive of the Hudson Institute, restoring the organization back to financial health. He then left

Hudson in 1990 for the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company. From 1993 until 2001, Daniels was employed as Senior Vice President for Corporate

Strategy and Policy at Eli Lilly. [7]

Elected Since:_ January 10, 2005

Lt, Governor: Name:  Rebecca “Becky” Skillman

Political party:_ Republican

Former Occupation:  Profession Politician [8]

Elected Since:_ January 10, 2005

Secretary of State: Todd Rokita

Political party:_ Republican

Former Occupation: attorney [9]

Elected Since:_ 2002

Other State-wide Elected Office

(Title):  Attorney General_________________________________________
Name:  Steve Carter

Political party:_ Republican

Former Occupation : attorney

Elected Since:_ 2000 [10]

State Senator (Dist: 34)

            Name: Jean Breaux

Political party:            Democrat

Occupation: Breaux is employed at the Forest Manor Multi-Service Center , a not-for-profit center based in Indianapolis , that offers homelessness prevention, workforce development, mental health, family counseling and youth and after school programs. Previously, Breaux worked for the Community Development Corporation and the Indiana Department of Commerce where she played a leading role in landing several major projects including Roche Diagnostics, Hill’s Pet Nutrition and RelMed Corporation. [11]

Elected Since:_ 2006

State Representative (Dist: 95 )
Name:  Mae Dickinson

Political party:            Democrat

Occupation: Quality inspector, General Motors [12]

Elected Since: 1992

City and/ or County Government

City Name: Indianapolis                                                                             County Name: Marion

Executive:  Mayor Barton R. Peterson

Political party: Democrat_________________________________________

Occupation: politician

Elected Since:_ 2000

Prosecutor: Carl Brizzi

Political party: Republican________________________________________

Occupation: attorney

Elected Since:_ 2002

Clerk:   Elizabeth White [13]______________________________________

Political party:_ Democrat

Occupation: unknown

Elected Since:_ 2007

Assessor: David Bowes [13]

Political party:_ Democrat

Occupation: unknown___________________________________________

Elected Since:_ 2007

Board or Council Member (yours)- Dist #: 1

Name: Issac Randolph Jr. [14]

Political party:_ Republican

Occupation: fire-fighter__________________________________________

Elected Since:_ 2004


Board or Council Member (other) Dist

Political party:_                                  N/A



Township Government, (Name: Pike)

Trustee: Lula M. Patton [15]

Political party:            Democrat

Former Occupation   secretary

Term: 4 years_

Small Claims Judge:  Douglas Steven [15]

Political party:_ Democrat

Former Occupation: attorney

Term: 4 years_

Assessor: Linn Faulk [115]________________________________________

Political party:_ Democrat

Former Occupation: Tax consultant

Term: 4 years_

Constable: Joseph A. Turner [15]___________________________________

Political party:_ Democrat

Former Occupation: police officer

Term: 4 years_


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