Unit 2.5, Schools as Organisations Task 2 Essay

, Schools as organisations (Task 2) (4.

1) Identify the laws and codes of practice affecting work in school * United Nations Convention of the Right of the child act (1989) * Inclusion code of practice * Health and safety at work act (1974) * Children’s act – Every Child Matters (2004) * Freedom of Information act (2000) (4. 2) Describe how each one promotes pupil wellbeing and achievement The UNCRC of 1989 was signed by all countries apart from the USA and Somalia and entitles children to forty rights.This promotes pupil wellbeing as it states they have the ‘right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health’ (article 24) and promotes achievement as it states that all children are entitled to institutions, services and facilities which ‘conform with the standards established by competent authorities’ (article 3) meaning they should be given the highest possible standards of care and education and are also entitled to express their concerns if any of they feel any of their rights are breached which is made clear with the ‘right to express and have their views taken into account on all matters that affect them’ (article 12).The Inclusion code of practice promotes pupil wellbeing and achievement as it gives all children equal opportunities and complies with laws such as the Disability Discrimination act (1995) and the Human Rights act (1998) enabling children of any race, gender, ethnicity, religion, social surroundings or political opinion to have access to education.The Health and Safety at Work act of 1974 is important in schools because it ensures that staff and pupils all are all provided a healthy and safe working and learning environment by the people running the school and that teachers initiate this act by ensuring children understand safety procedures such as fire drills and are given the correct aid in the instance of accident. This promotes wellbeing as it provides guidelines of which to avoid any situation where any persons health could be put at risk.

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The Children’s Act of 2004 promotes pupil wellbeing and achievement as it states ensures children are protected from abuse and neglect and that the correct procedures are followed in reporting these situations. It promotes the welfare of children and brings into action safeguarding giving children security in school and teachers the opportunity to show concern if they feel a child is being abused or their right to education is being restricted due to issues outside of school. 5. 2) Identify the policies and procedures schools may have relating to: Staff: Pay policy, Grievance policy, Performance management policy Pupil Welfare: Safeguarding policy, Anti-bullying policy, PSHE policy, Child protection policy, Drugs Drugs awareness policy, Home School agreement policyTeaching and Learning: Behaviour policy, Curriculum policies, Planning & Assessment policy, Homework policy. Marking policy, Special Educational Needs policy, Early Years policy (5. 1) Describe why these are important All policies are important as they provide boundaries which to work by ensuring a teacher’s job is not put at risk and a child is not declined of their rights.The Grievance policy gives staff the freedom to make complaints following correct procedure and always be heard which is very important as it also gives staff the security of knowing they can approach their superiors if need be without worry.

The Home School agreement is a bond between parents, school and the teachers stating that parents will continue their childs learning out of school, reading with them at home, ensuring they do their homework and hopefully reinforcing anything they learn at school.This is important because if the terms of the agreement are breached it also entitles teachers to query a child and their parent if they feel they aren’t getting support from home and can then do something about it. There is also a Curriculum policy for each subject which will be edited and improved by the head of that subject area.

These are all important as they are ensuring that children are learning what is required of them to be able to progress through primary and into secondary education.


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