Understanding Business Ethics Assignment Essay

Task 1a: Select an appropriate company, discuss and agree your choice with your tutor. I choose this company, because I can find many information about Coca-Coa which are usable for these tasks. It’s also an interesting company for me, because I want to know how this company became a multinational company. What are their mission to stay strong against the other competitors. In this report you read the story about Coc- Cola company, about the start the formula, the bottle and the branche that they have today.

In my report I will start with the story about Coca-Cola company, about the start the formula, the bottle and the branche that they have today. History of the company The inventor of Coca-Cola named John Pemberton. Pemberton moved to Atlanta and started making and selling of patent medicines.

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One of his biggest selling items was French wine of coca. A cocaine laced Bordeaux wine that was popular throughout the world. At the time cocaine was not thought of harmful. Doctors gave them as a medicine recipe.Pemberton’s formula also contained caffeine from the kola nut (which is actually a seed from a tree in Africa).

He sold his “French wine of coca” as a cure for nervous disorders, disturbances of internal plumbing, and impotency. In 1886 he removed the wine so the substances would be like a syrup based medicine. After that he began with experimenting. The cocaine and caffeine were very bitter tasting, so plenty of sugar was added to mask these flavors. Citric acid then had to be added to provide some bite that would counter-balance the sweetness.

This creation of new syrup became Coca-Cola. The secret formula of Coca-Cola From the beginning other companies tried to be as successful as Coca-Cola. What is so special about this syrup? What are its substances? Just one look at the name and you’ll know the two main ingredients of Coca-Cola. The leafs of the coca plant from South America, and the African kola nut, which is very rich of caffeine. The chemists agree that the last trace of cocaine was removed from the drink in 1903. The exact formula has always been a mystery.It is said that only two top-chemists in the company know the exact formula at the same time. It is also said that in the complete history of Coca-Cola only 8 people ever knew it.

It seems to be very important to the Coca-Cola Company to keep its formula secret. Lots of other companies tried to imitate Coca-Cola, but in the end, only Pepsi Cola appeared to be a serious competitor. Nowadays products of The Coca-Cola company are consumed at the rate of more than one billion drinks per day. The Coca-Cola company that conducts business in nearly 200 countries and its subsidiaries employ nearly 30. 00 people worldwide.

Task 1b: Describe the mission statement and corporate aims and objectives (or values and goals) of your selected company. Coca-Cola wants to satisfy people around the world with the best-branded beverages. They must first start from the inside to become a successful company.

All employees are treated equally and are encouraged to contribute their ideas to the company. Teamwork within the company contributes to great customer service. Outside the company, Coca-Cola works along side with local leaders to establish closeness as a community.Coca-Cola becomes a part of a community to contribute to education, health, wellness, and diversity. Coca-Cola goes by the statement “Think local, act local”. Customers’ tastes are always changing therefore Coca-Cola keeps on making new products to satisfy their needs.

Coca-Cola is a local company in over 200 countries. Quality is a huge factor in serving people. All products going out are checked thoroughly by employees before reaching the consumer. Every employee is educated and informed on how important quality is for the company.Coca-Cola wants to make sure that the consumer enjoys its product.

Inside and outside help contribute to Coca-Cola staying on top of the marketplace. Employees work their hardest to delivery the best product. While expanding into the world, Coca-Cola makes sure that the community is being treated to the greatest extent.

Coca-Cola Company also has a company focus on sustainability. Live Positively is Coca-Cola’s platform for sustainability and is Coca-Cola’s “commitment to make a positive difference in the world by redesigning the way we work and live so sustainability is part of everything we do”.Coca-Cola is reaching across borders through collaboration and partnership to connect and change, is using optimism to stir hope, build solutions, create possibilities, and touch communities across the globe, and with their actions change can be inspired in the world now and in the next generation.

This is copy of the Coca-Cola website This is copy of the Coca-Cola website Task 1c: Explore ethical issues relevant to the company. Review your progress with your tutor. Market: Cola Cola provides products and services that meet the beverage needs of their consumers needs.As a result, they provide reliable and rewarding business opportunities and benefits for the customers, suppliers, distributors and local communities. Their employees: Coca Cola promote an open and accessible environment where highly motivated, productive and dedicated employees business success achieve this by delivering excellent job.

The environment: Coca COla conduct our business in such a way that the environment is protected and preserved, and the principles for environmental management and sustainable development into their business decisions and processes are integrated.The community: Coca Cola invest time, expertise and resources to provide economic opportunities to improve the quality of life and promote goodwill within their communities through local relevant initiatives. The C @ CC program consists of three phases: an internal assessment to determine where one stands, a planning process to phased out and an application process plans and activities realize. The “assessment” includes a questionnaire that was developed in cooperation with non-profi t Network The Future 500 .

The questionnaire put performance of Coca-Cola against a set of criteria international standards in the area of ??responsibility, including FTSE4Good, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the Global Reporting Initiative. C @ CC can be rolled by country. This is done by recording the program in the annual business plans of the companies.. Task 1d: Describe how the business is attempting to show its stakeholders that is aware of the ethical concerns that apply to its operational activities.

Coca-Cola is not only employer, manufacturer, supplier and marketer, above all, an organization that heart of the society.Therefore they maintain relationships with all stakeholders. These include their employees, customers, consumers, local government, civil society organizations and suppliers. With all of the stakeholders, they strive for cooperation, preferably in the form of the formulation of common goals and sharing knowledge. They have in recent years been active in building and developing stakeholder relationships and communication and find this essential to their long-term interests. In 2005 Coca Cola were active dialogue with their stakeholders reached regarding on Nutrition & Health.

In January and December 2005, Coca Cola conducted qualitative research among 20 stakeholders which they Fit for the Future policy explained and asked them to comment. Important points for them were the recognition of the Fit for the Future policy, the valuation and any suggestions for improvement. Suggestions Coca Cola follow in the form the tightening of certain provisions of the Fit for the Future Code (2005) and by through the planned introduction in 2006 of the international campaign ‘’Make Every Drop Count’’. The stakeholder approach that Coca Cola started in 2005 by Coca-Cola very valuable.Coca Cola put it in 2006, therefore unabated.

By means of personal correspondence, a special periodic Fit for the Future news in 2005 first appeared and the campaign “Make Every Drop Count” they keep our stakeholders informed. Conclusion: I think that the Coca-Cola company did very well in defining the mission, values, and vision of the company in all of their statements. I was very impressed with all of the focus on making a difference in the world, and their sustainability program called Live Positively. It is reassuring to know that huge companies like Coca-Cola who have a presence throughout the orld are concerned with environmental issues and focus on recycled packaging, reducing emission of green house gases in their production processes, inspire a diverse work force, and promote living an active, healthy lifestyle by offering a wide variety of beverages. Reading about all of the Coca-Cola company’s efforts to make the production of their product as environmentally friendly as possible at this time made me respect the direction the company is moving in, and made me interested to see what further changes they will make in the future in regards to packaging materials, and other sustainable ideas they are working with.


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