Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people 030 1.3 Essay

This chapter aims to present the different literatures as well as readings and writings which were accumulated by the researchers locally and globally.

The researchers tried to gather information which was relevant to the present study. According to a case study about library management at the University of Swaziland in South Africa; higher educations are increasing under pressure to produce graduates who can effectively function in the Information and Knowledge Society.Library has to play an important role in making pertinent information resources and services to accomplish the mission. The developments in computers, microelectronics, and communication technologies have radically changed the library and information environment. (http://www. ijidt. com/index.

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php/ijidt/article/view/150) Adding to these studies, libraries have traditionally performed a role of physical repository, housing print materials, with a catalogue that provides access to these locally held resources.The accessibility of the web has seen this shift, and catalogue records describing local print materials now sit side by side with records providing links to external web resources. While the inclusion of these electronic sources may “enrich” library collections, they are also “inherently problematic” because they do not have the traditional standards base for inclusion that print materials do (Porter and Bayard 1999, p.

390, 391). (http://www. vala. org. au/vala2004/2004pdfs/02MaqMil.PDF) Management takes the lead in setting strategic directions for all aspects of the Library’s services and operations. To achieve its overall goals it is necessary to meet regularly to discuss the business of the library. The primary purpose of library is to support the teaching, research, and other academic programs of its parent organization.

As a part of a service organization which delivers products personally to the customer, the libraries develop systems, philosophies, and strategies for managing quality.In a manufacturing concern, the customer is remote, where as in service organization like an academic library, producers and consumer meet face to face. The complexity of managing service organizations is typically compounded by the existence of multiple interfaces. Library information management outlines the user’s enhanced control of the information in the library.

Utilizing the latest advancements in the information technology will provide and improve library services. (http://www. scribd. com/doc/53130051/library-management-system-final) * To reduce paper filling work Security features like access control using passwords and login-I. D. * Automatic calculation of transactions. * Facility to ADD / DELETE Members, Library Staff ; Books and maintain an easy record of all these. A case study in Victoria University Library in the Western Region of Melbourne, states that.

Library management system demonstrates clearly the key characteristics of the literature in terms of the growth of digital information and its impact on information and staffing resources as well as the growth of systems developments to cope with these changes. http://www. vala.

org. au/vala2004/2004pdfs/02MaqMil. PDF) Based on the information gathered by the proponents having an online library information portal for ACLC students can help them boost their academic to become easily monitor and check the availability of the books and it is made to improve the library in becoming faster, more efficient, reliable and manageable for the school advantages.


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