Under this day people still remember the

Under this law the companies are not able to dump toxic waste anywhere they please, such as rivers, landfills, lakes, or other remote and isolated areas where there is no human interaction. Companies used to dump here, but over time the waste would effect the closest population of humans, whether it be directly, or indirectly. The best example to date of when a company did not take the proper disposal of toxic waste seriously, only to cause massive harm to human communities in the future, was the Love Canal incident. The Love Canal incident was when a toxic waste company bought 70 acres of land for a toxic waste landfill.

Unfortunantly, the propertey which was the landfill, was bought by a school district, with plans on building a community on top of the landfill. The landfill was covered up with dirt, and cement, to prevent the toxic materials from leaking to the surface. Unexpectedly, after the houses were built and the residents had already moved in, suprising amounts of birth defects were found in newborns, along with high amounts of the residents contracting leukimia, or other diseases. Eventually, after it was brought to light by the citizens that they were literally living on top of a landfill, the citezens were evacuated, and the communtiy was abandoned. To this day people still remember the events of Love Canal, in hope that a disaster like this will never be allowed again.

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As a consequence of the monumental mistake that was Love Canal, activism skyrocketed, and the government agreed to have a tighter hold on toxic waste companies. Many people believe that Love Canal was the sole reason why most of our toxic waste laws are in effect today. Luckily with clean energy, there is barely any toxic waste product being produced as an output, if even any at all. This is yet another reason why the switch to renewable energy would have monumental impacts on the U.S., companys would no longer have to pay to dispose of their toxic waste, as there would be barely any, if even any waste at all to dispose of. The only people who would benfit from the toxic waste, would be toxic waste disposal companiesm which do not have a very signifigant presence in the work force, as most if not all of the work is done my machinery and robots.

This is because the tasks which are handed down to the workers, are usually dangerous, the kind of dangerous where you dont realize it until you have cancer several years later.


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