Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Umut it. The radioactivity of environment increased

Umut it. The radioactivity of environment increased

Umut Tansu? 865

Justin Christensen

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World War 2; because the researches and competitions between countries
accelerated over time, nuclear science has been progressed remarkably. By
definition, nuclear science is the study of atomic world and basics of every
single thing around us, and that nuclear studies contribute many ways to health,
security, and development worldwide.  Also,
discoveries in nuclear science have guided to implementations in many fields
including medicine, industrial, agricultural, materials in engineering, in
geology, and archaeology. However, because of the competition between countries
in worldwide; the nuclear, atomic, and molecular data can be utilized to
dominate and harm each other. Yet, nuclear science has been revolutionary in
all aspects when it is controlled by devoted people and not for political


            In World War 2, the need for weapons
which leads to power in wars was so high, and contemporary revolutions in
governments were generating civilized and independent thoughts among the
people. Therefore, the scientist was working with a strong support of
government, and with more expectations on them. The support and funding to the
nuclear science are a lot more than the times in World War 2, especially in
developed countries. Because of the expectations of government and political
approaches, and the scientists adopt the way they are paid, the side effects of
nuclear science is so dangerous. For example to that, America dropped atomic
bomb on Hiroshima, Japan which is made by well-paid scientists. That atomic bomb
did not only cause sudden and temporary effects on the environment, it made several
generations to suffer from it. The radioactivity of environment increased
exceedingly that the children of people that didn’t die from the bomb got
diseases and suffered, or the people that did not die got diseases. The
agricultural lands became dysfunctional for more than a decade. The use of
nuclear power is so dangerous that it changes the nature to a not livable
place. At the same time, for political approaches of countries is that German
scientists were ahead of other countries in the production of nuclear rockets. Therefore,
American and Russian spies tried to get into production of rockets, and leak
some information out and some of them succeed. The USA requested to afford the
rockets for a low price, but Germany declined and the relationships between
them collapsed. Also, in Today’s world, the nuclear power of terrorists can
cause a lot of problems if governments do not take enough precautions and
security. Overall, even though the preventions can be taken, if head people
such as presidents of countries behaves greedy and not respectful to others,
the use of nuclear power can be decisive worldwide and cause bloodbath of
innocent and conscious people.


            When nuclear power is utilized by
devoted people, especially in nuclear medicine, it has been revolutionary. The
techniques cancer therapy and medical diagnostics that are performed each year
in the USA. At the same time, these medical procedures are utilized to cure Alzheimer,
localize tumors, and more. The science of nuclear medicine advances is unavoidably
tied to investigations in nuclear physics in all aspects. It also, can be used
for decreasing the radiation dose of substances which makes people healthier. Furthermore,
nuclear medicine can be targeted directly the organ which is being treated. The
medicals that are used on these therapy trust on the destructive power of
ionizing radiation at adjusted ranges. So that the neighboring organs damage is
minimized. These techniques began approximately 45 years before, whereas
radiology has been used for nearly a century. Yet, today, about 30 percent of
all methods utilized in modern hospitals require radioactivity. Because it does
not require anesthesia, they are safe, painless. On the other hand, both
radiology and nuclear medicine includes diagnostic methods, therapeutic process
they are used differently. In nuclear medicine, X-rays penetrate through the
body from outside. All in all, personal health improves with radiation. It
allows for quick, safe, accurate medical treatments. Also, the employment of
nuclear medicine scientists, technologists have grown 20 percent in 10 years,
it seems faster than the average for all occupations. However, these nuclear
methods are new, requires money and support; so that it is not used in
undeveloped countries, because health conditions are gained with money and
power in today’s world.


            It is not only used in medicine,
health; it is also used in detecting smoke in our homes, monitoring cargo for
contraband, security, climatology. The economic impact of nuclear science is
significant because many of most remarkable innovations in these fields are coming
from nuclear science. For example, particle beams from accelerations are used
to process, inspect a wide range of products with a value approximately 500
billion dollars. At the same time, nearly 23 million nuclear science products
which are mostly medicine are carried out each year in the USA to diagnose
cancers, or other diseases. In my opinion; in the future, nuclear science will
be a discipline for providing ideas that leads to intellectual properties and
patients with which initiative capitalists, entrepreneurs will give shape to
economies. On the other hand, some self-sacrificing governments are present.
For example, Australian technology is making civils help to make radioactive
things less harmful, destructive. Australia cares his environment more than a
lot of countries and making their folk conscious and informed. Australia is an
example of using nuclear science for only benefits of the world, they do not
use it for dominating other countries with nuclear weapons or having a better


            Today, in global politics, nuclear
science has an important role, also nuclear science is getting more significant
in national security which is homeland security of countries. For instance,
nuclear devices have been invented which can identify the political borders of
the countries and consequences of wars. It protects the boundaries of countries
such as nuclear weapons, guards with nuclear supplies. It indirectly prevents
terrorism, while preparing a defense for nuclear terrorism which is
unthinkable. But, what if the unthinkable occurs? If a nuclear bomb is
detonated in the USA? Nuclear scientists are the key to this security, so they
are well-supported from the government. For example, the militant group ISIS,
have been suspected of trying to take a nuclear bomb. Also, In July 2014,
militants of ISIS got nuclear materials from a university. That makes NATO and
EU security chiefs to get more worried about nuclear attacks that ISIS can plot
to carry out, and makes citizens get anxious. Techniques to decrease the
possibility include improving security on advanced radioactive materials, they
use radiation detectors at boundaries of countries, at ports; also improving
the security of nuclear power plants. For further security, they demoralize the
terrorists to play a role in nuclear crimes or radiological acts. In a letter
from terrorism expert Dr. Jerold Post, he pointed out that they know more information
about interior of the atom than they do interior of the mind of a terrorist. Terrorism
is the most dangerous threat to countries who have power because the terrorist
can be from inside, you do not know before the attack begins.

In conclusion, overall countries and
ruling coalitions’ politics shows that competitions and attacks among world put
pressure on nuclear science, and the tension between countries make more
security and rules to appear, but it just increases the loss of both sides, yet
there are some politics that do not use nuclear science as a weapon towards
others, instead uses it only for health, technology, and consciousness.
Furthermore, especially who have high nuclear power such as the USA, Russia;
have more voice and dominance over other countries; which makes them much
greedy. Therefore, even though they have nuclear power and weapons, people
should not obey their rules, get afraid from them because if the dishonest
people have more courage than the people they are honest, there is no way to
stop this political wars.