Umble in this research researchers have highlighted

Umble (2003) have carried out a research on Enterpriseresource planning: Implementation procedures and critical success factors. Thisresearch doesn’t discuss only about implementing ERP on inventory and warehousemanagement. But in this research researchers have highlighted about factors whichaffect for the failure of ERP and IT related projects in overall sectors.Implementation of Enterprise Resource Management is a high cost and difficultposition that places tremendous demands on corporate time and resources.Achieving predetermined corporate goals is a most important factor inimplementation of ERP n every sector. Many ERP implementations have been classifiedas failures when it was unable to achieve predetermined goals. As per this study they declare that there are three mainreasons for the failure of ERP system and IT-related projects.

They are lack ofbusiness professional’s support, changes happened in main business goals andweek information, poor planning or poor management. An Enterprises resourceplanning implementation is considered to be a success if it achieves asubstantial proportion of its potential benefits. As per the researchers abovementioned benefits can be defined as a decrease in the cost of informationtechnology, an improvement in order and cash management and personnel reductions.

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When it comes to inventory control, ERP systemis a significant and somewhat unexpected improvement in inventory control. Thefinished items or goods warehouse was converted from zone storage to assigned,random storage using standard features of the new system. As per this study byutilizing system rules for lot/location control, the warehouse additionalrequirement was deducted by 40%.Same time inventory accuracy increased in 4%from 94.

5 to 98.8.When consider the non-financial improvements there is asignificant improvement when using ERP system on inventory management andwarehouse.

The company is now positioned to continue to grow and to pursue newpartnership opportunities that would not have been possible using the oldinformation system  (Umble, et al., 2003)


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