Typically relaxed state. The eyes closed, nervous

Typicallysleep is defined when both the body and mind are in a relaxed state. The eyesclosed, nervous system inactive, and consciousness suspended.  Without enough sleep we can actually affectour functioning in a very negative way.

Not giving yourself enough sleep iscalled sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is a common problem in children andadults, affecting everything from your mental to physical health. Among theseinclude learning, productivity, memory, emotional stability, and your physicalhealth.Learningis an important part of a growing human being.

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Learning what is right fromwrong, basic mannerism, numbers, and reading, to name a few, are all negativelyaffected by lack of sleep. Lack of sleep lowers your attention span andconcentration levels, which result in less alertness. Problem solving andreasoning are also lost/ lowered due to less sleep. All these play an effectiverole when you learn something new.

Without these you cannot focus enough toretain the information you are taught.Suchthings as producing crops, or driving can all be credited thanks to yourproductivity level. As you have heard, this is negatively affected as well.Without this you are not able to do things that need to get done. Sleepydrivers have proven to be a huge problem all over the world, and a widepercentage of adults have admitted to being sleepy while on the road.

Accordingto the National Department of Transportation, drowsy driving is the cause of1,500 deaths per year.  Productivity isan important trait, used daily, and without proper sleep this trait cannot beused to its full capability. Doyou remember things that have occurred throughout your life? The past fewweeks? Months? Years? Well you can thank your memory for all this! Memory isused every day to remember things ranging from important information, to thewonderful times you have with friends! During sleep the brain gets to relax and”recharge”. Lack of sleep disrupts the amount of time your brain gets to rest,which is curial in the memory aspect of your brain.

With proper sleep, you canremember things easier, lacking sleep causes your brain to lose that fastability and ultimately is not able to produce memories.  According to Sleep Deprivation Leads to Emotional Instability, “…When the researchers quantified and compared brainactivity in the amygdala, the area of the brain that oversees emotionalreactions, they found significant differences in the brains of thesleep-deprived group when they were exposed to the negative pictures. ‘Ratherthan the brain being dulled or suppressed in its activity when you’re sleepdeprived, we found that the deep emotional centers of the brain wereapproximately 60% more reactive when you’re sleep deprived, ` Dr. Walker” (Anderson). Withoutyour proper amount of sleep, the brain is not focused, reacts slower, andresults in emotional instability. Amongthat already extensive list, physical health is affected the most by sleepdeprivation.

According to sleepspecialists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and WesternPsychiatric Institute and Clinic, a number of bodily systems are negativelyaffected by inadequate sleep: the heart, lungs and kidneys. Without proper sleep the heartis at a higher risk of getting cardiovascular disease. Lack of sleep affectsyour immune system, making you more vulnerable to sickness’ such as influenza,and the common cold. The less sleep you get, for woman at least, may increaseyour chance of getting lung cancer.

Not only does less sleep affect your mentalhealth, but your important systems are affected negatively as well. Whilethe study continues to grow on how exactly does sleep deprivation affect yourhealth, we have a decent amount of research to at least prove it does take itstoll on the human body! As frequently mentioned in this paper, lack of sleep notonly affects your mental health, but physical as well! Getting enough sleep is veryimportant, when talking about a healthy human being!


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