Two Sides Of Humanity Essay Research Paper

Two Sides Of Humanity Essay, Research PaperThe Two Sides of HumanityThe journey of life is like an eternal main road. Any figure of obstructions could be waiting over the following hill. Fortunately, we may take our ain waies merely as we can do our ain picks in life.

Just as a map provides waies during an jaunt, there is a godly usher that provides a map for humanity. For each of us are the decision makers of our ain fates. The pick is ours. Therefore, in the drama Everyman, writer unknown, the chief character Everyman represents humanity and takes us on his journey through life the same as Christopher Marlowe & # 8217 ; s Doctor Faustus, the chief character Dr. Faustus takes us along his expedition in life. These persons represent the two sides of humanity. They each face decease and their psyches must pay for their past life. Each chose a different way and now must pay the effects for those picks.

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Hence, both work forces are driven by hubris except for each adult male travels a separate way towards their fate.Everyman and Dr. Faustus are both goaded towards power and success. The differences between them are the elements that are the force behind each. Dr.

Faustus thrives on the chase for cognition. He is exhilarated by instruction. This chase is tantamount to an dependence for Dr.

Faustus. For case, he surveies literature, jurisprudence and medical specialty. But this is non plenty ; ennui settees in and Dr. Faustus begins to seek forthe ultimate power & # 8211 ; thaumaturgy. As Dr.

Faustus becomes excited over this chance, he states, & # 8220 ; O what a universe of net income and delectation, Of power, of award, of omnipotence, Is promised to the studious craftsman! All things that move between the quiet poles Shall be at my command. & # 8221 ; Dr Faustus continues by stating, & # 8220 ; Emperors and male monarchs Are but obeyed in their several states, Nor can they raise the air current or rip the clouds ; But his rule that exceeds in this Stretcheth every bit far as doth the head of adult male. A sound prestidigitator is a superman: Here pall my encephalons to derive a divinity! & # 8221 ; ( 2675 ) . Dr. Faustus believes he has reached the pinnacle of his hunt for cognition.

In comparing, Everyman is driven by wealth. This quest shortly becomes his death. Death, by Gods petition, searches out Everyman and tells him he has erred because of his greed. God states, & # 8220 ; Every adult male liveth so after his ain pleasance & # 8221 ; ( 2036 ) . He continues by stating, & # 8220 ; They be so cumbered with secular wealths That needs on them I must make justness & # 8211 ; On every adult male populating without fright & # 8221 ; ( 2036 ) .

Everyman refuses to see he has chosen the incorrect way. Even though Death is at his door he states, & # 8220 ; In thy power it lieth me to salvage: Yet of my nutrient will I give thee, if thou will be sort, Yea, a 1000 lb shall thou hold & # 8211 ; And postpone this affair till another twenty-four hours & # 8221 ; ( 2037 ) . Everyman refuses to see the mistake of his ways and believes money can purchase him anything, even his life. Unfortunately, this is non so. As celebrated, Dr. Faustus and Everyman are blinded by their grandiloquent natures. Both hunt for worldly hoarded wealths, cognition and wealth, alternatively of a relationship with the Godhead.

Each character is besides provided with encouragement in taking the godly way. A good and bad angel provides counsel to Dr. Faustus. The way he takes is his pick entirely. Unfortunately, due to greed and power, Dr.

Faustus merely listens to the bad angel. The good angel tells him, & # 8220 ; O Faustus, lay that damned book aside And gaze non on it, lest it temp thy psyche And pile God & # 8217 ; s heavy wrath upon thy caput. Read, read the Scriptures! & # 8221 ;( 2675 ) .

As illustrated, the good angel is non stating Dr. Faustus what he wants to hear. Therefore, Dr. Faustus listens to the bad angel. For case, the bad angel provinces, & # 8220 ; Go frontward, Faustus, in that celebrated art Wherein all nature & # 8217 ; s exchequer is contained: Be thou on Earth, as Jove is in the sky, Lord and commanding officer of these elements & # 8221 ; ( 2675 ) .

Because the bad angel Tells Dr. Faustus what he wants to hear, he is invigorated by the power. Dr.

Faustus chooses to sell his psyche forthis cognition, cognizing he will pass infinity with Lucifer for this pick. Alternatively of fearing Lucifer, he worships him. In contrast, Everyman fears his journey and hunts for support from others as he faces decease. He wants to follow the way to God, but is afraid because of his past wickednesss. He shortly finds out that his wealth bought him friends, but now that he needs support, there is no 1 at that place for him. Therefore, he learns that money can non purchase everything. He states, “In prosperity work forces friends may happen Which in hardship be full unkind” ( 2042 ) .

Everyman continues to implore for aid. He turns to Goods. Goods answers, “I prevarication here in corners, trussed and piled so high, And in thoraxs I am locked so fast – Besides sacked in bags – …” ( 2043 ) .

Goods symbolizes Everyman’s money. Everyman does non understand why Goods refuses to help him. Everyman states, “For it is said of all time among That money maketh wholly right that is wrong” ( 2044 ) . Even when faced by decease, Everyman still holds on to the belief that money will salvage him. Goods tries to assist Everyman see his wickednesss and provinces, “That is to thy damnation, without leasing, For my love is contrary to the love everlasting. But if 1000 had me loved reasonably during, As to the hapless to give portion of me, Then shouldest 1000 non in this dolour be, Nor in this great sorrow and care” ( 2044 ) . As Everyman shortly realizes, the ushers he lived by were superficial. In times of great demand, humanity should look towards the celestial spheres to buoy up the psyche.

As humanity continues the journey for fulfilment, the waies taken shortly split. Dr. Faustus chooses to populate in wickedness whereas Everyman chooses the way towards forgiveness. This is where the similarity between the two terminals. Dr. Faustus began life as a celebrated bookman and worshiped God. Because of his desire for cognition, he strayed from the way and take a life of day of reckoning. Everyman began his journey idolizing wealth and success and non looking towards God for way.

Even so, Everyman is provided the pick to repent and take the way to heaven. Finally, he realizes his errors along the journey and begs for forgiveness. Fortunately, there are godly ushers along the manner to assist humanity back on the right route.

The determination is entirely the persons.Again, because both work forces were overcome with hubris they were driven by their demand to be valued, one for cognition the other for wealth. This pride was the death of one side of humanity and the waking up of the other side. For case, on one side there is Dr. Faustus. He is consumed by his demand for power and cognition.

Selling his psyche to Lucifer is merely a little monetary value to pay. However, in the terminal he realizes his errors. Alternatively of his psyche disbursement infinity blissfully in Eden, his must & # 8221 ; live still to be plagued in snake pit & # 8221 ; ( 2721 ) . Because he lusted for more than mortality could offer, this one time admired bookman Burnss in snake pit for his picks.

On the other side of humanity is Everyman. This one time greedy and selfish portion of humanity shortly realizes the error of overlooking the needy and functioning God. Because of the realisations throughout the jaunt, Everyman repents and chooses the way to God.

This is non an easy effort for interrupting the concatenation is difficult and Everyman continues to steal along the journey. Even so, God opens his weaponries to Everyman. In the terminal Everyman states, & # 8220 ; Into thy custodies, Lord, my psyche I commend & # 8221 ; ( 2054 ) .

Humanities relationship to the Godhead is riddled by back roads and chief thoroughfares. The fate of the psyche is based entirely on the ushers that are chosen. For all humanity has a pick to do in life. Is the psyche to fire in snake pit for secular ownerships or is it offered to the celestial spheres for ageless felicity?Plants CitedEveryman.

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